9 Great Marketing Automation ​Programs: An Overview

​9 Great Marketing Automation ​Programs: An Overview
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''​Marketing automation software enables you to streamline and measure your marketing workflows for new and existing leads, ultimately saving time and money, and fast-tracking revenue growth.'' 

 — www. marketo.com/marketing-automation/

Marketing automation ​programs refer to tools and technologies that automate and scale repetitive marketing tasks, streamline marketing workflows, and assist communication with customers via email marketing, social media, marketing automation, sales automation, CRM, and other multi-channel marketing methods.

These platforms provide automation features across many components, such as email, advanced campaign tracking, split testing, lead generation, digital advertising, analytics, and complex funnels.

The benefit of utilizing these marketing automation programs can improve message targeting; get better leads, and increase conversion & efficiency through the automation process all in one place.

Disclaimer: This article isn't an advertisement, it is not influenced by any service providers' websites, and we have not been paid to suggest any recommendation.

These ​Marketing Automation Programs are either the most popular & trusted services, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

Honestly and transparently, ​Marketing Automation Programs on this article may contain affiliate links that let us receive a small commission that supports our work and will not affect the price you pay through the links on these service providers websites.

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​According to current marketing reports, most marketing leaders use marketing automation platforms or plan to start using one.

Despite the variety of marketing automation solutions to choose from for you and your team, our recommendations about the best option for your business are:

Marketing Automation Programs/ ActiveCampaign: ​The ​​Customer Experience Automation Platform

​1. ​​​​ActiveCampaign: The ​​Customer Experience Automation Platform

Founded in 2003 and located in the United States, ActiveCampaign is an entire customer experience automation platform for small-to-mid-sized businesses, which combines email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, messaging, CRM tools, and hundreds of integration possibilities.

This Chicago-based automation tool integrates with hundreds of pre-made automation recipes and 860+ apps, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Unbounce, Zapier, Salesforce, and Shopify.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Active Campaign features

ActiveCampaign helps bloggers, Agencies, e-commerce, SaaS, and higher education to manage their entire marketing campaigns using advanced automation features:
   ✓ Email Marketing: Build email newsletters, create campaigns, and send emails to your audience using many types of emails, email marketing tools, email segmentation, 125+ pre-made email templates, subscription forms, dynamic content, split testing, and the mobile app.

   ✓ Marketing automation:
        - Automate your email follow-up.
        - Find the most engaged contacts.
        - Integrate with your favorite apps with the drag-and-drop automation builder and use beneficial tools such as site tracking, event tracking, automation Goals, automation maps, attribution, and split action.

   ✓ Sales & CRM: Track leads in CRM and automates the entire sales process with tools like sales reporting, win probability, sales funnel automation, segmentation, lead scoring, and notification emails. Connect with Gmail, Outlook, any other email provider, or ActiveCampaign Gmail extension.

   ✓ Customer messaging tools: Email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook custom audiences, and site messages.

   ✓ Support: Chat & email support and phone support with the Enterprise plan.

There are four monthly or yearly pricing options based on the number of contacts: The lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

ActiveCampaign offers a 20% discount for non-profits' status. There are no setup fees.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Active Campaign pricing plans

​Join  100,000+  businesses  to  get  more  engagement  with  your customers and  grow.
​Start  a  14-day  free  to  try  most  of  ActiveCampaign's features.

Marketing Automation Programs/ ​​​​​​Keap: ​The ​​​CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

​​2. ​​​​​Keap: The ​​​CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Founded in 2001, Infusionsoft by Keap is an all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation platform designed specifically for small businesses to manage and optimize custom needs, customer experience, CRM, lead capture, and e-commerce to improve customer service, increase sales, and grow their businesses.

This marketing campaign builder automates repetitive sales processes and marketing campaigns by sending emails, setting up appointments, tracking leads, getting quotes, invoicing clients, and any sales or marketing process you design.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing Toolbox PDF)

Marketing Automation Programs/ Keap features

Keap features combine CRM with email marketing and help you create marketing automation workflows with landing page builder, customizable web forms, targeted email, and more of what you need
to manage your entire business.
    ✓ CRM tool to house all your client activity and communications in one place (the follow-up, client records, and getting paid) by integrating your Gmail or Outlook inbox, automatic process for sending messages, pre-written emails, collecting client data, and Keeping all client interaction history.
    ✓ Keap SMS messaging to reach customers, stay organized, and quickly respond to client needs.
    ✓ Appointments: Hassle-free scheduling.
    ✓ Sales pipeline to track and manage your leads and clients throughout the entire sales process.
    ✓ Marketing, sales, and data entry automation.
    ✓ Quotes, invoices, payments, and tracking.
    ✓ Updated analytics & insights dashboard, marketing, sales, order & billing, and administrative reports.
    ✓ Integrations: Connect to the apps you use to run your business, like Zapier, WordPress, Instapage, LeadPages, ThriveCart, Wistia, and much more.
    ✓ Training webinars and free tech support.
    ✓ 24-7 live chat support.

Keap has three pricing options with 500 contacts and 1 user as follow:
   - Keap Grow plan: From $40/mo. For startups and new businesses.
   - Keap Pro plan: From $75/mo. For established, service-based businesses with custom needs.
   - Infusionsoft plan: From $100/mo. For teams that need advanced marketing and sales automation.
   - Custom plan: You can add up to 50,000 additional contacts starting from 30$/ 1000 contacts. Contact sales for more details about higher volume plans.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Keap pricing plans

Join 200,000 Keap's users.  Start your 14-day free trial with 1 user, 500 contacts, and full functionality to explore every feature of your chosen package.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Ontraport: ​The Automation Solution for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

​​​3. Ontraport​The Automation Solution for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Founded in 2006, Ontraport is an all-in-one business automation solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses that combine CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and reporting tools.

Ontraport serves Businesses from all industries, including consumer services providers, bloggers, coaches, authors, speakers, and much more.

Ontraport integrates with other favorite apps that enhance your marketing, e-commerce, accounting, membership & learning platforms, API helpers, appointments & calendars, social media, forms, help desk, landing pages, mail & fulfillment, reporting & tracking, signatures, surveys, quizzes, contests, videos, voice & SMS, and webinars.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Resources)

Marketing Automation Programs/ Ontraport features

Ontraport provides a suite of features that lets businesses create their automated marketing campaigns connecting all promotional tools from emails to pages to pop-up forms all in one place:
    ✓ CRM system to create and maintain customer relationships by managing contact data, organizing your list, contacting leads, tracking online engagement & purchases, and more.
    ✓ Email marketing to create & send emails, schedule and deliver messages, and create email campaigns using professionally designed email templates.
    ✓ SMS Texts to send and receive text message appointment reminders, product offers, and purchase confirmations.
    ✓ Create landing pages from the library of page templates.
    ✓ Forms to capture your page visitors’ attention.
    ✓ Membership site: create, launch, and manage your entire membership site.
    ✓ Marketing analytics.
    ✓ A Facebook user community of over 10,000+ collaborators.
    ✓ Phone, email, and chat support.

Ontraport offers different monthly plans depending on the number of contacts and account users’ numbers.
   - The basic plan: $79/ for small businesses.
   - Plus plan: $147/ for established growing businesses.
   - Pro plan: $297/ for businesses that need to manage it all.
   - Enterprise plan: $497/ for advanced customization.
   - Larger than Enterprise: custom pricing for accounts with more than 20,000 contacts and up to 5 million contacts.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Ontraport pricing plans
Marketing Automation Programs/ ​​Wishpond: ​The ​Complete Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Platform

​4. ​Wishpond: ​The ​Complete Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Platform

Founded in 2009, Wishpond is a complete suite of marketing automation that lets you automate your digital marketing, create landing pages & online forms, track leads, send emails, create advertising campaigns & social promotions, and more.

This lead generation platform helps companies of all sizes maximize their lead generation and drive sales.

Marketing Automation Programs/ wishpond features and benefits

Wishpond offers a suite of features that let marketers grow their email list, get more traffic, increase leads, and generate more sales:
   ✓ A dedicated marketing executive with designers, ads managers, and copywriters to launch and run successful campaigns.
   ✓ Targeted online advertising campaigns grow your email list and generate leads & new customers by launching convertible campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, and using free trials, content downloads, social contests, and more.
   ✓ Social promotion tools help you get more social following & engagement using sweepstakes, photo contest, bonus Entry contest, Instagram hashtag contest, coupon, referral contest, vote contest, leaderboard contest, photo caption contest, and video contest.
   ✓ Email marketing: Send personalized email campaigns, automatically welcome emails, content, reminders, and customized content.
   ✓ Lead management: Track, segment, and manage your leads in a single dashboard.
   ✓ Referral campaigns to build contests, incentivize referrals, grow your list, and drive sales.
   ✓ Create and optimize landing pages using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder, built-in popup tool, and one-click A/B split testing.

   ✓ Use website popups builder to convert traffic into leads and sales.
   ✓ Use cart abandonment tool to track and send converting cart abandonment emails.
   ✓ Create unlimited custom forms to collect the information and publish it on your website or blog.
   ✓ Call tracking: Measure the full value of your marketing campaigns by tracking each new phone call.
   ✓ Marketing automation: Automate all your marketing process in one place to nurture leads and retain customers.
   ✓ Integrations: integrate Wishpond with 300+ tools, including Zapier, email, analytics, sales, payment & collaboration apps.
   ✓ 200+ templates for landing pages, contests, forms & popups.
   ✓ Phone, email, and live chat support.

Wishpond has three pricing option to choose from based on your business size, budget, and objectives:
   - Starting Out: $49/mo for 1,000 leads.
   - Everything you need: $99/mo for 2,500 leads.
   - Rapid Growth: $199/mo for 10,000 leads. This pricing option offers you the ability to choose your number of leads

Marketing Automation Programs/ Wishpond pricing plans

​Join more than ​5,000 businesses that use Wishpond.  

Book a demo or start your 14-day free trial with all yearly plans up to Growth 15,000.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Automate.io: ​​Connect All Your Cloud Applications

​​5. ​Automate.io: ​​Connect All Your Cloud Applications

Founded in 2015, Automate.io is a Cloud-based marketing solution that allows businesses to connect all their cloud applications and services to automate workflow, marketing, sales process, payments, and more business processes.

Automate.io supports all popular apps including marketing, project management, CRM, operations, e-commerce, payments, forms, Social, helpdesk, file management, email, collaboration, spreadsheets, documents, API, database, CMS, telephony SMS, Ads, scheduling, webinars, live chat, calendar, event management, contacts, and survey.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

Marketing Automation Programs/ automate.io features

Automate.io automation use cases:
   ✓ Marketing automation:
       - Drip marketing.
       - Email automation.
       - Lead nurturing.
       - Integrate landing pages.
       - Social marketing.
       - Mobile marketing.
   ✓ Sales process automation:

       - Streamline sales.
       - Nurture and score leads.
       - Sales force automation.
       - Integrate CRM with other apps.
   ✓ E-commerce automation:
       - Automate order processing.
       - Send smart emails.
       - Automate Bookkeeping.
       - And much more.
   ✓​ Business process management:
       - Create and manage business processes.
       - Flexible to optimize.
       - Automate processes inside your Apps;
       - Zero investment.


Marketing Automation Programs/ automate.io pricing plans
E-goi: ​​​The Email marketing automation software

6. ​​E-goi: ​​​The Email marketing automation software

E-goi is a marketing automation software that provides an online suite of features to automate your business processes, including email marketing, SMS marketing, marketing automation, web push notifications, email & SMS transactional, e-commerce tracking, landing pages, customers loyalty customers, Google Ads, online ads, mobile push notifications, and voice broadcasting.

E-goi aims to be ideal for Agencies, E-commerce, Wellness, Banking, Earn Money, Real Estate, Bloggers, Startups, Tourism, and Retail business.

Marketing Automation Programs/ e-goi features


E-goi integrates with hundreds of apps such as Shopify, Jumpseller, Eventbrite, Pipedrive, WordPress, Woocommerce, Salesforce, Magento, Zoho, Joomla, Instapage, Zapier, and Unbounce.

E-goi offers a wide range of features that generate traffic & Leads, communicate & relate, and convert & optimize:
    ✓ Email marketing: Automate creating, tracking, and sending emails delivered straight to the Inbox using a professional newsletter editor and a free customizable & professionally designed newsletter model.
    ✓ SMS marketing: Create, deliver and analyze smart SMS messages connected to images and videos and more convertible than any available traffic source for 0,04€/ SMS, smart SMS, or slingshot text.

    ✓ Marketing automation: Automate your marketing process by capturing the sale with automated targeted emails, the right message to the right customer at the right time.
    ✓ Create, send, and analyze web push notifications alerts to your customers with instant messaging through browsers for 0,0024€/ notification.
    ✓ Send affordable transactional emails and SMS such as account registration, password reminders, support tickets, purchase receipts, invoices, and service alerts.
    ✓ Use e-commerce tracking to engage inactive clients with new content, special offers, and cross-sells.
    ✓ Landing pages: Create and customize landing pages that convert visitors to customers using a drag and drop editor and professionally designed templates.
    ✓ Create your loyalty program with customers' rewards, points, discounts, and real-time loyalty campaigns for 0,05 €/ every contact retained.
    ✓ Create online ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing to reach new customers.
    ✓ Manage, create, deliver, and analyze push notifications through
mobile marketing using images, videos, forms, and landing pages for 0,0024€/ notification sent.
    ✓ Automate voice broadcasting with interactive and personalized voice calls.
    ✓ Social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of other social.
    ✓ A/B testing for email marketing and advanced reports.
    ✓ Phone, chat, and email support.


Marketing Automation Programs/ e-goi pricing plans
Marketing Automation Programs/ SharpSpring: ​​​The Complete Sales & Marketing Platform for Agencies

​7. ​​​SharpSpring: ​​​The Complete Sales & Marketing Platform for Agencies

​SharpSpring was founded in 2012 and is located in the United States. It is an all-in-one sales & marketing automation platform that helps marketing agencies and small- and medium-sized businesses automate and optimize their marketing, drive more leads, and increase sales.

It offers behavior-based email marketing, CRM integration, dynamic forms, landing page builders, social media management, apps integrations, and much more necessary features, functionality & performance.

SharpSpring integrates hundreds of popular third-party apps, products, and services providers that feed the marketing automation system, such as Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Litmus, Piesync, Shutterstock, Shopify, Google ads, Formstack, Zapier, and much more.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Sharpspring features

SharpSpring has solid CRM and automation features and offers unlimited users on all plans.
   ✓ Email marketing using behavioral-based email Tracking, automation,template library, responsive email design, custom merge variables, HTML editor, email organization, email testing, email analytics.
   ✓ Dynamic form builder: Create and customize user-friendly forms to capture visitors' information using form software, more than a dozen different fields, web form filling software, CRM Integration, the ability to integrate the major web form automation tools, insights & analytics to optimize form performance.

   ✓ Automation: Automate workflows, tasks with lead nurturing campaigns, messaging triggers, lead scoring, dynamic lists, internal email text messages to your teams, postback data & third-party integrations, dynamic landing pages, ending cart abandonment, tracking leads across multiple devices, dynamic email marketing automation.
   ✓ Marketing Analytics: Email marketing analytics, campaign analytics & tracking, Google ads integration, behavior tracking, form insights, unlimited site tracking, and custom campaign tagging.
   ✓ Identify Anonymous Web Visitors.
   ✓ Integrates with CRM Platforms.
   ✓ Blog Builder.
   ✓ Dynamic landing pages.
   ✓ Blog builder.
   ✓ Social Media Management.
   ✓ Phone, email, or chat support.


All SharpSpring pricing plans offer unlimited users, unlimited support, and a full set of features. Pricing options are based on the number of contacts:
   - 1,500 contacts: $550/mo.
   - 10,000 contacts: $850/mo.
   - 20,000 contacts: $1,250/mo.
   - Customizable Agency plan: With dedicated Agency support.
   - Customizable Enterprise plan: For millions of contacts and emails with a dedicated account manager.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Sharpspring pricing plans

Join 10,000 Businesses and 2,000 Agencies worldwide that trust SharpSpring. Get a marketing automation live demo.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Prospect.io: ​​​The Sales Automation Platform

​8. ​Prospect.io​​The Sales Automation Platform

​Started in 2015 as a simple Google Chrome extension called Popsales, Prospect.io grew & evolved to become a multichannel sales automation platform that helps 1,300+ companies to increase their outbound sales team productivity with more conversations, unlimited prospect lists, an unlimited number of campaigns, email finder & email verifier, email automation & drip campaigns, email tracking, and reporting & insights.

Prospect.io integrates popular apps and advanced CRM integrations such as Gmail/ Gsuite, Outlook, Slack, Zapier, Zoho, Piesync, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Close.io, and HubSpot.

Marketing Automation Programs/ Klenty: ​​​​The Sales Engagement Platform

​​9. ​​Klenty: ​​The Sales Engagement Platform

Founded in 2016, Klenty is a sales engagement software that lets growing sales teams automate the process of reaching out to prospects at scale, manage prospects & leads, send personalized emails, automate their followups, using email tracking, sales outreach, calls, sales prospecting, CRM integrations, and A/B testing.

Klenty Keeps 1000+ Companies' CRM up to date, synchronizes your contacts, emails, tasks, and more by integrating Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshsales, Hubspot, Zapier, Slack, and Zoho.

Klenty offers free 14 days of trial with all the features, including the ability to send up to 200 emails/follow-ups to your prospects.

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