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Best Digital Marketing Tools and ressources

Digital marketing toolbox allows newbie and experienced marketers alike to discover all the best Digital Marketing tools and software they need to succeed in one place.

These useful tools are either the most popular & trusted tools, programs, systems, apps, software, automation, and platforms, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

Here’s a quick recap of the best digital marketing resources that gives you a report about what’s working right now: Over 600+ digital marketing tools are separated into the 50 most essential niche categories.

Turn Knowledge into income. Use the right tools to target the right people at the right time & place!

Digital Marketing Resources: Categor​ies

   1. Online Learning Platforms
   2. Keyword Research Tools
   3. CMS Platforms & Website Builders​​​
   4. Website Themes, Templates, and Plugins
   5. Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services ​​​
   6. Email Marketing Service Providers
   7. E-Commerce Platforms
   8. Drop-shipping Platforms
   9. E-Commerce Shipping Solutions
   10. Online Payment Systems
   11. Sales Funnel Builders
   12. Landing Page Builders
   13. Affiliate & Ad Networks for Publishers & Advertisers
   14. Marketing Automation Programs
   15. Web Analytics Tools
   16. Heatmap Software
   17. Social Media Management Tools and Services
   18. Mobile App Development Tools
   19. Online Graphic Design Tools
   20. Freelance Graphic Design Websites
   21. Freelance Services Marketplace

   22. Online Logo Maker Tools
   23. Customer-Relationship Management Tools
   24. Project Management Software
   25. Conversational Marketing Software

          • Live Chat Software
          • Chatbot Software
   26. Call Center Software/ Web Phone  
   27. Tracking Software
   28. Affiliate Programs & Referral Programs
   29. Seller Ratings & Product Reviews Platforms
   30. Survey & Feedback Software
   31. Social Proof Software Platforms
   32. Viral Competitions, Social Giveaway, and SweepstakesTools
   33. Push Notifications Services & Tools, SMS Text Marketing, and Messenger Marketing
   34. Lead Capture Tools
   35. ADS Spy Tools
   36. Online Video Editors and Software
   37. Live Streaming Prerecorded Videos Solutions
   38. YouTube Optimization Tools Video Publishing & Syndication System Create Video Ads
   39. Podcast Hosting Services
   40. Web Conferencing and Webinars Platforms
   41. Membership & Subscription Management Tools
   42. Scarcity Marketing Solutions and Deadline Funnel
   43. Stock Image Providers
   44. Web Security Solutions
   45. SSL Certificates Providers
   46. Virtual Private Networks Services (VPN)

   47. Website Translation Services
   48. Appointment Scheduling Tools and Booking Systems
   49. Custom apparel and Designs E-commerce Platform
   50. Event Management and Ticketing Platforms 

Digital Marketing Resources/ Udemy logo. the Online Learning Marketplace


The Online Learning Marketplace

Udemy is one of the largest popular educational platforms with students & instructors worldwide, a selection of over 100,000+ affordable online video courses and various new topics in a vast range of subjects.​

Digital Marketing Resources/ Coursera logo Online Learning from Top Universities


Online Learning from Top Universities

​Coursera is an online educational platform,  from top online companies and universities that offer online courses, specializations,  and degrees in various subjects to online learners. 

Digital Marketing Resources/ FutureLearn logo the Digital Education Platform


The ​Digital Education Platform

​FutureLearn is an accredited online course,  program  &  degree learning platform in association with leading universities,  business schools,  and specialist organizations through videos,  articles, quizzes,  and discussions​.

Digital Marketing Resources/ CreativeLive the Online Education Classes


The ​Online Education Classes

​CreativeLive is an online education platform aimed at entrepreneurs, creative professionals,  and writers that broadcasts  1500  live instructional classes taught to an international audience.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Acadium logo. The Marketing Apprenticeship Platform


Marketing Apprenticeship Platform

Acadium is a worldwideeducation platform that
provides online training courses. It connects digital marketers studentswith startup employers, and small businesses entrepreneurs .

Digital Marketing Resources/ Bitdegree logo. The Digital Studying Platform


The ​Digital Studying Platform

​​Bitdegree is a digital studying platform powered by the blockchain-based reward system that provides affordable education for everyone from hundreds of great free & paid online courses to teach new skills that land a job.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Datacamp Logo. The Data Science and Analytics Platform


Data Science and Analytics Platform

DataCamp is the online learning
& certification platform ​that

allows students to learn data science language skills withvideo tutorials andcoding challenges from over100 intuitive courses on R, Python, SQL, Git, Shell, statistics & more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Edureka logo. The E-Learning Systems Platform


The ​E-Learning Systems Platform

Edureka is an online growing E-Learning platform that
provides certification trainings & master's programs and helps
professionals learn effective systems and trending technologieson AWS, DevOps, Python, Machine Learning, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Treehouse logo. The Technology E-learning Platform


Technology E-learning Platform

​​Treehouse is a reputable MOOC-based technology platform that offers both beginners ​​​& experts' students courses ​& on-demand videos in coding skills, web, game, app, and other similar product development taught by expert teachers for achieving a career in the tech industry.

Digital Marketing Resources/ John Academy LOGO. The Online Learning Platform

John Academy

The Online Learning Platform

John Academy is an online learning platform that provides various awarding body accredited online courses of different levels for beginner ​and an expert' students to learn new skills and acquire certifications.

Learn from more than 2000 Premium course list.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Codecademy Logo


It has helped more than24 million students

Codecademy is an onlineinteractive education andlearning platform that offers free and low-cost coding classes to millions of learners in 12 different programming languages in web development,
programming, computer science, and data science.

Digital Marketing Resources/ ed2go logo. The Online Continuing Education Provider


Online Continuing Education Provider

ed2go ​offers hundreds of online classes, career training programs, and certification prep courses from their ​ partners.
750 + Online ​courses.
2,000+ Academic Institutions.
Over 3 million students.
40+ industry specialties.
150+ certifications.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Simpliv logo, The Online Learning Platform


The Online Learning Platform

Simpliv is a web-based platform for learning and teaching online courses. It helps e-learners learn various topics, business  

concepts, software, programming, marketing, data science, andmore, from authors, educators, coaches, and business leaders, generally from expert industry professionals.

Digital Marketing Resources/ International Open Academy logo, The Online Courses’ School

International Open Academy

The Online Courses’ School

Founded In 2009, International Open Academy is a training and online course platform created by professional educators for E-learners aiming forprofessional development and personal growth.
800,000 Students.
120 Courses.

Digital Marketing Resources/ QuickStart LOGO, The Online IT Certification Training


The Online IT Certification Training

QuickStart is one of the leading IT skills training providers in
the emerging technologies designed by some of the best
experts and instructional designers for individuals and teams through online training, live virtual classroom courses, hands-on virtual labs, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ E-Courses4You LOGO, The Online Training Courses


The Online Training Courses

E-Courses4You is an accredited online training course provider designed to start and grow business and individual life. E-Courses4You partners: Knightsbridge Trading Academy, Lynx Recruitment, Balance Global, Robust IT, David Key, and MET Recruitment.

Digital Marketing Resources/ SEMrush Marketing Analytics & Research Tools


Marketing Analytics & Research Tools

Launched in 2008, SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing analytics
& research suite of online-stores, Enterprises, competitive research, Agencies, tools for keyword research, SEO toolkit, PPC toolkit,​ content, social media strategies, market research, and much more.

​Digital Marketing Resources/ LongTailPro: ​The Powerful Keyword Research Tool


The Powerful Keyword ​Research Tool

LongTailPro is a powerful keyword research tool designed for Marketing teams, Agencies, and Freelancers to find​ profitable niche keywords, best longtail targeted keywords

and less competitive keywords to improve  their ranking in search engines and get more traffic.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Wordtracker logo. The Keyword and Market Research Tool


The ​Keyword and Market Research Tool

WordTracker is an online keyword and market research tool that helps marketers reveal new keywords for their markets and thousands of profitable longtailkeywords using theKeyword tool, Nicheexplorer, inspect tool, and Custom​ reports toboost traffic and rankings.

Digital Marketing Resources/ serpstat logo. The All-In-One SEO Platform


All-In-One SEO Platform

Since 2016, Serpstat become an all-in-one keyword research tool
& SEO platform that helps SEO specialists, analytics experts,
PPC specialists, content managers, and digital-marketers automates the SEO process, PPC, search analytics, and content marketing.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Seranking logo. The All-In-One SEO Platform

SE Ranking

​All-In-One SEO Platform

SE Ranking is an all-in one​ SEO analysis &​ marketing tool that lets business owners,​ digital agencies, and SEOspecialists track theirrankings, suggest​ ​keyword ideas, monitor competitors,automate​ reporting, &more to optimize &​ promote websites on the web.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Webceo logo. The SEO Tool Kit


The SEO Tool Kit

Launched in 2000, WebCEO is a suite of online SEO & digital marketing tools designed for professional SEO teams, marketers, and business owners to optimize & promote their websites for the targeted traffic and to improve results  using 21 pro-level SEO software tools.

Digital Marketing Resources/ SEOPressor logo. The WordPress SEO Plugin


The WordPress SEO Plugin

SEOPressor Connect is a popular WordPress SEO plugin that will help you with the On-page optimization of your site or blog pages to take ultimate control of WordPress SEO and rank better on search engines. It powers more than 23 million WordPress pages worldwide.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Mangools logo. The fice SEO tools


​All-In-One SEO Platform

​Mangools is a suite of five simple and advanced search engine optimization tools made for beginners & professionals, bloggers, freelancers, marketing agencies affiliate marketers, and SEO professionals: KWFinder SERPCheckeSERPWatcher, LinkMine, and SiteProfiler.

Digital Marketing Resources/ raventools logo. The SEO reporting tools

Raven Tools

The ​SEO ReportingTool

​Founded in 2004, Raven Tools is an all-in-one SEO & marketing reporting platform designed for thousands of agencies, freelancers, in-house marketers, and media companies to grow their businesses by improving organic & paid traffic, and conversions.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Answerthepublic logo. The SEO ReportingTool


​Search Listening Tool

​AnswerThePublic is a web-based search listening tool that allows over 200,000 freelancers, agencies, teams, and marketers worldwide to visualize Google autocomplete results, get consumer insights & detailed keyword research, and explore content ideas & inspiration.

Digital Marketing Resources/ ZonBase logo. The Amazon Product Research Tool


​​The Amazon Product Research Tool

​​ZonBase is an all-in-one research platform that helps Amazon sellers to find profitable niches & keywords, track product rank, estimate sales, ​& find the most accurate products among more than 20 million products in Amazon’s database.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Site-Analyzer Website Analysis Platform


SEO Optimizer Tool

​Site-Analyzer is a website analysis platform and a variety of SEO optimizing tools that help + 400,000 users to improve their online visibility in search engines using ​SEO javascript crawl, rank tracking tool, backlinks checker, page analysis, keyword research, SEO benchmark, and ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Rankpay logo. The Performance-Based SEO Services


​​Performance-Based SEO Services

​​RankPay ​is ​​as performance-based SEO services that help thousands of businesses and agencies to improve higher search engine rankings, grow good organic traffic ​& improve lead  generation and acquisition. It provides digital marketing solutions and services such as PPC management, Google Maps optimization, blog management, social marketing, website design, ​& more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ WordPress logo


​The Leading & Most Popular CMS

Created in 2005 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system (CMS) in the world designed for every publisher to create a beautiful website, blog, or app using its plenty of features and plugins.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Joomla logo


The Free Content Management System

 ​Launched in 2005, Joomla is a free & popular open source  content management system (CMS) built to create, publish, and manage web content online and developed for websites and ​online application creators by a community of 1500 volunteer developers​.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Wix logo maker logo


The Free & Flexible Website Builder

Launched in 2006​, Wixi ​s a leading cloud-based web development service used by millions of users to create, design, manage, customize, and develop free and professional websites, mobile sites, online stores, booking systems, members area, blogs, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Site 123 ​​The Easiest Free Website Builder​

 Site 123

​The Easiest Free Website Builder

Site123 is a hosted website building solution that offers
professional tools to create free websites using design tools divided into general categories like a business, online store, blog, restaurants & food,

event, photography,

and music.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Godaddy logo. The Largest All-in-One services platform

 ​​Godaddy Websites

​The Largest All-in-One services platform ​

Founded in 1999, ​‘’GoDaddy websites’’ is an all-in-one solution to create your website using hundreds of customizable templates, design themes,
unlimited pages, SSL Certificate, Web Hosting, domain
name, online marketing, 24/7 support, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ HostGator ​All-in-one Website Builder

​Gator website builder

All-in-one Website Builder

HostGator has grown into a leading provider of securewebsite hosting services
and related services like website builder, domain names, daily
automatic website backups, web design services, PPC
management services, and SEO services for small businesses and enterprises.

Digital Marketing Resources/ iPage logo. All-In-One Cheap Web Pages Builder


The ​All-In-One Cheap Web Pages Builder

Founded in 1998, iPage is a web hosting solution that offers online businesses andwebmasters a wide range of tools to create websites such as the website builder, Email address, SSL certificate, 

advanced website design, SEO service, and other marketing services​.

Digital Marketing Resources/ One.com logo. The Cheap & Basic Website Builder


​Cheap & Basic Website Builder

Established in 2002 by Jacob Jensen, One.com is one of
the leading suppliers of web hosting services, domain
names, professional email address, website builder, WordPress hosting, online shop, and Office 365 that 
lets bloggers and small businesses build their
professional business sites​.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Strikingly logo. The Easy & Free Website Editor

​ Strikingly

The ​​Easy & Free Website Editor

Launched in 2012, Strikingly is a simple web development tool that allows millions of small businesses and small e-commerce stores to create their websites or blogs using plenty of features like the free website builder, predesigned templates, domain names, sign up & contact forms, analytics, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Weblow logo. The Great custom designer

​ Webflow

​​Great custom designer

Webflow is a website building and hosting software designed for 1M+ users, freelancers, agencies, marketing teams, business owners, ​and more, to design, build, launch, and manage websites, custom​ blogs, portfolios, e-commerce stores, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Renderforest Online Logo, Video & Animation Platform

​​Renderforest Website Builder

​​​ The Simple Website Builder

Founded in 2011, Renderforest is a cloud-based platform that
offers advanced marketing tools that help over 8 million users to create videos, slideshows, infographics, animations,

 logos, landing pages, and websites.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Designmodo logo. The Impressive Animated Website with Slides


Impressive Animated Website with Slides

​​Founded in 2010, Designmodo is a website & email builder for designers, developers, marketers, and business owners using an online drag and drop builder, pre-designed templates, 100+customizable email template modules, ​& more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Ucraft logo. The Free Website Builder


​​​Free Website Builder

Founded in 2014, Ucraft is a free multi-functional website builder that helps over 360.000 ​active users to create professional websites, portfolios, blogs, or online stores using 80 pre-designed ​templates, domain name, hosting, landing page creator, logo maker, 2M icons, 1M free images, integrations, SEO, analytics, Free SSL, ​& more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Webstarts logo. Fhe Best Free Option to Create a Website

​ Webstarts

​​​ The ​Best Free Option to Create a Website

Founded in 2005, WebStarts is a free website builder that helps
you create your website, online store, or blog using web hosting, custom domain names, drag & drop editor, design tools, SEO, calendars, memberships features, maps, SEO tools, business emails, social integrations, and more ​apps.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Brizy logo. The page builder for WP and cloud


​The Page Builder for WP & Cloud

​​Brizy is a new page builder​ plugin realized in 2018 for WordPress and cloud to create websites using the drag & drop builder, over 400+ predesigned pages, blocks & pop-ups, over
4000+ vector icons, global styles, visual contact forms, sliders, dynamic content, landing pages, and more design tools.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Bookmark logo. The AI-Powered Website Builder

​ Bookmark

​AI-Powered Website Builder

Founded in 2014 by David Kosmayer, Bookmark helpssmall business owners create websites with artificial intelligence design assistant, the drag-and-drop editor, unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth & storage, free domain, free hosting, free email, free SSL
certificate, daily website backups, SEO, Analytics, ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Weblium logo. The A.I Website Builder

​ ​Weblium

The ​A.I Website Builder

Weblium is a new AI-powered site builder to create a
Website, portfolio, or blog, and more for free using a smart design supervisor, 200+ ready-to-use blocks & templates, hosting, domain, SSL security certificate, SEO tools, a library of
100K+ images, integrations, analytic tools, and more marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Resources/ MotoCMS logo. The Easy for Beginners and Professionals


​Easy for Beginners and Professionals

​​Founded by Demetrio Fortman in 2008, MotoCMS is an easy all-in-one website builder to create beautiful websites, blogs, or online store using 2500+ ready-to-use website templates, web hosting, domain, website 

customization, uptime monitoring, analytics, SEO tools, ​and more ​integrations & plugins.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Webnode logo. The Cheapest Website Builder

​ Webnode

​​The Cheapest Website Builder

​Webnode is a simple online website builder system designed in 24 language versions to create a free website, business website, online store, or blog using the online editor, custom templates, predesigned pages, form builder, domain names, reliable hosting, backup & recovery, professional email accounts, royalty-free photos, SEO tools, the membership registration, and more features.​

Digital Marketing Resources/ sitejet logo. The All-in-One Web Design Platform


​The All-in-One Web Design Platform

Sitejet is an all-in-one web design platform built for professional graphic designers, web designers, web design agencies, digital publishers, and hosting providers to create, manage, and launch their websites using the website editor, content management, pre-made templates, customer
website feedback tool, customer collaboration, hosting & security, SEO, analytics, and more features.

Digital Marketing Resources/ envato market . The Largest Marketplace of Web Software

​ Envato market

​​The Largest Marketplace of Web Software

Envato is the largest global community of online creative people that provides digital and creative, from website themes & templates to stock footage to build websites, videos, apps,
graphics, and more.

- ​Envato Market/ CodeCanyon

- ​Envato Market/ ThemeForest

​- Envato Elements membership.

Digital Marketing Resources/ TemplateMonster logo

​ TemplateMonster

​50k+ Templates and Digital Products

 ​Launched in 2002,TemplateMonster Marketplace is the biggest collection of web design products that offer 50,000 professional web​ themes, templates, plugins,
graphics, and various digital products to build & maintain
websites, online stores; and any web project.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Creativemarket Logo. The Marketplace of Digital Design Content

Creative Market

​The Marketplace of Digital Design Content

Creative Market is an online marketplace of digital design content containing millions of themes, templates, graphics, ​fonts, photos, and other design assets, designed by an independent community of talented creators worldwide. ​It offers 4,648,713 products to 7,152,910 members.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Thrive Themes logo. WP Themes & Plugins

​ Thrive Themes

The ​WP Themes & Plugins

Thrive Themes was founded in 2013 by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy as a WordPress suite of tools & products thatprovide optimized themes, templates, plugins,​ and  additional resources like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive
Ultimatum, and many more features.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Themeisle logo


​​WP Themes, Templates & Plugins ​

Themeisle offers various popular free & premium WordPress themes, templates, & plugins to build unique and customized websites. ​It integrates with all popular page builders like WooCommerce ​Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and Divi Builder.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Inkthemes logo. The WP Themes & Plugins

​ Inkthemes

​WP Themes & Plugins

Inkthemes provides a marketplace of 2380 WordPress
themes, 347 plugins, 344+ PHP Scripts, 35+ graphics & flyers, and more items used by 20000+ people across the globe to build
their sites, e-commerce Stores, landing pages, video platforms,
and a wide range of theme genres for every possible niche.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Themify logo. The WP Themes & Plugins


The ​​WP Themes & Plugins

​Launched in 2010, Themify is a drag & drop builder plugin for WordPress themes that helped 103,000 customers create WordPress sites using 42 themes, 12 plugins, 25 builders add-ons, 5 add-ons for post type builder & counting, and photoshop mockup files of all themes.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Gravity forms Logo. The WP Form Builder Plugin

​Gravity Forms

​WP Form Builder Plugin

​Founded in 2009, Gravity Forms is an advanced popular WordPress form plugin solution used by 1,000,000+ website owners to create unlimited professional contact forms, lead capture, order forms, email capture, user registration forms, surveys, quizzes, the checkout form, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Themeum logo. The WP Themes & Plugins


​WP Themes & Plugins

​Themeum provides a suite of professional premium WordPress themes & plugins for startups & enterprises.
• 20 Themes: LMS (4), Crowdfunding (2), blog (4), Business (4), Event (3), Real Estate (1), and Shop (2).
• 5 Plugins:

Digital Marketing Resources/ CSSIgniter logo. The WP Themes and Plugins


The WP Themes and Plugins

​Since 2012, CSSIgniter provides a collection of 80+ premium WordPress themes, 50+ Elementor templates, and 6 plugins that helped 100,000+ users to build unlimited websites. It offers the option to select the theme of your choice
or complete access to all​ themes and plugins.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Athemes logo. The WP Themes


​The WP Themes

​Athemes provides 22 free and 30 premium WordPress themes that helped 250,000+ users to create stunning personal and business WordPress websites. ​It allows you to buy a single theme or subscribe for a membership package to access all themes for a lifetime usage​ license and unlimited domain usage.

Digital Marketing Resources/ WPZoom logo. The WP Themes


​​The ​WP Themes

​​WPZOOM offers free and premium WordPress themes compatible with popular WP plugins & page builders and is trusted by 75,000+ users and companies worldwide. It is a wide variety of easily customizable themes related to business, magazine, blog, food, portfolio, photography, ​​& ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ WPASTRA Logo. The WP Themes


The ​WP Themes

​​WPAstra is one of the most famous & fastest-growing WordPress themes providers that offer free & premium themes for 1,000,000+ users who built their awesome professional websites. 

WPAstra is SEO friendly, compatible with popular drag & drop page​.

Digital Marketing Resources/ WP Rocket logo. The WordPress Caching Plugin

​WP Rocket

​WordPress Caching Plugin

​Founded in 2013 by Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier, WP Rocket is a caching and performance optimization plugin that lets 1,218,000+ WordPress website get fast-loading time, positive
conversion rates & search engine rankings, and more traffic & sales.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Ninja Forms logo. The WP Form Builder


​The WP Form Builder

​Created by WP Ninjas in 2014, Ninja Forms is a WordPress form builder used by 1,000,000 users to create beautiful forms, send emails, upload files, accept payments, accept donations, grow mailing lists, get more leads, using drag & drop fields, easy row & column layouts, and more features.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Webnus logo. The WP Themes & Plugins


The ​​WP Themes & Plugins

​Webnus was launched in 2013 and counted 49000+ customers. It is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes and useful WP plugins designed ​ to create new websites. ​It provides attractive customizable services and website elements like header, pages & footer builders, visual editor, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Appthemes logo. The WP Plugins & Themes


​The WP Plugins & Themes

​AppThemes provides 292 professional WordPress plugins & themes used by 48000+ businesses of all sizes worldwide to build blogs or websites. ​It has two pricing options related to premium WordPress themes and costs $69 for each theme or $199 for all.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Enginethemes logo. The WordPress Application Theme Creator

​ EngineThemes

WordPress Application Theme Creator

​EngineThemes is a WordPress application theme creator that offers 11 customizable themes and 57 extensions to let users build unlimited websites in various projects such as listings
websites, real estate, freelance marketplaces, Q&A websites, discussion forums, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Premium Coding logo. The WP Themes & Services

​ Premium Coding

​WP Themes & Services

​​Founded in 2010, PremiumCoding is a theme creator for ThemeForest on the Envato Market. Today, the company provides 38 popular premium WordPress themes, tutorials, articles & much more in different niche categories, used by 32,000+ customers who built their blog, website, or store.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Wpjobmanager logo. The WP Job Board Plugin

​WP Job Manager

​The WP Job Board Plugin

WP Job Manager is a lightweight and ​open-source WordPress board plugin designed for adding job-board functionalities to WordPress sites, with several short codes to output jobs in various formats. Being short code based, it can work with any theme ​and is really simple to set up.

Digital Marketing Resources/ BoldGrid logo


​WP Themes, Plugins, ​& Builder

​BoldGrid is an entire suite of plugins, themes, and services that help beginners and professionals to build & manage beautiful WordPress websites using a post and page builder, 200+ templates, contact forms, automated backups, upkeep plugin, real-time SEO analysis, loading speed optimize, ​& more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Bluchic logo. The WP feminine themes

​ Bluchic

​WP feminine themes

Bluchic is a customizable feminine WordPress theme created to help female entrepreneurs and bloggers to build unlimited professional websites and blogs using landing page templates for sales funnel, customizable Canva templates, social media templates, and ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Ultimatebeaver logo. The Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder


​​Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

​Beaver Builder is a well-known & popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin designed for WordPress used by 1,000,000+ websites worldwide. The Beaver Builder addon ​provides a growing library of 60+ custom modules, 200+ row sections, and 100+ page templates.

Digital Marketing Resources/ UpThemes logo. The WP Themes

​ UpThemes

​​The WP Themes

Since 2010, Upthemes offer simple WordPress themes with drag-and- drop content editing, speedy customer service, and helpful website-building tips.

It provides simple, clean, and easy-to-use themes includ​ing one year of support and automatic theme updates.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Bluehost logo. The The Best Web Host Overall

​ Bluehost

​​​The Best Web Host Overall

Like HostGator and iPage, Bluehost is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG). It is one of the leading & largest web hosting solution companies on the Internet that powers millions of websites with WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting.

Digital Marketing Resources/ HostGator logo. The Overall Website Needs

​ HostGator

​Overall Website Needs

 ​Founded by Brent Oxley in 2002, HostGator is a leading provider of secure & reliable website hosting services like shared, reseller, virtual private servers, and dedicated web hosting. It is trusted by thousands of customers, from small business to enterprise, to create personal or business blogs, websites, online stores, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ DreamHost logo. The Web Hosting Services & DN Registrar


​Web Hosting Services & DN Registrar

​Founded in 1997 by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez, and Sage Weil, DreamHost is ​a web hosting provider and domain name registrar that offer plenty of options ​to ​a community of 400,000+ web designers, developers, bloggers, and online businesses​.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Hostinger logo. The Cheapest Web Hosting Plans

​ Hostinger

​The Cheapest Web Hosting Plans

​Created in 2004, Hostinger is an all-in-one web hosting provider &
domain name registrar that offers ​fast, and reliable web hosting services with a decent uptime & fast loading times.
 ​It provides Zyro Website Builder to create websites or online stores using the drag and drop editor, and more marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Resources/ SiteGround logo. The Best Features

​ SiteGround

​The Best Features

​Launched in 2004 by three university students in Sofia, Bulgaria, SiteGround is a popular web hosting provider for personal and business websites, trusted by the owners of more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide. It offers ​different hosting options, including shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Inmotion Hosting logo. The Overall Web Hosting Services

​ Inmotion Hosting

​​Overall Web Hosting Services

​Founded in 2001, InMotion is one of the oldest well-known web hosting services that aim to make websites fast, secure, reliable, and always online. ​It integrates with popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, BoldGrid, Drupal, shopping carts like OpenCart, LMS like Moodle, and e-commerce systems.

Digital Marketing Resources/ A2 Hosting logo. The High Powered Web Hosting

​ A2 Hosting

​High Powered Web Hosting

​Founded in 2003 by CEO Bryan Muthig, A2 Hosting offers fast & reliable web hosting solutions optimized to host Linux, Windows, Joomla, WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, and more CMS, and e-commerce software ​to launch new or existing simple personal blogs or popular business sites. 

Digital Marketing Resources/ Liquid Web logo

​ Liquid Web

​Professional Managed Hosting

​​Founded by Jim Geiger in 1997, Liquid Web is a managed hosting provider that powers content, commerce & applications and manages 1.5 million+ sites for 45,000+ small businesses & large enterprises with affordable plans & a wide range of products.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Hostwinds logo. The Affordable Pricing Plans


​Affordable Pricing Plans

Hostwinds is a hosting company founded in 2010 to supports both Linux and Windows users. It covers all web hosting needs for individuals and businesses of all sizes with fast & reliable services, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domain, free website transfers, free SSL certificate, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Accuwebhosting logo. The Excellent Dedicated Hosting Plan

​AccuWeb Hosting

​Excellent Dedicated Hosting Plan

​​Founded in 2003 in Jersey (US, AccuWeb Hosting is a web hosting platform that supports both Linux and Windows users and offers plenty of services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, Forex VPS, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Digital Marketing Resources/ GreenGeeks logo. The Eco-Friendly Hosting Platform

​ GreenGeeks

​​Eco-Friendly Hosting Platform

​​Since its launch by Trey Gardner in 2008, GreenGeeks' web hosting platform aims to be faster, secure, and scalable for 45,000 users &500000 websites.
Hosting options: WordPress hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server, dedicated servers, and ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Media Temple logo. The Cloud & Web Hosting Services

​ Media Temple

​Cloud & Web Hosting Services

​Media Temple is a cloud & web hosting company founded in 1998 by Demian Sellfors and John Carey in Los Angeles, California that hosts more than 1.5 million websites. It provides web hosting, managed AWS, managed VPS, shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ HostPapa logo. The Small Business Web Hosting

​ HostPapa

​Small Business Web Hosting

​​​HostPapa is a web hosting & domain name Registration Company founded in 2006 by Jamie Opalchuk that offers shared, reseller, virtual private server, and WordPress hosting for 500,000+ currently hosted personal and professional websites.

Digital Marketing Resources/ InterServer logo. The Affordable Shared & WP Hosting

​ ​ InterServer

​Affordable Shared & WP Hosting

​Started in 1999 by Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri, InterServer is a leading managed web hosting, cloud VPS hosting, WordPress VPS, dedicated server, reseller hosting, email hosting, e-commerce web hosting options, and colocation provider.

Digital Marketing Resources/ FatCow logo. The Small Business Web Hosting


​Small Business Web Hosting

​Launched in 1998 & acquired in 2004 by EIG, who also owns HostGator, iPage & Bluehost, FatCow is one of the oldest providers of affordable web hosting options like shared hosting, VPS servers, WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers for small businesses and individuals.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Mochahost logo. The Web Hosting Company

​ Mochahost

​Web Hosting Company

​​​​Launched in 2002 & based in Silicon Valley, Mochahost provides cloud web hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated cloud hosting, ​450+ web apps (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., easy website builder, lifetime free domain name, free migration assistance, & ​ more.

​ Digital Marketing Resources/ TMDHosting logo

​ TMDHosting

​Overall Hosting Plans

​​TMD Hosting is a web hosting service that provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and reseller hosting. It also offers a free transfer, easiest drag
& drop site builder, unlimited e-mail accounts, 24/7/365 free premium support, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Fastcomet logo. The Overall Hosting Services

​ FastComet

​​Overall Hosting Services

​Established in 2013 & based in San Francisco, California, FastComet hosts 50,000+ personal and small-business websites with shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, and SocialEngine hosting.

Digital Marketing Resources/ MileWeb logo. The Affordable Web Hosting

​ MilesWeb

​​Affordable Web Hosting

​Founded in 2012 by Deepak Kori, Chetan Mahale & Chinmay Dingore, MilesWeb is a web hosting company that offers web hosting services with easy to use tools, free domain, free SSL & CDN, cPanel, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and much more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Chemicloud logo. The The Overall Best Host

​ ChemiCloud

​The Overall Best Host

​​​​ChemiCloud provides web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, Drupal hosting, Node.js hosting, and Python hosting, including excellent services like unlimited websites, website builder,​ free domain for life, unlimited email accounts, ​& more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ ScalaHosting logo. The Best-Value VPS Deals

​ ​ ScalaHosting

​The Best-Value VPS Deals

​​Powering over 700,000 sites ​since 2007, ScalaHosting provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, managed cloud VPS hosting, business email hosting, and dedicated servers. It also powers the hosting of WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Moodle, and WooCommerce.

Digital Marketing Resources/ RoseHosting logo. The Best Managed Linux Cloud

​ RoseHosting

​Best Managed Linux Cloud

​​RoseHosting is a leading web hosting provider since 2001 for 337K + business and personal websites. It offers a range of hosting services, including web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud dedicated servers, NVMe hosting packages, and managed hosting solutions for plenty of apps ​and ​ ​hosting solutions.

Digital Marketing Resources/ BigRock logo, The Low-Cost Hosting Services

​ BigRock

​​Low-Cost Hosting Services

​BigRock is a leading domain registration & web hosting company that offers web plenty of services for personal and small businesses, such as web hosting, Linux hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, KVM VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.

Digital Marketing Resources/ BigScoots logo. The Fully Managed Hosting Solution

​ BigScoots

​Fully Managed Hosting Solution

​BigScoots is a fully managed ​and reliable web hosting provider used by tens of thousands of clients of all sizes worldwide​:

​WordPress Hosting, VPS, Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, and Dedicated server hosting solution.

Digital Marketing Resources/ WebHostingPad logo. The Cheap Honting Solutions

​ WebHostingPad

​​Cheap Honting Solutions

​WebHostingPad is an affordable and secure web hosting solution that offers a free domain, website builder & WordPress, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificates, and free analytics tools. It provides Website Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Mini Hosting.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Nestify logo. The WP/ WooCommerce Hosting

​ Nestify

​WP/ WooCommerce Hosting

​​Nestify is one of the most straightforward managed hosting providers in the market that offers optimized and fully ​Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed WooCommerce Hosting, hosting for agency, and VPS Hosting, website security, backups, speed, Updates, efficiency, and ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ AWeber logo, The The Oldest Email Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

​ AWeber

​The Oldest Email Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

​AWeber is the oldest popular email marketing and autoresponder tool​, specifically designed for small businesses to connect with their customers.

​It integrates hundreds of tools related to a wide range of categories like social media, landing pages, content management, CRM, and ​​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Getresponse logo. The All-In-One Email Marketing Platform

​ ​ GetResponse

​​All-In-One Email Marketing Platform

 ​​Founded in 199, GetResponse is a simple all-in-one email marketing tool designed ​to send email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys, and follow-up autoresponders. It integrates with 150 tools, including WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, Zapier, Magento, Stripe, PayPal, Salesforce, Etsy, and ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Convertkit logo. The Emerging Email Marketing Provider for Bloggers

​ ConvertKit

​The Emerging Email Marketing Provider for Bloggers​​
Founded in 2013, ConvertKit is a popular and emerging email marketing service that provides affordable marketing automation for professional bloggers, content creators, and e-commerce marketers to build an audience and grow their businesses.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Mailerlite logo, The Affordable Email Marketing Software

​ Mailerlite

​​The Affordable Email Marketing Software

Mailerlite is founded in 2005 as a web design agency and became
in 2010 an email marketing solution that allows businesses, startups, and freelancers to create, personalize, optimize, and manage email marketing using campaigns, popups, automation, landing pages, a website builder, and surveys

Digital Marketing Resources/ Moosend logo. The The Email Marketing Solution & Marketing Automation Platform

​ ​ Moosend

​The Email Marketing Solution & Marketing Automation Platform

​Founded in 2012, Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing solution and marketing automation platform that lets businesses of all sizes manage professional email campaigns and mailing lists using all the
essential features. It integrates with e-commerce platforms, CRM, CMS, and ​ more apps.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Inmotion Hosting logo. The Overall Web Hosting Services


​​​The Affordable Newsletter Solution

​Mailjet ​is a leading free all-in-one email marketing provider​ that help SMEs and enterprises to create, edit, send, track, and optimize better email campaigns and transactional email. ​It integrates with pre-built apps and tools like CMS, ​contact management, CRM, E-commerce platforms, & more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Automizy logo, The Email Marketing Automation Software

​ Automizy

​The Email Marketing Automation Software

Founded in 2015, Automizy is an email marketing automation platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses, agencies, and bloggers to send campaigns, build automations, create forms, manage their contacts, and provides them all the tools & services that will increase their email open rates.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Benchmarkemail logo, The The Simple Email Marketing Solution

​ Benchmark Email

​The Simple Email Marketing Solution

​​Founded in 2004, Benchmark Email was founded by Curt and Denise Keller in 2004 as an internet-based service provider of email marketing and automation that helps businesses of any size to grow their audience & engagement and increase sales.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Privy logo.The Popups, Email & Text Messaging Tool

​ Privy

​Popups, Email & Text Messaging Tool

​​Privy's was founded in 2011 and is used by 500,000+ brands from 180+ countries to grow their email lists and sell more online. It offers a suite of features like popups, landing pages, embedded forms, customizable templates, cart abandonment emails, ​and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ mailpoet logo

​ MailPoet

​WordPress Newsletter Plugin

​Founded in 2011, MailPoet is a WordPress & WooCommerce email marketing plugin used by 300,000 websites around the world to interact with subscribers, send newsletters, post notifications, and set up email marketing automation using signup forms, welcome emails, ​ & ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Godaddy logo, The oldest and the largest services platform

​ Email Marketing from GoDaddy

​The Largest & Oldest Services Platform

​Founded in 1997 ​ in the United States, GoDaddy is the world's largest services platform that offers to approximately 18.5 million customers worldwide the internet domain registrar, web hosting, website builder, web security, email marketing, ​ & more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Interspite logo. The Email Marketing, Autoresponder, Survey, and CRM Software

​ ​ Interspire

​The Email Marketing, Autoresponder, Survey, and CRM Software

​​​Interspire is an all-in-one email marketing software that helps businesses create, send, and track personalized email messages using autoresponders, list management automation, CRM, split testing, feedback & surveys, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ RightMessage logo, The Email Marketing Personalization and segmentation

​ RightMessage

​​Email Marketing Personalization and segmentation

​Founded in 2018 by Brennan Dunn & Shai Schechter, RightMessage is a website personalization tool that helps thousands of companies segment their audience and personalize everything to get more opt-ins, survey/ quiz their audience, turn more leads into customers, optimize landing pages, and ​more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ Mailify logo. The Email, SMS Marketing & Automation software

​ Mailify

​​Email, SMS Marketing & Automation software

​Mailify is an email, SMS, automation & marketing tool to create, send, and analyze email and SMS marketing campaigns using 70 responsive & customizable email templates, landing pages, automated multichannel campaigns, real-time monitoring and reporting, transactional-email, Opt-in forms, survey forms, CRM, AI, and more.

Digital Marketing Resources/ MailEngine logo, The The Self-Hosted Autoresponder Software

​ ​ ​ MailEngine

​The Self-Hosted Autoresponder Software

​MailEngine is a Self-hosted autoresponder system that helps small businesses send unique marketing emails using Gmail & G Suite and spin the content in the subject line and the body using Javascript redirection and an in-built spam filter words detector. ​It provides a list of email marketing features.

WooCommerce logo, The Free Customizable E-commerce Platform for WordPress


The Free Customizable E-commerce Platform for WordPress

​​​WooCommerce is the most popular free open-source worldwide e-commerce plugin designed on WordPress CMS for small and medium businesses to set up your store, sell physical or digital products online, manage orders and customers, and ​more.

BigCommerce The Most Scalable E-commerce Platform


The Most Scalable E-commerce Platform

 ​Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is a popular SaaS customizable
e-commerce platform on the market that allows business owners to
create online stores and sell either physical or digital products online.

Volusion The Oldest E-commerce Platform


​​The Oldest E-commerce Platform
​Founded in 1999, Volusion is one of the oldest & popular all-in-
ones hosted e-commerce solutions and shopping cart software that helps entrepreneurs create successful online stores, manage and grow their online business, and much more.

Ecwid_Logo, The Best Free Store Builder for SMBs


The Best Free Store Builder for SMBs

Founded in 2009, Ecwid is a SaaS e-commerce solution designed for small and midsize businesses to create online new stores, add an online store to an existing website, and sell on multiple online stores, like sites,
social media channels, and mobile devices.

3DCart logo Online Store & Shopping Cart


The Oldest E-commerce Platform for Small Businesses

​​3dcart designs e- commerce software for businesses and online stores. 3dcart is an all-in-one great hosted e-commerce solution that allows
entrepreneurs to create a complete e-commerce website, sell online hysical and digital products, track sales, and more

Sellfy logo, the Best for Creators and Online Businesses


Best for Creators and Online Businesses

​​Sellfy is a cloud-based e-commerce platform founded in 2011 to help creators and online businesses build​ customizable & secure online
stores and sell products & subscriptions.
 ​It offers integrated "Buy Now" buttons to social media or website
established audiences .....

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