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​10 Excellent Online Payment Systems For Businesses

"​Online payment will continue to play an ever-growing and significant role in the development of e-commerce as well as the stimulation of consumer demand.”

 — ​​Lucy Peng

There are hundreds of globally online payment services for accepting and receiving payments on the web that handle transactions for online customers, marketers, freelancers, and business owners.

Offering personal and business accounts and with 300+ million active users in 202 countries, PayPal is the oldest, popular, and most trusted payment platform online for a variety of reasons.

Stripe payment solution is also a great option that offers easy, innovative, and secure ways to pay and unique features for a customized platform and larger company.

The most popular sites across the whole web offer their online payment systems like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, and Microsoft Pay.

However, several competitors offer different features and benefits, cheaper fees, faster payments, good customer service, and enhanced security.

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These platforms are either the most popular & trusted services, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

Honestly and transparently, platforms on this article may contain affiliate links that let us receive a small commission that supports our work and will not affect the price you pay through the links on these service providers websites.

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​​In this article, ​i will list the best alternatives to choose the right, reliable, safe, and user-friendly option for your business and your customer's experience based on your payment volume, budget, and business type.

  • Payoneer: Global Payments Platform for Businesses.
  • 2Checkout: Online Payment Processing Service.
  • PayKickStart: Shopping Cart & Affiliate Marketing Platform.
  • SamCart: The Simple Online Shopping Cart.
  • 3D Cart: Online Store & Shopping Cart.
  • X-Cart: Shopping Cart E-commerce Platform.
  • PayOp: Online Payment Processing with 300+ Methods.
  • Moonclerk: The Recurring Payment System.
  • 1Shoppingcart: Shopping Cart & E-commerce Software.
  • Foxycart: The Custom Hosted Cart & Payment Page.

​1. PayoneerThe ​Global Payments Platform for Businesses

Founded in 2005 in New York City, Payoneer is an all-in-one leading payment platform that provides digital payment services to send and receive payments to and from global entrepreneurs, online sellers, digital marketers, and freelancers.

Payoneer is trusted by leading digital marketing platforms, e-commerce marketplace sellers, and freelancers & service providers such as Google, CJ, Airbnb, Taboola, Amazon, Rakuten, Wish, Adobe, Fiverr, Upwork, and much more.

Payoneer delivers a wide range of payment services that include all the payment solutions for international business transactions and needs:
   ✓ Send & receive payments with your Payoneer account.
   ✓ Get paid online by clients in over 200 countries and currencies.
   ✓ Request payments with Payoneer billing service.
   ✓ Use receiving accounts to accept payments in more currencies.
   ✓ Pay your suppliers from your Payoneer balance for free.

   ✓ Withdraw your earnings to your local bank account or through Mastercard.
   ✓ Global Payoneer community of millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200+ countries.
   ✓ Customer support.

Payoneer has several types of fees and is cheaper than PayPal for sending and receiving funds:
Get paid
   - From another Payoneer customer: Free.
   - Receiving accounts: EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, and MXN: Free. USD: 0-1%.
   - Directly from your customers: 3% Credit Card (all currencies) and 1% ACH Bank Debit (US).
   - Via marketplaces & networks: Fees set by each marketplace.

 Withdrawing funds to your bank account:
   - To Your Local Bank Account: up to 2%.
   - To a bank account in the same currency: $1.50 USD/ €1.50EUR/ £1.50 GBP.

   - Pay your suppliers & contractors: 1% via ACH Bank Debit, 3% via credit card, and 1% via local bank transfer.
   - Pay from your Payoneer balance:
       . If the recipient has a Payoneer account: Free.
       . If the recipient doesn't have a Payoneer account: Up to 2%.
       . Account fee if you haven't had at least one transaction in the previous 12 months: $29.95.

Join millions of small businesses, marketplaces, and enterprises from 200 countries to receive and make payments. Get started for free.

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​​2. 2checkoutThe ​Online Payment Processing Service

Founded in 2006, 2Checkout is an all-in-one online payment processing service that helps e-commerce merchants sell their products and Founded in 2006, 2Checkout is an all-in-one online payment processing service that helps e-commerce merchants sell their products and services via multiple channels, leverage subscription billing models, accept payments online, accept credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards.

This leading global payment platform provider facilitates digital e-commerce complexities and helps companies’ market products and subscriptions fast internationally.

2Checkout is an all-in-one online payment processing service that helps e-commerce merchants sell their products and Founded in 2006, 2Checkout is an all-in-one online payment processing service that helps e-commerce merchants sell their products and services via multiple channels, leverage subscription billing models, accept payments online, accept credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards.

2Checkout payment processing provides a wide range of features through four digital e-commerce products:
   ✓ Avangate Monetization Platform:
        - Global payment processing in 200 countries with 45 payment methods, and 100 currencies.
        - Digital commerce to sell products or services online with localized checkout, marketing & merchandising tools, In-platform optimization tools, and 120 shopping carts integrations.
      - Subscription commerce as a recurring revenue tool with flexible plans, invoicing & billing, renewal forecast, and more.

        - Global tax & financial services.
        - Risk management & compliance.
        - Partner sales.
        - Merchant & shopper services.
        - Reporting & analytics.

   ✓ 2Sell:
        - Sell physical or digital goods and services in over 200 countries with major credit cards & PayPal.
        - Integrate with any of 120 carts.
        - Localized buying experience using 100 currencies and 29 languages.

   ✓ 2Subscribe: Sel subscriptions in over 200 countries using 120 carts.
   ✓ 2Monetize: Sel your products and services worldwide.
   ✓ Add-Ons for Enhanced Commerce: 2Convert, 2Bill, 2Recover, 2Partner, and 2Service.

2Checkout offers three pricing options based on transactions made and business type:
   - 2Sell plan: 3.5% + $0.35 per successful sale.
   - 2Subscribe plan: 4.5% + $0.45 per successful sale.
   - 2Monetize plan: 6.0% + $0.60 per successful sale.

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​​​3. PayKickStartThe ​Shopping Cart & Affiliate Marketing Platform

Founded in 2016, PayKickStart is a shopping cart & affiliate management platform for online vendors to start selling online, accept payments, and recruit & manage affiliate partners to promote your digital & physical products and services.

PayKickStart integrates with over 60 native apps like the payment gateways, membership services, email automation tools, CRM, fulfillment, webinar services, analytics, and more.

PayKickStart leverages a modern commerce platform armed with the tools and automation to manage the complex world of billing and payments.
   ✓ Payment options and different checkout experiences: Accept credit & debit cards, PayPal, ACH & SEPA bank wires, process transactions in up to 32 different currencies, integrate with popular payment gateways, use a library of 50 customizable checkout one-step and multi-step designs, pop-up widgets, and embeddable Checkout forms.
   ✓ Manage subscriptions & recurring payments.
   ✓ Revenue boosters using 1-Click upsells, coupon codes, order bumps, pre-filled checkout page, exit-intent pop-up, and more.
   ✓ Track, manage & pay affiliate partners.
   ✓ Affiliate marketplace with over 50,000+ affiliates.

   ✓ Billing & accounting.
   ✓ Handle complex tax & accounting challenges.
   ✓ Monitor real-time reports & analytics.
   ✓ Security & compliance.
   ✓ Live chat support.

​PayKickstart  offers  four  monthly  or  annually  pricing  plans to sell unlimited products:   - Starter plan: $79/mo/ Up to $10k in monthly revenue.  

   - Growth plan: $159/mo/ Up to $50k in monthly revenue.

   - Scale plan: $319/mo/ Up to $100k in monthly revenue.

   - Custom plan: Processing over $100k/month. Contact PayKickstart for pricing

Join over 1200 businesses in 65 countries of all sizes that manage their affiliate partners and accept payments with PayKickStart.  Start your free 14-day trial.

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​​​​4. ​SamCartThe Simple Online Shopping Cart

SamCart is a web-based checkout platform for online sellers that provide beautiful & optimized checkout designs & templates, 1-click upsell, order bump, subscription, and more tools designed toincrease conversions.

SamCart aims to be a simple way to sell products, goods, and services online and accept orders using just one simple page.

SamCart connects with the most popular email providers, marketing automation tools, membership apps, page builders, payment providers, and over 750+ more with Zapier.

This e-commerce platform offers all the features you need to run and grow your business:
   ✓ Create your one-page checkout with predesigned themes and drag-and-drop content builder.
   ✓ Checkout popup.
   ✓ Display your store on any channel.
   ✓ Optimized checkout pages with 24 high-converting templates.
   ✓ Custom branding.
   ✓ Coupons & discounts.

   ✓ Subscriptions and payment plans.
   ✓ Cart abandonment.
   ✓ A/B testing.
   ✓ Affiliate center.
   ✓ Subscriptions.
   ✓ Email & CRM Integrations.
   ✓ Paypal and Stripe integrations.
   ✓ Trial offers and adds to order.
   ✓ Reporting.
   ✓ Free SSL certificate.
   ✓ Live chat support.

SamCart has four monthly pricing options to sell unlimited products and offers a free 14-day trial with all plans. There are no additional processing fees:
   - Launch plan: $49/mo.
   - Grow plan: $99/mo.
   - Scale plan: $199/mo.
   - Enterprise plan: $399.99/mo.

SamCart is one of the more expensive solutions, but it includes more  tools like the Affiliate Center.

Join thousands of product creators.  Get started for a free 14-day trial.

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​​​​​5. 3DCartThe ​Online Store & Shopping Cart

Founded in 1997, 3dcart is the e-commerce software & shopping Cart designed for online businesses to build their online stores, start selling their products using a website builder, e-commerce templates, free themes, and payment gateways.

3dcart is the oldest e-commerce platform for small businesses that offers over 200 built-in features to create, run, and grow a successful online business.

3dcart offers e-commerce solutions to take orders online, sell products, and process payments, including all the most-needed tools of a powerful website shopping cart:
   ✓ Over 20 years of experience.
   ✓ Website builder and free themes.
   ✓ Sell unlimited products.
   ✓ Over 200 payment gateways.
   ✓ Add a 3dcart shopping cart to your current website, WordPress site, connect with your Paypal account,              Google merchant center, Amazon, and Square.

   ✓ No shopping cart fees.
   ✓ Unlimited data storage.
   ✓ Unlimited bandwidth.
   ✓ Integrate with 100 other apps.
   ✓ Accounting and payment tools.
   ✓ Advanced reporting.
   ✓ Multiple levels of security.
   ✓ Chat support.

3dcart has five monthly or yearly pricing options based on the users’ number as follow:

Join 15,000 merchants that trust 3dcart.  Start an online store for a 15-day free trial.

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​​​​​6. X-CARTThe ​Shopping Cart E-commerce Platform

X-Cart is an open-source PHP shopping cart e-commerce platform launched in 2001 to let over 38,000+ online stores in 111 countries create e-commerce websites using customizable design templates, themes, marketing tools, 140+ payment gateways, and shipping carriers.

X-Cart e-ccommerce platform provides all the features run an online business like 45+ e-commerce site templates, 75 themes, 150+ built-infeatures, 100+ marketing tools, 140+ payment gateways, 9 shipping carriers, e-commerce hosting, SSL certificates, and much more.

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​​​​​​7. ​PayOpOnline Payment Processing with 300+ Methods

​PayOp is an online payment processing service that helps businesses accept payments online, offering an international and local 300+ most popular payment methods available in 170+ countries, processing 200 currencies with real-time analytics & reporting.

PayOp provides a complete payment solution with flexible pricing for businesses of all sizes to add any payment method to the checkout process using international credit & debit cards and local cards.

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​​​​​​​8. ​​​MoonClerkThe Recurring Payment System

Launched in 2013, MoonClerk is an all-in-one payment processing service that helps 5,000 organizations to accept recurring & one time online payments via Stripe, credit, debit, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay.

MoonClerk pricing is based on the monthly transaction volume, starts at $15.00 per month, and offers a 14-day free trial.

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​9. 1ShoppingCartThe Recurring Payment System

1ShoppingCart is a payment processing & all-in-one e-commerce solution that lets small and large businesses create and run online e-commerce stores, process payments securely, and start selling online using a store builder, store templates, email marketing tools, a shopping cart, recurring billing, digital downloads, and a product catalog for physical, digital goods, and much more.

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​10. ​Foxy​The Custom Hosted Cart & Payment Page

​Launched in 2007, Foxy is a custom hosted cart & payment page that allows you to sell multiple physical goods, downloads, subscriptions, donations, and more using your existing website & CMS and supporting 100+ payment gateways and alternate payment methods including, NMI, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, Braintree, Square and Apple Pay.

Foxy integrate with 1000+ apps and services by Zapier, and more apps related to accounting, affiliate Marketing, analytics, cart abandonment, content management systems, customer reviews, databases,
downloadable products, email marketing, fraud prevention, miscellaneous, order management, shipping & fulfillment, and website builders.

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