​19 Best ​Online Logo Maker Tools (Must-Read!)

​19 Best ​Online Logo Maker ​Tools (Must-Read!)
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​“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.”
― Jay Danzie 

​Online Logo Maker Tools create ​the face of your business that inspires trust. ​The logo is your brand's visual identity and the first physical marketing tool to promote and acquire recognition of a product or service to engrave a memorable symbol in the minds of your visitors and customers.

To get people to trust your business brand, show them a professional-looking identity from the start that impresses them, and differentiates you from competitors.

To create a professional-looking graphic mark for your business, you need a professional logo designer through a design agency like Fotor, Stencil, Designcontest, Crowdspring, DesignCrowd, and Bark.

On the other hand, plenty of freelance platforms allow you to hire a professional designer to create a stunning logo for your brand for as little as $5 at Fiverr, Seoclerck, 99designs, Freelancer, Hiretheworld, Truelancer, and Freeeup.

But, you can find the least expensive option from plenty of online logo maker tools and logo maker software on the market to design easily and quickly your logo without any outside help.

Professional logo design software programs can be too expensive and complicated, like the popular giants' Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, CorelDraw Graphics, and Summitsoft.

Disclaimer: This article isn't an advertisement, it is not influenced by any service providers' websites, and we have not been paid to suggest any recommendation.

These ​Online Logo Maker Tools are either the most popular & trusted services, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

Honestly and transparently, ​Online Logo Maker Tools on this article may contain affiliate links that let us receive a small commission that supports our work and will not affect the price you pay through the links on these service providers websites.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us using our contact us page.

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However, online logo creator tools or logo generators don’t require any design experience. It is made for non-designers: Simply drag and drop.

It won’t replace a real designer, but it's cheap and offers the ability to create, modify, and edit your logo.

To help you get a quality logo design for your needs based on ease of use, customizable features, design elements offered, price, and more, we present you with some top online logo maker solutions:

Free online logo maker

​1. Canva Logo Maker: The Online Creative Technology

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations, social media graphics, logos, posters, and more visual content, using Canva's drag-and-drop feature, thousands of professional layouts, templates, millions of images, hundreds of fonts, icons & shapes, and illustrations.

This overview will focus on the online Canva free logo maker available for beginners & experts, teams & individuals.

Canva logo templates
   ✓ Automotive

   ✓ Band

   ✓ Basketball
   ✓ Sports

   ✓ Restaurant

   ✓ Art and Design
   ✓ Education

   ✓ Soccer

   ✓ Fashion
   ✓ Food
and Drink

   ✓ Attorney & Law

   ✓ Games & Recreation
   ✓ DJ

   ✓ Café

   ✓ Beauty
   ✓ Home Furnishings

   ✓ Computer

Canva The fre  online logo maker

Canva's logo maker provides all the functionalities you need to create a custom logo on a regular basis:
   ✓ Simply drag and drop.
   ✓ Customizable logo designer.
   ✓ Professionally designed logo templates.
   ✓ Add your brand name.
   ✓ Brand colors customization option.
   ✓ Add your logo to business cards, brochures, flyers? and more.
   ✓ Library of images, icons, and illustrations.
   ✓ Save and edit your logo on your Canva homepage.
   ✓ Team collaboration feature to create and edit logos.

Canva screen


Canva logo maker is free using your image & design elements and plenty of free stuff in their library.
The premium plan provides a library of layouts created by our professional designers' team, priced at just $1.

Join millions of Canva users around the globe. Start designing stunning logos for free.

Wix logo maker logo

​​2. Wix Logo Maker: The Online Creative Technology

​Founded in 2006,  Wix  is a popular platform leader in Website Creation empowering over 180 million users in 190 countries to create a professional website and manage their business with no coding or design skills needed.

Wix Logo Maker is one of the Wix platform features that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). An online design tool that allows and inspires you to create, edit, and customize your own unique professional brand logo design that fits your business and your website without a designer's help. Just answer a few simple questions about your brand and personal style before accessing the logo editing dashboard.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing Toolbox PDF)

WIX Logo maker LOGO

Logo templates
Brand \ Businesses & Enterprises \ Food & Restaurants \ Health & Wellness \ Music \ Photography \ Name Design.

   ✓ Ease of use and simple tools.
   ✓ 100s of beautiful logo design.
   ✓ Customizable logo design.
   ✓ Choose logo colors, text, background, and more.
   ✓ Expert tips through the Wix blog.
   ✓ Get High-Quality SVG files in any size.

WIX logo templates

Wix offers a beautiful design experience for free with the option to purchase at any time if you need high-resolution files.

Create your professional free logo today.

Renderforest Online Logo, Video & Animation Platform

​​​3. Renderforest: ​The Online Logo, Video & Animation Platform

Renderforest is an online popular video & animation, logo design, and website maker platform to create your intros, explainer animations, promotional videos, slideshows, music visualizations, logos, or even a professional website.

Founded in 2011, Renderforest online logo maker helps businesses and individuals create an impressive logo for their Website, YouTube, Gaming, Shield, Company, photography, and more.

Renderforest was listed by G2 Crowd in the world's top 100 software companies of 2019.

Supported languages:
English, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish.

How does it work?

   1- Type your brand name and describe the logo you want.
   2- Choose one of the available styles generated.
   3- Customize your design until it matches your needs.
   4- Export your free logo design.

Renderforest logo maker

Renderforest Online Logo Maker offers the features that allow you to create a stunning logo:
   ✓ Popular high quality & advanced graphic tools.
   ✓ Powered by artificial intelligence.
   ✓ Designs are created by specialized logo artists and graphic designers.
   ✓ Simple and intuitive interface.
   ✓ High-quality logo.
   ✓ A vast collection of ready-made templates.
   ✓ Customizable icons and fonts.
   ✓ High-definition exports.
   ✓ Get 20 high-end mockups featuring your logo design.
   ✓ Animate your logo: colorful, dark, exploding, burning, 3D, and other styles.
   ✓ Preview your logo with realistic mockups through Renderforest Mockup Editor.

   ✓ More than 50,000 unique artwork files.
   ✓ 24/7 free customer support.

Renderforest free logo maker allows you to edit and experiment as much as you'd like until you love your design at no cost.

You can download your logo for free in low resolution and for non-profit use or export it for high quality and commercial purposes, choosing one of the paid plans of Renderforest logo maker.

Discover Renderforest Pricing

Make a one-time purchase or subscribe to one option that will help you get full access to all of Renderforest products, including website, video, and mockup templates.
Get started with the Renderforest logo maker for free.

Placeit Logos Design Template

​​​​4. Placeit: ​The ​Logos Design Template

Placeit was founded in 2012 and is part of the world's largest creative marketplace Envato (best known for ThemeForest & Elements).

It is an online design platform that allows you to create an excellent design, logo, video, mockup, and more using a growing library of over 42,000 smart templates.

Placeit Logo Maker helps individuals and companies to create their stunning custom logo for Any new brand or business industry using an ultimate logo library.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Resources)

Placeit logo design

   ✓ Simple interface.
   ✓ Easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
   ✓ Fully-customized and unique design.
   ✓ Unlimited revisions.
   ✓ 9000+ professional logo templates.
   ✓ Hundreds of graphic options for each logo template.
   ✓ 500+ animated logos for your gaming & sports team or Twitch stream.
   ✓ 100 + industries.
   ✓ Easy logo editing.
   ✓ Make an avatar logo.
   ✓ High-quality resolution files to download.

Placeit logo design

Placeit provides an affordable subscription that gives users access to all of their logo templates, including access to all mockups, designs, logos & video templates, costing $14.95 per month or $99.95 per year.

Choose from 4,600 customizable logo templates.
Start creating your logo today.

DesignEvo Custom Logo Builder

​​​​​5. DesignEvo: ​The ​Custom Logo Builder

​Founded in 2009, DesignEvo is a free online graphic design solution that lets small businesses, startups, and individual business owners create custom professional logos to use on websites, shirts, stationery, business cards, letterheads, and social media, and more.

designevo overview

​How does it work?

   1. Choose a Template from hundreds of professionally designedtemplates. Then enter the logo name and the slogan.​​​

   2. Add and adjust icons & shapes through millions available. Adjust the color, font, size, opacity, or flip it horizontally or vertically.
   3. Add and Edit Text: Logo name and slogan.
   4. Download your logo instantly.


DesignEvo provides awesome features that let you make an excellent logo:
   ✓ Free and simple to use.
   ✓ 10,000 Logo designs.
   ✓ Millions of professionally designed icons.
   ✓ 100 Stylish fonts.
   ✓ 34 Categories.
   ✓ Unlimited customization: Colors, Fonts, Backgrounds, Icons, Editor, Texts, and more.
   ✓ Unlimited edits to your purchased logo anytime.
   ✓ Vector Files.
   ✓ Cloud-Based Saving.
   ✓ High-resolution JPG and PNG.

DesignEvo offers 3 pricing packages that include different file formats and sizes: Free, Basic, and Plus.

designevo 3 Pricing Plans

All the DesignEvo packages are a one-time fee for the current logo project. Join Millions of DesignEvo users. Try it for free now.

TailorBrands Logo Design and Branding Tools

​6. ​TailorBrands: ​​Logo Design and Branding Tools

Founded in 2014, Tailor Brands is an online logo design and branding platform that empowers millions of businesses worldwide to create a unique professional logo design for their companies and brands using customized branding tools.

How to create a logo? 
   - Type in your name and industry;
   2 - Choose which style and design preferences you love;
   3 - Customize your predesigned logo to your liking;
   4 - Download your perfect logo.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

tailorbrands overview

Tailor Brands products include online logo maker, branding tools, and social tools:
- Branding tools: Branded Merch, Business Deck, Vector EPS, Business Cards, Holiday Logos, Presentations, Logo Editor, and Brand Book.
- Social Tools: Media size logo, Advanced Analytics, Design Posts Easily, Facebook Assets, and Scheduled Posts.

   ✓ Tailor brand logo maker and design studio.
   ✓ 73 industries' logo inspiration
   ✓ Digital Asset Management.
   ✓ Unlimited Revisions: change the font, color, size, and text.
   ✓ Dozens On-Brand Social Posts based on your logo.
   ✓ 21 resize versions for Social Profiles.
   ✓ AI tech ensures high-quality PNG and vector files.
Edit your Logo also after downloading.

Like Brandcrowd, Tailor Brands doesn't charge users for choosing and editing a ready-made logo. You pay when you decide to download the logo file.

tailorbrands pricing plans

Join millions of businesses that use Tailor Brands Logo Maker.  Design for free & purchase once you are satisfied.

Brandcrowd Easy-To-Use Logo Maker Tool

​​7. Brandcrowd: ​​​Easy-To-Use Logo Maker Tool

BrandCrowd is an online logo design platform that helps businesses create the perfect logo for any industry. It was founded in 2008 and is a partner company with the graphic design marketplace site DesignCrowd.

Customers can select a ready-made logo through thousands available from professional designers, customize it for free, and then purchase it.

BrandCrowd overview

   ✓ Easy-to-use.
   ✓ Professionally designed library.
   ✓ 29,693+ handcrafted logos.
   ✓ 22,000+ premium logo design.
   ✓ Range of different search categories.
   ✓ 100% customizable logo.
   ✓ Edit colors & fonts, add taglines ...

BrandCrowd categories

BrandCrowd does not offer a free trial. However, it doesn’t charge users to browse, select, and customize logo templates. You only pay once you decide to download the file.

Start making your logo for free!

Looka Free online logo maker

​8. ​Looka: ​​​​The Free Online Logo Maker

​Launched in November 2016, Looka (formerly Logojoy) is an advanced AI-Powered Logo Maker and website builder that lets small business owners design for their online store, blog, or business website, new brand logo designs, social media kits, business card designs, or brand info using customizable templates.

Looka overview

How does it work?
   1. Enter your business name and select logo styles, colors, and symbols to generate logo options.
   2. Choose your favorites from 100s of custom logo tailored to your business.
   3. Change logo design, colors, fonts, layouts, text, symbols, sizing, and spacing using the Looka logo editor to make a beautiful logo.
   4. Preview logo mockups to see what it looks like on business cards, T-shirts, and more.
   5. Download your files, including high-res PNGs and vector logo files.

Psychology meaning of color

Looka Psychology meaning of color

   ✓ Easy logo maker.
   ✓ Design your logo for free.
   ✓ 72 popular industries.
   ✓ 2,100+ logo design.
   ✓ Get 100s of cool logo ideas.
   ✓ Custom logo: Change, symbols, sizing, background variations, and more.
   ✓ Color variations option.
   ✓ Social media kit: Get 40 versions of your logo for Facebook or Instagram.
   ✓ Generate 19 professional business card designs with your logo.
   ✓ High-res file types include SVG, PNG, EPS & PDF.
   ✓ Post-purchase changes.
   ✓ Full copyright ownership: Royalty-free logos.
   ✓ Live chat and email support.

After customizing your logo design, Looka Logo Maker Platform will hit you with three separate pricing packages.
The Basic plan allows you to download one High-res PNG logo file for any online use for $20. Here are option details:

Looka pricing plans

Join over 5 million entrepreneurs in 188 countries that have trusted Looka's design platform and generated over 10 billion custom logos. Get started for free!

 LogoTypeMaker Online Logo Maker Platform

​9. LogoTypeMaker​​​​The Online Logo Maker Platform

LogoTypeMaker is an online logo maker platform that aims to help entrepreneurs worldwide create unique brand logos.

How to create a logo? 
   1 - Type in your brand name and category;
   2 - Choose a Logotypemaker template;
  3 - Personalize your logo in the logo editor. Change the color & the font, add shadow effects, custom gradient, cliparts, and more)
  4 - Download your beautiful logo.

Logotype Maker overview

The whole package of design services provided by Logotypemaker platform:
   ✓ Logo design .
   ✓ Online brand building helper.
   ✓ Inspiring logo ideas.
   ✓ Ads.
   ✓ Website and all social media.
   ✓ Clothing.
   ✓ Office supplies and mugs.
   ✓ Business cards and letterheads.
   ✓ Banners and signboards.
   ✓ Favicon.
   ✓ Customized logo guidelines.
   ✓ Unlimited modifications.
   ✓ Hight resolution file.
   ✓ Lifetime support.

logotypemaker overview

Like Brandcrowd & TailorBrand, Logotypemaker doesn't charge users for selecting and personalizing a logo. You pay when you like the logo.

Logotype Maker pricing plans

​Over  2,780,000  logos  was  created  with  LogoTypeMaker.  Create your logo now for free!

Freelogodesign logo

​​10. Free Logo Design

​FreeLogoDesign is an advanced HTML5 online logo maker that helps small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs create custom logo designs for their businesses or projects.

It offers various features like thousands of high-quality templates, user-friendly editor tools to customize your logo by editing color, shape, and font.

Since April 2015, more than 2 million business owners and entrepreneurs have trusted FreeLogoDesign solution for their logo creation.

Visit → Freelogodesign.org

Pixteller logo

​​11. PixTeller

​Founded in 2014, Pixteller is a graphic design platform to create logos, animated logos, graphic images, animated videos, Social Media design, posters, invitations, banners, flyers, covers, headers, video thumbnails, and more.

Pixteller offers free design tools to create, download, and share beautiful visuals using +134,000 pre-designed graphic templates, +158 premade animated video templates, 1,500,000+ Photos, 100,000+ Shapes, photo editor, and animation maker, and more inspiring features.

The PixTeller's free online logo maker will help you easily create your professional business brand using premade logo templates to customize from thousands of fonts, shapes, and colors.

Visit pixteller.com

Smashinglogo LOGO

​​1​2. SmashingLogo

​Launched in 2015, SmashingLogo is an online logo generation tool that lets  Small  businesses  and  entrepreneurs  make  beautiful  brand  logos with a modern and unique design.

It offers professional logo design automation and unlimited possibilities to  make  your  logo  unique:  A  huge  font  library,  hundreds  of  different patterns, and over 300 Pantone colors.

Visit → smashinglogo.com

Easil logo

​​1​3. Easil

Easil is the online design solution that enables businesses of all sizes to  create  custom  graphics  designs  using  1000s  of  professionally designed  templates,  free  graphic  elements,  1  Million+  free  stock images,  GIF Maker, and more advanced features.

Visit → about.easil.com

Turbologo  the  easiest  online  logo  maker services

​​1​4. Turbologo

​Founded in 2016, Turbologo is one of the easiest online logo maker services to create a quality custom logo design for business in few steps using a user-friendly editor, thousands of logo ideas and templates, and a collection of fonts & graphics.

The Turbologo logo maker is trusted by many large and small brands that create an infinite number of variants of their logos for free.

Visit Turbologo.ru

48hourslogo  the  affordable  online  crowdsourced logo  contest  platform

​​1​​5. 48hourslogo

​Launched  in  2010,  48hourslogo  is  an  affordable  online crowdsourced logo  contest  platform  used  by  more  than  40,000  small businesses  and  entrepreneurs  to  create  custom  logo  designs  using 19,875  logo  design  ideas  and  an  online  logo  design  contest  for  only $29.

8hourslogo  attracted  an  amazing  community  of  thousands  of talented freelance designers worldwide who have uploaded more than 3 million logos in the process.

Visit → 48hourslogo.com

LogoGarden logo

​​1​​​6. LogoGarden

​​Since 2011, LogoGarden has helped businesses in any industry create over 2 million custom logo designs using various design tools, 1000's brand symbols, hundreds of icons, colors, fonts, and editing
features online.

LogoGarden provides you the opportunity to Do-It-Yourself with the LogoGarden free logo maker or chooses the custom logo design service: Tell LogoGarden about your project, collaborate with your designer, and select the best logo to receive your logo files.

Visit logogarden.com

logo.com logo

​​1​​7. ​Logo.com

​Logo.com is a simple DIY logo maker & brand builder platform that has made,  edited,  and  customized  10M+  beautiful  logos  for businesses using a virtual logo graphic designer that combines thousands of icons, hundreds of fonts, logo styles, layout options, colors, and more.

Visit → Logo.com

Laughingbirdsoftware logo

​​1​​8. ​​ Laughingbird Software

​Since 2001, Laughingbird Software offers a graphic design and visual marketing tools store such as logo design software, cinemagraphs for professionals, motion graphics templates & elements, YouTube channel art templates, social media templates, 650 design elements pack, the ad creator templates, and more.

Visit Laughingbirdsoftware.com

Logonerds logo

​​1​​9. ​​​LogoNerds

​Logo  Nerds  is  an  online  logo  design  service   that  lets  small businesses worldwide get an affordable professional logo designed for under $27.

LogoNerds  also  offers  social  media  headers,  a  one-page  flyer, Brochure  design,  postcard  design,  web  banner,  Business  card design,  favicon, Ebook and software covers, and more services.

Visit → Logonerds.com

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