​Best 16 Online Learning Platforms: Top course sites

Knowledge is power and also income

Best 16 Online Learning Platforms: Top course sites Knowledge is power and also income
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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
  - Benjamin Franklin

Whether you want that e-commerce owner, a podcaster, a freelancer, a website and apps developer, or get a job, you'll need to focus on training, education, learning new skills, and getting you ahead, using the best sites for taking online classes.

In the last few years, online learning platforms have grown in popularity. Their potential is enormous, and it's expected to expand more.

Whatever your reason, to become an expert, learn an entirely new skill, or discover some knowledge on a subject, the more you invest in your learning, the better you'll grow.

To choose the right online ​learning platform, you must consider your essential needs to join a virtual classroom.

Here  is the ultimate list of resources that offer quality online business courses in different topics: Udemy, Coursera, FutureLearnCreativeLive, Acadium, Bitdegree, Datacamp, Edureka, Treehouse
John Academy, Codecademy, Simpliv, International Open AcademyQuickstartand ECourses4You.

Find the online ​learning platform that’s right for your individual or business needs to take the next step in your career. Benefit from the convenience and flexibility of learning online and at your own pace.

Disclaimer: This article isn't an advertisement, it is not influenced by any service providers' websites, and we have not been paid to suggest any recommendation.

These online learning platforms are either the most popular & trusted services, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

Honestly and transparently, online learning platforms on this article may contain affiliate links that let us receive a small commission that supports our work and will not affect the price you pay through the links on these service providers websites.

If you have any questions about these online learning platforms, get in touch with us using our contact us page.

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Online Learning Platforms/ Udemy logo: The Online Learning Marketplace

1. Udemy: The Online Learning Marketplace

Founded in 2010, Udemy is one of the largest popular educational platforms with students & instructors worldwide, a selection of over 100,000+ affordable online video courses and various new topics in a vast range of subjects. It helps people gain new skills, build a career, and achieve success for free or for a fee.

Development, Business, IT & Software, Design, Marketing, Personal Development, Photography, Music, Finance & Accounting, Office Productivity, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Teaching & Academics, All Teaching & Academics, Engineering, Humanities; Math, Science, Online Education, Social Science, Language, Teacher Training, Test Prep, and Other Teaching & Academics.

Online Learning Platforms/ Udemy review: The Online Learning Marketplace

Learn anywhere with Udemy for iOS and Android:
   - Explore 100,000 courses.
   - Download courses to watch offline.
   - Listen to courses with podcast-style audio.
   - Watch courses with Chromecast or Apple TV.


Udemy is a legit platform aimed at teaching and educating people from all around the world:
    ✓ Learn and improve skills across the business.
    ✓ Learn on your schedule, study any topic anytime.
    ✓ Lifetime Access to free and paid courses.
   ✓ Beautiful search tool through 100,000 courses to find the content easily you need.
    ✓ Fresh content taught by 1,300 experts and real-world practitioners for any learning style.
    ✓ 30m Students worldwide.
    ✓ 50 Different languages.
    ✓ 190m Course enrollments.
   ✓ 190 Countries taught.
    ✓ 42k Supportive instructors.

Content quality is one of the determinant factors in choosing an online learning marketplace the fits your needs.

Indeed, the fact that anyone can create online courses means that the quality of courses varies considerably. You have to inspect carefully individual course reviews in detail to choose the best Udemy course.

Moreover, Udemy doesn't offer courses accredited by educational institutions like some other online learning platforms alternatives, but most courses are usually pretty respectable, according to most online reviews, and some Udemy courses are created by real gurus and have attracted nearly 400,000 students.

On the other hand, Udemy has good notoriety, efficient reputation, and is a very low-cost place to learn.

Pricing on Udemy is set by the course. But, both teachers and Udemy can offer promotions with a discounted price tag.

There are also many free courses available for advanced, intermediate, beginners, and free courses with deserving organizations and nonprofits to help them train their workforces and volunteers.

Choose from thousands of expert-led courses and a variety of new topics. Join the world's largest online learning marketplace.

Online Learning Platforms/ Udemy: The Online Learning Marketplace FOR business

The Udemy training platform provides an Enterprise plan that helps companies with 20 employees to learn new skills with high-quality professional courses through a robust content marketplace.
    - Unlimited access to 3,500 of Udemy's top fresh & in-demand courses across 75 different categories, taught by the world-leading experts.
    - Smart & personalized learning recommendations.
    - Measurable ROI for companies partnering with Udemy for Business.
   - International content collections taught by subject-matter experts in their native language, of courses ranging from IT, development, business, marketing, and design.
    - One-of-a-kind collection:
       * A thriving source coming from Udemy's marketplace.
      * A meticulous process to prepare curates high-quality business
course recommendations provided by over 40 million feedback and rating learners.
   - Access courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.
   - Monitor and measure learning engagement.
   - Achieve outcomes through Learning Paths.
   - Set your employees up for success with a custom learning path creation.
   - Quickly add users, assign courses, and monitor progress as they learn.
   - Actionable user insights.

   - Course insights to encourage employees to enroll and complete their online courses.
   - User activity tracker.
   - Technical implementation and integration: Course API, Reporting API, and Single sign-on API.
   - Activate your customized learning account: Add your organization's logo, background, company URL, customize user groups, and enable users’ profiles customization.
   - 24/7 customer support

   - Team plan for 5 - 20 users: US $240/ user/ yr.
   - Enterprise plan for 21 or more users: Contact sales for pricing

Have a team of 5-20? Get a free trial of the team plan here.

Online Learning Platforms/ Udemy teach

Udemy offers you the chance to turn your passion and knowledge into an opportunity to teach millions worldwide using the required tools to create online courses. You don't have to worry about hosting or web
   - Inspire students: Help them learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge.
   - Create an online video course and earn money by teaching people around the world. Some course sellers make millions of dollars on Udemy.
   - Exceptional opportunities: 30 m Students worldwide, 50 different languages, 190m course enrollments, 190 countries taught, and 42k supportive instructors.
   - Envision your success: Plan your course in multiple languages, record your video that is reviewable by the available support team, and then build your community and inspire more students using tools for messaging, Q&As, course announcements, and quizzes.
   - Instructor support team available 24/7.
   - Anyone can create and sell a course on Udemy.

Change lives. Become an instructor today.
Join the world's largest online learning marketplace.

Online Learning Platforms/ Coursera logo: The Online Learning from Top Universities

2. Coursera: The Online Learning from Top Universities

Founded in 2012, Coursera is an online educational platform, from top online companies and universities that offer online courses, specializations, and degrees in various subjects to online learners. It aims to provide high-quality learning to their students.

Because of the growing demand for distance learning, Universities partner with learning platforms like Coursera to offer their courses, training, and degrees by distance learning. 

Coursera has partnered with over 150 famous universities, colleges, and well-known global education institutions. Also, it offers over 3,600 courses, specializations, and degrees, provided to over 40 million learners from all over the world.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing Toolbox PDF)

Online Learning Platforms/ Coursera review: The Online Learning from Top Universities

    • Arts and Humanities.
    • Business.
    • Computer Science.
    • Data Science.
    • Information Technology.
    • Health.
     Math and Logic.
     Personal Development.
     Physical Science and Engineering.
     Physical Science and Engineering.
     View all Physical Science and Engineering.
     Electrical Engineering.
     Mechanical Engineering.
     Environmental Science and Sustainability.
     Physics and Astronomy.
     Research Methods.
     Social Sciences.
     Language Learning.

     Courses are taught by experts in their fields.
     Earning degrees online impact career advancement.
     Studying to enhance skills development and learning something new.
     Coursera app is available for your smartphone.
     A well-organized training platform.
     The tuition cost is lower compared with the cost of enrolling in a conventional school.
     Speed of learning compared to the conventional way of learning.
     Coursera offers a mobile app.


Coursera offers five types of educational programs:
     Courses: Over 3,600 online courses taught by top instructors from the world's leading universities and organizations. ''Courses include recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures,
and community discussion forums.''
     Specializations: Enroll in one of the 310 specializations available at Coursera to master a specific career skill, and earn a Specialization Certificate to share with your professional network.
    Professional Certificate: When you enroll in a professional training program that prepares you to apply new skills to hands-on projects, this will help you become job-ready, showcases your expertise to potential  employers, and prepare you for future jobs.
    MasterTrack Certificate: With MasterTrack™ Certificates, you'll get hands-on projects, a career credential, and live expert instruction in an online modular format, including construction engineering and management, digital marketing, constructional design, and more.
    Degree: Earn the same degree granted to students attending classes at the top university for less cost than comparable programs on-campus.

Coursera offers free enrolling and access to study thousands of free courses. However, If you wish to earn certifications or degrees, you have to pay some fees.

Online Learning Platforms/ Coursera pricing plans: The Online Learning from Top Universities

Join more than 40 million learners from all over the world. Try a course at Coursera today!

Online Learning Platforms/ FutureLearn logo: The Digital Education Platform

3. FutureLearn: The Digital Education Platform

FutureLearn is an accredited online course, program & degree learning platform in association with leading universities, business schools, and specialist organizations through videos, articles, quizzes, and discussions to unlock new opportunities and learn new skills for mass audience and learners.

FutureLear is a Massive Open Online Course (MOCC), founded in 2012 and owned by The Open University and SEEK Ltd.

Choose from hundreds of free online courses program & degree provided to a mass audience: from Language & Culture to Business & Management; Science & Technology to Health & Psychology.

Online Learning Platforms/ FutureLearn review: The Digital Education Platform

Browse FutureLearn's online course categories to explore and find your interests:
    • Business & Management.
    Health & Psychology.
    Languages & Cultures.

     Nature & Environment.
     Politics & the Modern World.
     Science, Engineering & Math.
     Study Skills.
     Tech & Coding.

       Short courses: Learn new skills from hundreds of online courses from top universities and organizations.
     In-depth programs: Earn academic or professional accreditation from some of the world's leading institutions:
        - 12 Programs with academic accreditation.
        - 5 Programs with professional accreditation.
        - 15 Programs to earn Award to demonstrate your learning.
     Online degrees: Study flexibly with online degree courses created by leading universities through videos, articles, tests, online assignments, discussions, a university library, and online resources and support.
       - Find a degree from graduate certificates to full master's degrees.
       - Learn flexibly online and earn credit towards your degree.
       - Pass the assessments and complete all programs to get feedback and demonstrate your understanding.
       - Earn an internationally recognized degree.

Online Learning Platforms/ FutureLearn unlimited: The Digital Education Platform

So far, FeatureLearn has partnered with more than 143 universities across the globe. The nature of education and the role of campus universities are changing. These leading universities are currently offering online degree:
    • Anglia Ruskin University.
    Coventry University.
    Deakin University.
    Murdoch University.
    The Open University.
    The University of Glasgow.
     The University of Newcastle Australia.

FutureLearn for business

     Create a culture of lifelong learning.
     Transform your organization.
     Close a skills gap.
     Reward your employees.
     Credible, flexible, and social online learning.
     Learning analytics to track employee progress.
     Custom course creation.

Join millions of people from around the world who are learning together for free on FutureLearn.

Online Learning Platforms/ CreativeLive logo: The Online Education Classes

4. CreativeLive: The Online Education Classes

Founded in Seattle in 2010, CreativeLive  is an online education platform aimed at entrepreneurs,  creative professionals, and writers that broadcasts 1500 live instructional classes taught to an international audience by the world's best. It’s similar to online education platforms like Lynda and Masterclass.

Start learning for free with this selection of live and on-air classes from CreativeLive available on-demand if you want to improve your skills on the following topics:
     Photo & Video.
     Art & Design.
     Music & Audio.
     Craft & Maker.
     Money & Life.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Resources)

Online Learning Platforms/ CreativeLive review: The Online Education Classes

Since 2010, millions of students have watched over two billion courses' minutes. Start for free, access to on-air classes led by the world's top experts.
    ✓ Find a class in the CreativeLive library through 1500 classes on-demand, ranging from fundamentals to advanced techniques.
    ✓ You own the classes you buy for a fee for life, but there are several free CreativeLive classes like many photography classes.
    ✓ Stream live classes daily 24/7, anytime, anywhere, all at your own pace.
   ✓ 700 best instructors on-demand: Experts, Grammy winners, best-sellers, thought leaders & legendary entrepreneurs, and World-renowned photographers.
    ✓ Find inspiration from daily stories by a community of students, pros, influencers, and even CreativeLive staff & founder.
   ✓ CreativeLive for Business: Online learning that develops your employees, Upskill your team into more creative, communicative, and innovators humans.

Since 2010, millions of students have watched over two billion courses' minutes. Start for free access to on-air classes led by the world's top experts.

Online Learning Platforms/ Acadium logo: The Marketing Apprenticeship Platform

5. Acadium: The Marketing Apprenticeship Platform

Founded in 2017, Acadium is a worldwide education platform that provides online training courses. It connects digital marketers students with startup employers, small businesses & entrepreneurs for a 3-month apprenticeship to gives mentorship marketing knowledge and real-world experience in exchange for 10 hours a week of daily tasks help.

Acadium is designed for companies, students, academic institutions, and thought leaders in education technology worldwide.

Also, the Acadium courses are available on the App Store and Google Play.

Online Learning Platforms/ Acadium review: The Marketing Apprenticeship Platform

They learn the latest digital marketing skills with verified professional businesses and get practical career-related work experience in an apprenticeship.

Acadium connects you to work 1-on-1 with relevant skilled professionals for a maximum length of 3-month to help students gain apprenticeships experience and professional relationships.
You will learn from online courses: Social Media, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Intro to Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Analytics, and Soft Skills.

Start your apprenticeship today to get what you need to start a career and land a job.

Entrepreneur or small business owners can choose from hundreds of fully trained marketing apprentices to help grow their business for three training months of real-world experience by working with them 1-on-1.

After 3-months, you have the opportunity to either hire the apprentice or choose another student.

Acadium  allows business owners to hire apprentices to do the following training tasks: Social media, content planning, Live chat website support, Guest post outreach, Blog writing, Community management, Landing page optimization, Copywriting, Media buying, Customer segmentation, Run ad campaigns, Influencer marketing, and Analytics.

Online Learning Platforms/ Acadium pricing plans: The Marketing Apprenticeship Platform

Start your Membership today for $267 per 3 months → Join 30,000 businesses and 60,000 students.

Online Learning Platforms/ Bitdegree logo: The Digital Studying Platform

6. Bitdegree: The Digital Studying Platform

Bitdegree is a digital studying platform powered by the blockchain-based reward system that provides affordable education for everyone from hundreds of great free & paid online courses to teach new skills that land a job.

BitDegree platform connects learners and employers and believes that high-quality e-learning is the key to successful digital businesses.

BitDegree offers interactive video courses designed by experts & professionals in these topics, accessible anytime and from anywhere on your smartphones:
   • Blockchain.
   • Business.
   • Coding & Programming.
   • Community Votes.
   • Data Science.
   • Design.
   • IT Security & Software.
   • Marketing.
   • Personal Development.

BitDegree offers great courses covering all skill levels:
   • Beginner.
   • Intermediate.
   • Advanced.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

Online Learning Platforms/ Bitdegree review: The Digital Studying Platform

    ✓ Lessons are very easy to learn.
    ✓ Get free certifications online available for all students to learn and prove your digital knowledge.
    ✓ Most of the courses on BitDegree are free and give you lifetime access.
   ✓ When you don't find what you're looking for, you can submit your wanted course for the community vote.
   ✓ You are an expert, and you want to make the world a smarter place: You can become an Instructor & start earning.
    ✓ Multi-skilled professional’s team.

Entrepreneur or small business owners can choose from hundreds of fully trained marketing apprentices to help grow their business for three training months of real-world experience by working with them 1-on-1.

After 3-months, you have the opportunity to either hire the apprentice or choose another student.

Acadium  allows business owners to hire apprentices to do the following training tasks: Social media, content planning, Live chat website support, Guest post outreach, Blog writing, Community management, Landing page optimization, Copywriting, Media buying, Customer segmentation, Run ad campaigns, Influencer marketing, and Analytics.

Bitdegree offers the opportunity to apply for a scholarship and find a sponsorship covering the course fees and fund learning online.
   1- Create a scholarship request by a request form. Choose a course.
   2- One of the thousands of potential sponsors will probably fund your demand.
   3- Start learning for up to 3 months.
   4- Receive a blockchain certificate that gives you access to the award.

Online Learning Platforms/ Bitdegree certificates: The Digital Studying Platform
Online Learning Platforms/ Datacamp logo: The Data Science and Analytics Platform

7. Datacamp: The Data Science and Analytics Platform

Established in 2014, DataCamp  is the online learning & certification platform developed for companies and individuals, from beginners to experts worldwide.

This platform allows students to learn data science language skills with video tutorials and coding challenges from over 100 intuitive courses on R, Python, SQL, Git, Shell, statistics & more.

Online Learning Platforms/ Datacamp review: The Data Science and Analytics Platform

 ✓ Easy to use.
   ✓ Quality content.
   ✓ Great students' reviews.
   ✓ 5,600,000 learners.
   ✓ 1,200+ companies up skilling their teams.
   ✓ 910 Courses, projects, and practice exercises.
   ✓ 275 Instructors.
   ✓ Community chat.
   ✓ Live chat support.

    • Python Programming.
    • Data Manipulation with Python.
    • Machine Learning Fundamentals in Python.
    • Importing & Cleaning Data with Python.
    • Data Visualization with Python.
    • Statistics Fundamentals with Python.
    • R Programming.
    • Data Manipulation with R.
    • Machine Learning Fundamentals in R.
    • Importing & Cleaning Data with R.
    • Data Analysis in SQL (PostgreSQL).
    • Understanding and Interpreting Data.

DataCamp offers two options for individuals and businesses as follow:

Online Learning Platforms/ Datacamp pricing plans: The Data Science and Analytics Platform

Meet 5,600,000+ aspiring data scientists Start learning today for free.

Online Learning Platforms/ Edureka logo: The E-Learning Systems Platform

8. Edureka : The E-Learning Systems Platform

Edureka is an online growing E-Learning platform that provides certification trainings & master's programs and helps professionals learn effective systems and trending technologies on AWS, DevOps, Python, Machine Learning, and more.

Real-Time Doubt Resolution with Live Instructors.
    • Unlimited Access to online learning repository.
    • Track your career growth.
    • Live Q&A.
    • Phone and email 24/7 Learning Assistants.

Online Learning Platforms/ Edureka review: The E-Learning Systems Platform

    ✓ PG Programs

    ✓ Cloud Computing
    ✓ DevOps

    ✓ Data Science
    ✓ Big Data

    ✓ BI and Visualization
    ✓ Project Management and Methodologies

    ✓ Software Testing
    ✓ Artificial Intelligence
    ✓ Frontend Development
    ✓ Databases
    ✓ Operating Systems
    ✓ Blockchain
    ✓ Digital Marketing
    ✓ Programming & Frameworks
    ✓ Robotic Process Automation
    ✓ Data Warehousing and ETL
    ✓ Cyber Security
    ✓ Mobile Development
    ✓ Architecture C Design matterns

Visit  Edureca.co.

Online Learning Platforms/ Treehouse logo: The Technology E-learning Platform

9. Treehouse: The Technology E-learning Platform

Launched in 2011,  Treehouse  is a reputable MOOC-based technology platform that offers both beginners and experts' students courses and on-demand videos in coding skills, web, game, app, and other similar product development taught by expert teachers for achieving a career in the tech industry.

As many online TreeHouse reviews mention, this platform is easy to use and offers excellent quality courses. It provides its students' scholarship opportunities, degree-earning programs, a chance to earn university credits, and more.

Online Learning Platforms/ Treehouse review: The Technology E-learning Platform

    • Full Stack JavaScript.
    • Front End Development.
    • UX Product Design.
    • PHP Development.

    • 300 courses.
    • Over 1000 videos.
    • 278 workshops.
    • 23 topics.
    • 80k current students.
    • Students in 190 countries.
    • Expert instructors.

Here are the leading companies' employers in the world that have partnered with Treehouse to train their team on inclusive onboarding:

Adobe, Airbnb, Chegg, Hubspot, Verizon, NIANTIC, MailChimp, Vacasa, NIKE, EZ cater, and more.

    ✓ Techdegree program.
    ✓ Suitable for enterprises.
    ✓ Team-based training.
    ✓ On-demand, expert-led video courses.
    ✓ Interactive practice sessions.
    ✓ Access to the online community of fellow students.
    ✓ Unlimited access.
    ✓ Download videos for offline learning.
    ✓ Curated curriculum and projects.
    ✓ Personalized feedback on your code.
    ✓ Self-paced and flexible scheduling.
    ✓ Real-time support.
    ✓ Dedicated customer success team.
    ✓ The ability for team members to test out of content.
    ✓ Customized learning tracks for company-specific goals.
    ✓ Robust reporting on individual success.
    ✓ Flexible licensing options.

Treehouse offers two different types of subscriptions, as follows:

Online Learning Platforms/ Treehouse pricing plans: The Technology E-learning Platform

Learn web design, coding, and much more with Treehouse Start your free 7-day trial.

Online Learning Platforms/ John Academy logo: The Online Learning Platform

10. John Academy: The Online Learning Platform

John Academy  is an online learning platform that provides various awarding body accredited online courses of different levels for students to learn new skills and acquire certifications.

Whether they are a beginner or an expert, John Academy offers excellent courses suitable for all people & covering all skill levels.

Online Learning Platforms/ John Academy review: The Online Learning Platform

At John Academy, students will search quickly for the course they want to take: Access, Accounting, Adobe, Animal care, Beauty, Business, Customer service, Design, Employability, Excel, Finance, Health and fitness, Healthcare and medical, Hospitality, HR and leadership, Infopath, Intermediate, Personal development, Language, Legal, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Pharmacy, Photography, PowerPoint, Project management, Psychology, Science, Security, Software, Sport, Teach & education, Technologie, Therapy, Today's deal, Transport, Travel and tourism, University course, Video course, and word.

   ✓ Learn from more than 2000 Premium course list.

   ✓ Courses are accessible from anywhere and from any device: computer, tablet, or mobile device.
   ✓ Most of John Academy's courses include additional videos, mock and final exams.
   ✓ Receive specialization certificates after completing the courses.
   ✓ Free CV evaluating & review by industry experts in partnership with CV Knowhow.
   ✓ 24/7 online technical support team.

    - 5 courses for 1 year: £39.
    - 5 courses + PDF certificates for 1 year: £99.
    - 5 courses + certificates for 1 year: £149.

Learn and improve skills across business, tech, design, and more.
   - 20 courses: £99.
   - 50 courses: £220.
   - Unlimited courses: Contact John Academy.

Online Learning Platforms/ John Academy pricing plans: The Online Learning Platform

Are you ready to learn new skills  Join John Academy now!

Although these online learning platforms are fantastic, offer excellent content quality-wise, and their benefits and features diverge, it may not be right for everyone and every business.

There are a lot of viable alternatives to check like Codecademy, SimplivInternational Open Academy Quickstart, ECourses4Youed2go, Pluralsight, Udacity, Simplilearn, MasterClass, Skillshare, Springboard, Thegreatcourses, New Skills Academy, Academyofmine, edx, Study.com, Springboard, Alison, Lynda from Linkedin, and Thinkful.

Online Learning Platforms/ Codecademy  logo the online interactive education and learning platform

11. Codecademy

Codecademy  is an online interactive education and learning platform that offers free and low-cost coding classes to millions of learners in 12 different programming languages in web development, programming, computer science, and data science.

Codecademy has helped more than 24 million students learn the technical skills they need for coding.

Visit Codecademy.com

Online Learning Platforms/ ed2go logo: The Online Continuing Education Provider

12. ed2go: The Online Continuing Education Provider

Founded in 1997, ed2go is an online continuing education provider that offers hundreds of online classes, career training programs, and certification prep courses from their educational partners.

750 + Online continuing education courses.
2,000+ Academic Institutions.
Over 3 million students.
40+ industry specialties.
150+ certifications.
Phone support.

Visit ed2go.com

Online Learning Platforms/ Simpliv logo: The Online Learning Platform

13.  Simpliv: The Online Learning Platform

Simpliv  is a web-based platform for learning and teaching online courses. It helps e-learners learn various topics, business concepts, software, programming, marketing, data science, and more, from authors, educators, coaches, and business leaders, generally from expert industry professionals.

Simpliv offers a wide range of topics like All Development, Database, IT & Software Systems, Health & Vigour, Individual Development, Productive, Expertise & Efficiency, Marketing, and Language & Vocabulary.

   ✓ Easy access to courses.
   ✓ 2500+ online courses.
   ✓ 100000 High definition video lessons.
   ✓ 15000+ of curious students.
   ✓ 180+ countries.
   ✓ Thousands of happy expert teachers.
   ✓ 2000+ Authors.
   ✓ Live virtual classroom training.

   ✓ Interactive hands-on learning;
   ✓ Get a valid certificate on completion;
   ✓ Get valid Certifications for courses;
   ✓ Email, phone, training, and Live chat support.


Online Learning Platforms/ International Open Academy logo: The Online Courses’ School

14. International Open Academy: The Online Courses’ School

Founded In 2009, International Open  Academy is  a training and online course platform created by professional educators for E-learners aiming for professional development and personal growth.

IOA offers a wide range of topics with detailed written lessons, graphical representations, and instructional videos, like American Sign Language, 120 hour TESOL Certificate, Criminology and Profiling, Master Herbalist, Pet First Aid & CPR, Special Educational Needs, Dyslexia Awareness, Car Maintenance, Forensic Science, and more.

   ✓ Easy to Use.
   ✓ Top Quality Education.
   ✓ International Certification.
   ✓ 800,000 Students.
   ✓ 139 Countries.
   ✓ 120 Courses.
   ✓ 24/7 email and phone support.


Online Learning Platforms/ QuickStart logo: The Online IT Certification Training

15. QuickStart: The Online IT Certification Training

QuickStart is one of the leading IT skills training providers in the emerging technologies designed by some of the best experts and instructional designers for individuals and teams through online training, live virtual classroom courses, hands-on virtual labs, and more.
The QuickStart training certification includes some of the most prominent technology vendors like Microsoft, AWS, CompTIA, ITIL 4 FOUNDATION, Azure, Cisco, and NetApp.

Accreditations: Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, CiscoLearning Partner, and Citrix Authorized Learning Center.

    ✓ 1300+ certified and expert-authored IT training courses;
    ✓ 176 + platform technologies;
    ✓ 999999 + learners for life;
    ✓ Adaptive Learning Paths;
    ✓ Virtual Instructor-Led Courses;
    ✓ Mentoring & Collaborative Learning;
    ✓ Hands-On Labs & Assignments;
    ✓ Certification for individuals and performance growth for teams;
    ✓ Email and phone support;
    ✓ 7-day free trial for individuals and teams;
    ✓ Free limited access to 700+ self-paced courses.


Online Learning Platforms/ E-Courses4You logo: ​Online Training Courses

16 E-Courses4You: Online Training Courses

E-Courses4You is an accredited online training course provider designed to start and grow business and individual life. 

E-Courses4You partners: Knightsbridge Trading Academy, Lynx Recruitment, Balance Global, Robust IT, David Key, and MET Recruitment.

Accounting & Bookkeeping, Career & Business Skills, Children’s Education, Creative Design, Exam & Certification Packages, Financial Trading, Health & Well-being, Hobbies & Lifestyle, IT & Networking, Marketing, Microsoft, Personal Development, Programming &, Development, Project Management, Workplace Health & Safety, and more.

E-Courses4You has 18 years of e-learning expertise and over 45 years of sales experience.


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