Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Tools

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

​– Dale Carnegie.

As your company grows and your data increases, ​CRM or customer relationship management ​tools will help you collect & centralize data and manage & organize relationships with customers & potential customers.

Customer relationship management ​tools can help to understand, interact, track a customer or sale lead, and be shared among sales, after-sales, and customer support departments of big corporations and small businesses, to help you develop personalized marketing and improve business relationships.

You may include in a CRM tool info like customer purchase information, feedback information, customer details such as email, telephone, website social media profile, and more.

Since the growth of inbound marketing these days, businesses have to use a CRM service to automate, manage, track, and grow their customer relationship to increase sales and conversions.

Find which of the above solutions is the right customer relationship management ​tool for you, depending on your business's type and size, the size of your customer base, affordable pricing, possible integrations, the level of security offered, etc.

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These ​Customer Relationship Management Tools are either the most popular & trusted services, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

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​​Check this selection of the top 10 leading CRM apps currently available on the market:

Hubspot: ​​The ​Free CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Products/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

​1. ​​​​​​ Hubspot: ​The ​Free CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Products

HubSpot is a worldwide leading developer and marketer software product designed in 2006 for marketing, sales, customer service, free CRM, free learning center lessons to help businesses attract, delight, and engage customers.

Hubspot Overview:
   - 3,300 employees in 9 global offices.
   - 73,400 customers in 120 countries.
   - 400 integrations.
   - 150 HubSpot User Groups in 21 countries.
   - 26,000 registered inbound attendees.
   - 218,000 inbound certified professionals.
   - Community blog 7M monthly visits.
   - 6 Languages.

Hubspot Products:
​   - Free CRM Forever to manage your contacts, get the insights needed to build your relationship with customers.
​   - HubSpot Marketing tools to attract more visitors to your website, collect their details and convert them into leads (Ads, Email, Landing Pages, Social, and Forms).
​   - HubSpot Sales Tools to automate your manual tasks and processes, nurture leads with a personal touch, and close more deals faster (Deals, Tasks, Documents, Meetings, Playbooks, and Quotes).
​   - Customer Service Tools to delight customers and turn them into loyal customers who are more than happy to promote your business (Tickets and Service Hub).
​   - 25% off HubSpot Growth Suite:

HubSpot CRM
Founded in 2006,
HubSpot’s Free CRM Software is an all-in-one innovative marketing technology solution built for companies of all sizes that want a visual dashboard with a real-time view of the entire
sales funnel.
Users can organize, track, and build better relationships with customers using email, social media, phone calls, and more free features to grow conversions.

This popular CRM provider is designed for everyone, including Sales Leaders, Salespeople, Marketers, Customer Service Teams, Operations Managers, and Business Owners.

HubSpot CRM for Sales Leaders
HubSpot CRM reporting dashboard will show you full visibility to coach your team to success, using powerful features like company insights, deal tracking, pipeline management, team tracking, unlimited users, data, and up to 1,000,000 contacts whether you're a team of 1 or 1,000.

Teams use time-saving tools to attract, delight, engage customers, and close more deals with free meeting scheduling, live chat, email templates, and more.

HubSpot CRM for Sales people
HubSpot CRM provides a suite of sales productivity features to control your sales process using free features like contact management, deals & tasks, Company insights, pipeline management, calls, emails, meetings, notes, email notifications (Gmail and Outlook integrations), meeting scheduling, and more.

HubSpot CRM for Marketers
HubSpot CRM also comes with free tools for new lead generation and email marketing using ad management tools, forms, bulk email, email insights, live chat, and chatbots to grow your database and convert visitors.

HubSpot CRM for Customer Service Teams
CRM’s universal inbox tool provides free tools for ticketing, live chat, and shared team email to manage and support customer conversations.

HubSpot CRM for Operations Managers
HubSpot CRM enables sales and marketing teams with productivity tools, prospect tracking, forms, and 300 available third-party integrations to save time, automate contact management, analyze performance, and make teams more efficient and productive.

CRM for Business Owners
HubSpot CRM helps you manage and track your contact relationship, send personalized emails in bulk, and respond to all your customer support issues, add convertible forms, and more, using an easy and free tool.

HUBSPOT CRM FEATURES/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

HubSpot CRM provides the following popular features:
   ✓ Contact management.
   ✓ Contact website activity.
   ✓ Companies.
   ✓ Deals.
   ✓ Tasks & activities.
   ✓ Company insights.
   ✓ Gmail and Outlook integration.
   ✓ HubSpot Connect integrations.
   ✓ Custom support form fields.
   ✓ Prospects.
   ✓ Ticketing.
   ✓ Forms.
   ✓ Ad management.
   ✓ Conversations inbox.
   ✓ Reporting dashboard.
   ✓ Email tracking & notifications.
   ✓ Email templates.
   ✓ Canned snippets.
   ✓ Documents.
   ✓ Calling.
   ✓ Meeting scheduling.
   ✓ Messenger integration.
   ✓ Custom properties.
   ✓ Search Results.
   ✓ Web result with site links.
   ✓ HubSpot Academy: Course and certifications.
   ✓ Phone and live chat support.

HubSpot CRM is 100% free. You can add 1,000,000 contacts, unlimited users, and unlimited access to the CRM unless you decide to upgrade some users to a paid version of the optional features: Marketing, Sales, Service, or CMS Hub.

HubSpot has something for every business to grow better. Get started now for free forever.

Pipedrive​: ​​​The ​CRM & Sales Pipeline Management System/ Customer Relationship Management Tools​

​​2. ​​​​​​​​ Pipedrive: ​​The ​CRM & Sales Pipeline Management System

Pipedrive is the best performing friendly customer relationship management (CRM) and sales pipeline management system to organize and visualize an excellent overview of your sales, allowing your team to spend less time managing and more time selling.

Pipedrive is built by salespeople & web app developers and available in 16 languages.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing Toolbox PDF)

Pipedrive the CRM & Sales Pipeline Management System/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

   ✓ Pipeline Management: Clear visual interface that prompts you to control the complex sales process efficiently.
   ✓ Email integration: A lot of easy ways to save time and improve sales productivity like sales inbox, smart email BCC, full information control, email template choice, email tracking, and email notifications.

  ✓ Activities and goals management that helps you focus on the details know what's coming next and never miss an activity using the scheduling tool, take the actions that matter, create fully customizable types, and get reminders and notifications sent directly to your mobile device.
  ✓ Lead generation with a lead booster that helps you talk to and qualify more leads, the route leads to the right sales reps, start closing more deals, and customize your chatbot.
  ✓ Powerful open API that lets you easily connect Pipedrive to other software and develop custom features for free.
  ✓ Simple and smart data import to Pipedrive from many other software brands and almost every other CRM or existing data export into other software whenever you need to.
  ✓ Simply effective sales insights and great visual reports that let you understand pipeline metrics show you sales split by product and customize your dashboards.
  ✓ Sales forecasting tools like akin to having a personal sales manager pick the right deals and activities to focus on, plan effective sales, and customize to suit your needs.
  ✓ Mobile CRM
  ✓ Call tracking and insights: Make in-app sales calls, record and store calls, automatic call tracker, and reload credit with one click.
  ✓ Google Apps integration: Easy integration to keep your Pipedrive CRM software in sync with Google Drive, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar.
  ✓ Workflow automation: Automate & scale your sales with Pipedrive and automate repetitive sales tasks to streamline the sales processes and save time.
  ✓ Create unique custom products
  ✓ AI Sales assistant
  ✓ Smart contact data from sources like Google+ and LinkedIn.
  ✓ Customizable and intuitive web forms to generate quality leads placed on a page on your site, sent by your e-mail database, or placed on social media or partner websites.
  ✓ Activity calendar: visualize your week, manage your time effectively, and schedule activities and meetings
  ✓ Advanced unlimited user permissions and visibility settings and full sales CRM account control.

  ✓ There is a marketplace of a growing collection of 100 apps to integrate your favorite tools and popular services with your Pipedrive account, in connection with accounting & invoicing, analytics, bots & messaging, contacts & calendar sync, customer support, email marketing, integration platforms, lead generation, marketing automation, merge & back up data, phone solutions, proposals & contracts, resource management, task management, web forms & surveys and more.
   ✓ Customizable fields and sales pipeline stages using other software to fit your business's style and optimize your sales process.
   ✓ Serious security & reliability preoccupation related to hosting, backups, encryption, simplified login, and enhanced security, and more.
   ✓ Pipedrive is available in 16 languages and can handle all major currencies.
Pipedrive lets you also organize your salespeople into a team at its finest.

Pipedrive offers four pricing levels depending on your size, starting at $12.50 per user per month subscription, with a discount for annual payment.
   - Essential: 12.50 $ per user per month.
   - Advanced: 24.90 $ per user per month.
   - Professional: 49.90 $ per user per month.
   - Enterprise: 99.00 $ per user per month.

Pipedrive PRICING PLANS/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

Pipedrive offers a free trial to help you to see if it’s right for your business.
Join over 90,000 teams that trust and use Pipedrive.

Freshsales  logo the Sales CRM Solution/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

​​​3. ​​​​​​​​​​Freshsales: ​​The ​​Online Design Marketplace

Founded in 2011, Freshsales is a sales CRM solution by Freshworks that helps businesses of all sizes to manage multiple aspects of their sales process and interactions with customers.

It's trusted by over 15,000 businesses from 80+ countries like Dyson, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Purdue University, and WallyPark. That’s how Freshsales is used worldwide, mainly by active Freshdesk users, as a pioneer who has an impeccable reputation on such a competitive market.

Popular business apps integrations:
Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshconnect, Freshcaller, Google calendar, Mailchimp, Segment, Office 365 Calendar, Hubspot, Zapier, Freshsales for web, Piesync, Google apps for work, Quickbooks, Google Contacts, Xero, Calendly, Facebook; Getaccept, Klenty, Just Call, Toky, 24 Sessions, Integromat, Paperflite, Setmore, Retently, Survicate, Full Contact, Akita, Contact Form7, Revv, 3CX, and Trello.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Resources)

Freshsales overview the Sales CRM Solution/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

   ✓ Effective Lead Management: Identify and track your leads from one screen.
   ✓ Better Deal Management: Manage, visualize, and modify your sales pipeline.
   ✓ Event Tracking: Track your customer’s journey
   ✓ Direct calls powered by Freshsales.
   ✓ Get smarter with CRM Email integration: Send, manage, and track your emails.
   ✓ Sales Reports: Analyze and forecast your sales by applying a variety of filters when summarizing your data. Sure, Freshsales is a reporting leader, and this is the thing that indeed distinguishes it from similar programs.
   ✓ Intelligent Workflows: Automate repetitive tasks and streamline processes.
   ✓ Mobile CRM: Get all the functionalities of a sales CRM on your smartphone.
   ✓ Outstanding customer support

Freshsales CRM is free for small teams to get started and is affordable as you grow. it offers four pricing plans:
   - BLOSSOM: For small teams, $12 user/month.
   - GARDEN: For growing teams, $25 user/month.
   - ESTATE: For large teams, $49 user/month.
   - FOREST: For enterprises, $79 user/month.

Freshsales pricing plans/ Customer Relationship Management Tools
Freshwork  products/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

Freshworks Products:

Freshsales CRM is provided by Freshworks' Group Companies productivity suite that helps businesses with 10 business software as a fresh approach to customer engagement:
Freshsales: CRM solution.
Freshdesk: Omnichannel cloud-based customer support software across email, social media, phone, and chat.
Freshservice: Cloud-based IT Help Desk.
Freshcaller: Modern phone system.
Freshteam: HR software.
Freshchat: Modern messaging software.
Freshmarketer: Intelligent all-in-one conversion rate optimization solution.
Freshworks 360: The ultimate customer-for-life software suite that unified sales, support, marketing, and even more.
Freshconnect: Contextual collaboration and management tool for businesses of all sizes.
Freshrelease: Project management software for high-velocity teams, used to plan, track, and test software. Create a roadmap, trackwork activities with sprint boards, and much more.

Freshworks Tools:

- Freshping: Reliable & free forever website uptime and performance monitoring tool.
-Freshstatuts enables businesses to communicate incidents and maintenances using email & Twitter notifications.

Agilecrm​: ​​​The ​Fully Integrated Sales and Marketing Solutions​/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

​​4. ​​​ Agilecrm: ​​The ​Fully Integrated Sales and Marketing Solutions

​Founded in 2012, Agile CRM Software is an all-in-one customer relationship management software that offers fully integrated sales, marketing, and service solutions for SMBs to engage customers and generate leads.

This software integrates core functionalities into a single unified solution, including contact management, telephony tools, scheduling, marketing automation, Social media marketing, project management, a landing page builder, customer service, efficient integrations, and more features.

Agile CRM Integrations
Agile CRM integrates with 50 leading third-party service providers, including social plugins, support software, email, telephony, email gateway, SMS, billing, e-commerce, CMS, web forms, landing pages, Zapier, and more.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

Agile CRM SALES AUTOMATION FEATURES​/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

   ✓ 360° Contact data view.
   ✓ Timeline about the buyer’s journey on a single page.
   ✓ Calendar and many appointment scheduling features.
   ✓ Events for calls, meetings, sales demos, and more.
   ✓ Deals track management.
   ✓ Attach relevant documents to deals, contacts, companies, and emails.
   ✓ Drag-and-drop project management feature.
   ✓ Insight with advanced analytics, metrics, and reports.

   ✓ Telephony integration with Twilio, RingCentral, VoIP, and Bria accounts.
   ✓ Automated lead Scoring with real-time alerts.
   ✓ Appointment Scheduling: Share your calendar, and automate invites, scheduling, and follow-ups.
   ✓ Sales gamification.
   ✓ Auto Dialer to call multiple contacts.
   ✓ Email, phone, and live chat support.

   ✓ Drag-and-drop marketing automation designer.
   ✓ Web Engagement with custom popups, signup forms, coupons, and surveys.
   ✓ Email Marketing with newsletters, personalization, A/B testing, automation, and analytics.
   ✓ Email Tracking with metrics and instant notifications.
   ✓ Social media integration into marketing campaigns and contact views.
   ✓ Contact-level analytics and campaign metrics.
   ✓ Mobile marketing to send personalized SMS texts to leads.
   ✓ Exit Intent popups to convert abandoning visitors into dedicated customers.
   ✓ Landing Page Builder with free templates and visual designer.
   ✓ Push Notifications to send instant messages to your customers.

Agile CRM enables businesses to provide a personalized customer support experience with a host of powerful help desk automation features.
   ✓ Ticketing: Satisfy customers by resolving every issue.
   ✓ Categorize tickets into groups to define dedicated support.
   ✓ Smart Views to display only the needed information.
   ✓ Service Level Agreements
   ✓ Smart Workflows
   ✓ Ticket Labeling
   ✓ Canned Responses
   ✓ Recommendations
   ✓ Graphical reports around common customer support metrics.
   ✓ Integrate widgets for telephony, support, billing, social media, e-commerce, and more.

Agile CRM offers a free version for 10 users, 50,000 Contacts & Companies, and three subscription plans: Starter, regular, and enterprise. Pricing is based on the number of team members & the feature plan.

The starter subscription is the cheapest plan, costing $8.99 per month.

AgileCRM pricing Plans/ Customer Relationship Management Tools
Capsulecrm: ​​​​​The Affordable CRM Solution/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

​​​5.  Capsulecrm: ​​The Affordable CRM Solution

Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, Capsulecrm is a CRM that allows you to build and keep strong customer relationships, get a complete view of your customers, be more organized, save time, collaborate and make more sales.

Add-ons & Integrations:
   - Contacts: Google Contacts, PieSync, and Dedupely.
   - Contracts & proposals: NiftyQuoter, WebMerge, Quotient, Better Proposals, TidyBuild, and Signable.
   - Customer Success: Akita.
   - Dashboards: UnifiedVU.
   - Email list marketing: MailChimp, Mad Mimi, and MPZ Mail.
   - Google integrations: G Suite.
   - Help desk: Zendesk, Help Scout, SupportBee, and Enchant.
   - Integration platforms: Zapier, Flow XO, Cyclr, Integromat, and LeadsBridge.

   - Inventory management: Cin7 and DEAR Systems.
   - Invoicing & accounting: Xero, FreshBooks, FreeAgent, KashFlow, and Sage Business.
   - Job and time tracking: Toggl, Clockify, and TidyWork.
   - Migration services: Data2CRM.
   - Mobile integrations: Call2CRM.
   - Project Managemen: TidyEnterprise.
   - Telephone & VoIP: Kixie, Fonreach, CircleLoop, and Invoco.
   - Website chat: Userlike and Reve Chat.
   - Website forms: Wufoo Forms, Ninjaforms, and Gravity Forms.

 Capsulecrm The Affordable CRM Solution/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

   ✓​ Create and manage lists of contacts in one place, get vital statistics, and see summaries from your integrations.
   ✓​ Tasks & calendar; Create tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls, submission deadlines, and more.
   ✓​ Manage your sales pipeline through a complete summary of your opportunities and a sales dashboard.
   ✓​ Insightful reports for your business.
   ✓​ Teams & Roles: Better organization for your business with Teams & Roles.
   ✓​ Customize Capsule that fits your business.
   ✓​ Capsule Mobile: Your CRM where you need it, anywhere on your smartphone.

Capsule CRM offers two competitive paid plans, 30-days free trial, and a free plan for up to 2 users with limited Contacts and storage:
   - Professional: $18 per user per month.
   - Teams plan: $36 per user per month.

capsulecrm pricing plans/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

Join over 15,000 customers acrossthe globe that uses Capsule CRM. Choose a plan that suits your business for 30-days free trial.

PipelineDeals​​: ​​​The ​​CRM For Small & Midsize Businesses​/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

​​​6. ​​​PipelineDeals: ​​The ​CRM For Small & Midsize Businesses

Founded in 2006, PipelineDeals is a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) designed to increase sales productivity and equipped with sales' features and capabilities for sales teams, small and midsize businesses, accessible from a desktop or any connected laptop and mobile device.

PipelineDeals integrates with popular email providers, marketing, and sales software like Google Apps, Mailchimp, Outlook, Excel, QuickBooks, Zapier, Dedupely, Paycove, Help Scout, Meldium, Userlike, INinbox, Import2, Bitium, Bedrock Data, 123 Form Builder, WebMerge, PieSync, ActiveDemand, CallRail, Kixie, and more.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

PipelineDeals CRM For Small & Midsize Businesses/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

   ✓ Custom CRM software to suit your unique needs.
   ✓ Mobile CRM: Access your sales pipeline anywhere.
   ✓ Easily track data and create powerful reports.
   ✓ Sale Automation: add efficient workflows to your sales process.
   ✓ Email sync integrates with cloud-based email applications like Gmail and Outlook.

​​   ✓ Sales Pipeline Management: Get the tools to organize and develop customer relationships and gain unparalleled visibility into each sale pipeline.
​​   ✓ Lead Management: A more focused process to close more deals.
​​   ✓ Contact Management: Build and develop your relationships with existing and new customers.
​​   ✓ Sales Team Management: Guide your salespeople and set meaningful objectives for your teams.
​​   ✓ Scheduling.
​​   ✓ Time Management.
​​   ✓ Forecasting.

Pipeline Deals offers 3 pricing subscription plans and a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. All plans include free, U.S.-based phone support, and unlimited reports and dashboards.
   - Start plan: $ 25/month per user, billed annually.
   - Develop plan: $ 33/month per user billed annually.
   - Grow plan: $ 49/month per user, billed annually.

Pipedrive PRICING PLANS/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

Join more than 18,000 users around the world that trust PipelineDeals and grow their sales pipelines. Try it free for 14 days!

Dubsado​: ​​​The ​​​Business Management Solution/ Customer Relationship Management Tools​

​​​7. Dubsado: ​​The ​Business Management Solution

Founded in 2015, Dubsado is a client management system designed for businesses and freelancers to save time by managing clients, building relationships, scheduling appointments, and more functionalities to create workflows and streamline projects.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

​​​7. ​Dubsado​: ​​​The ​​​Business Management Solution​/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

This growing platform provides many features related to these products:
 Client Management, Contracts & Forms, Automation, Get Paid, Scheduling, and Accounting & Reporting.
   ✓​ Client Management: Projects, Lead Capturing, Email & Conversation Mode, Client Portals, Project Statuses, Project Tags, Task Boards, and Time Tracker.
   ✓ Contracts & Forms: Templates, E-Signatures, Proposals & Quotes, Questionnaires, Custom Branding, File Uploading, Mobile Accessibility, and Custom CSS Styling.
   ✓ Get Paid: Quick Payments, Payment Schedules, Recurring Invoices, Overdue Reminders, Gratuity, International Accessibility, and Payment Processing.
   ✓ Scheduling: Appointments, Form Attachment, Booking Fees, Padding time, Daily Limits, Website Embedding, Appointment Reminders, Rescheduling, Minimum Scheduling Notice, and Calendar Integration.
   ✓ Accounting & Reporting: Financial Reports, Chart of Accounts, Profit & Loss, Financial Goal, Transaction Records, Outstanding Invoices, Source Tracking, and Source Reporting.
   ✓ Integration: Connect your email, calendar, and payment processor.
   ✓ Live chat support.

Dubsado pricing is simple and affordable. The free trial has no time limit.

Dubsado pricing plans/ Customer Relationship Management Tools
Thryv​​: ​​​The ​​​​Small Business Software/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

​​​​8. ​Thryv: ​​The ​Small Business Software

Created in 2013, Thryv is an all-in-one customer relationship management software designed for small businesses to communicate with their clients, target & bring in new customers, manage activities on social media platforms, and get paid.

The company also provides Internet Directories, Real Yellow Pages, Online Display & Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Online Listings Management.

Thryv integrates hundreds of thousands of popular online apps and tools, including payments, marketing, and CRM tools.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

Thryv the Small Business Software/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

This business management solution combines various capabilities and features into a single system that includes:
   ✓ Customer Relationship Management.
   ✓ Sales & Payments.
   ✓ Customer Communication.
   ✓ Appointment Booking.
   ✓ Reputation Management.
   ✓ Marketing Automation.
   ✓ Online Presence.
   ✓ Document Storage & Sharing.
   ✓ Social Media.
   ✓ 24/7 Service & Support.

Thryv provides pricing information by quote. Contact the support to request the quote that fits your business.

EngageBay CRM Automation Software/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

​​​​​9. EngageBay: ​​The ​CRM Automation Software

Founded in 2016, EngageBay is an all-in-one integrated marketing, sales, support, and free CRM automation software designed for small and medium businesses to acquire, nurture, engage and convert customers, boost revenue, and grow the company.

EngageBay combines lead generation, email marketing, marketing automation, social media integration, and CRM activities into one platform.

This great software integrates with several powerful apps and web services, like Zapier, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mandrill, Xero, Postmark, and more.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

EngageBay CRM Automation Software/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

Engagebay offers rich features related to Marketing Automation, RM & Sales Bay, and Live Chat & Helpdesk:
   ✓ Marketing Automation: Form & Landing Pages, Email Sequences, Web Analytics, Complete customer journey, Lead capture forms, Rich email templates, Email broadcasts; Personalized SMS messages, Intelligent Push Notifications, Video Marketing Templates.

   ✓ CRM & Sales Bay: 360o Customer View, Appointment Scheduling, Sales Automation, Deal Management, Simple Contact Management, Targeted Marketing To Companies, Visual Deal Pipeline, Task Management, and Unlimited Mailboxes.

   ✓ Live Chat & Helpdesk: Live Chat, Ticket Management, Service Automation, Email Reports, Unlimited Tickets, Ticket Views, Service Automations, Unlimited Groups, and Canned Responses.

EngageBay CRM is 100% free. You can add 1,000 contacts, 1,000 branded emails, unlimited users, and unlimited access to the CRM unless you decide to add more contacts and branded emails and upgrade to a paid monthly version (Basic, Growth, or Pro) of the four subscriptions packages: All-in-One, Marketing, CRM & Sales Bay, and Service Bay.

EngageBay pricing plans/ Customer Relationship Management Tools
OnePageCRM​: ​​​The ​​​​​​Sales CRM Automation Software​/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

​​​​​​10. OnePageCRM: ​​The ​Sales CRM Automation Software

OnePageCRM was founded in 2010. It's cloud-based sales automation CRM software for sales teams of all sizes to implement an actionable contact management system and sales process that leads to sales by focusing on contacts' trust relationship by having continuous communication and consistent follow-ups.

OnePageCRM integrates with some third-party lead generation, communication, and financial applications like Chrome extensions, Wufoo, Email, Skype, Google Contacts, Mailchimp, Quick Quotes, Xero, Unbounce, Help Scout, ActiveCampaign, Talkdesk, PieSync, Sage, Zapier, Outlook Lead Clipper, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Calendar Feed, Gmail, Outlook365, and API.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

OnePageCRM​: ​​​The ​​​​​​Sales CRM Automation Software​/ Customer Relationship Management Tools

   ✓ Sales CRM management.
   ✓ Contact management software with unlimited contacts, notes, calls, and deals.
   ✓ Bulk Email Send and Email Templates.
   ✓ Sales automation CRM.
   ✓ Sales pipeline management.
   ✓ Custom Activity Reports.
   ✓ Native iOS and Android mobile apps.
   ✓ Collaboration system.
   ✓ 2GB file storage.
   ✓ World-class support and training.
   ✓ Email and phone support.

OnePageCRM has launched 3 new pricing plans: SMB, SMB Plus, and Enterprise.
OnePageCRM offers a 21-day free trial.

OnePageCRM pricing plans/Customer Relationship Management Tools

Join over 11,000 users worldwide that use OnePageCRM software every day to boost their sales. Try it for a 21-day free trial now.

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