The Best 9 ​Drop-shipping Platforms for Your Business

​Drop-shipping Platforms

"​Opportunities like social media, crowdfunding, Amazon, funnel hacking, drop shipping, and other new technologies made it possible for anyone to start a business.”
― Ryan Daniel Moran

The Dropshipping business model is a retail fulfillment management method where the retailer purchases items from a manufacturer or wholesaler and has it shipped directly to another retailer, wholesaler, or a customer that has placed an order from an online store.

The vendor does not keep the products he sells in stock, manages a warehouse, packS and shipS orders, tracks inventory, handles returns, or manages stock level. As a result, he focuses primarily on marketing, advertising, online presence, and orders fulfillment.

Despite the low-profit margin, the high competition, shipping costs issues, product quality, and more disadvantages, the drop-shipping business attracts creating an online store. It is easy to launch with limited funds, has low overhead expenses, and provides a complete listing of products to sell.

Once a customer orders a product, the Dropshipping model automates the process between your online store, the manufacturer or the wholesale suppliers, and the customer.

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As an intermediary retail business model that allows you to sell an item through the merchant to the customer without keeping the product in stock, Dropshipping is legal from dropshipping suppliers/ wholesale marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, ChinaBrands, MegaGoods, Wholesale Central, and

The best way to build, manage, and market your dropshipping business is to use the right & most popular dropshipping service such as:

shopify free trial
​Drop-shipping Platforms/ ​​​​Alidropship logo: ​​AliExpress Drop-shipping

​1. ​​​Alidropship: AliExpress Drop-shipping

AliDropship is a web development platform and e-commerce site designer that creates e-commerce tools and software for entrepreneurs to launch tested drop-shipping web stores by selling AliExpress products in various niches.

It helps you create your drop-shipping store with the AliDropship plugin as an all-in-one WordPress drop-shipping plugin or buy a custom store, host your site with them, and start your drop-shipping business.

AliExpress is a part of the giant Alibaba Company from China. It allows individuals and businesses to purchase individual products for close to wholesale pricing.

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ ​​​​Alidropship review: ​​AliExpress Drop-shipping

The AliDropship Plugin connects with WordPress and WooCommerce stores and provides a list of tools to run your own drop-shipping business using automation, customization, marketing, and managing features:
    ✓ Professional AliExpress drop-shipping store.
    ✓ Unique design and theme.
    ✓ Drop-shipping software.
    ✓ 100% store ownership.
    ✓ Huge profit margins to set up.

    ✓ 100 million products from 100,000+ trusted suppliers.
    ✓ Option to add any new items.
    ✓ Free shipping available in 200+ countries.
    ✓ No extra fees or taxes.
    ✓ Services and lifelong support.
    ✓ And more.

Additionally; AliDropship offers three ready stores and the WordPress dropshipping plugin as follow:
   - Custom store: Starts from $299/ one-time payment.
   - Premium stores: Starts from $300/ one-time payment.
   - Established stores: Starts from $950/ one-time payment.
   - AliDropship plugin: One-time payment of $89.

The AliDropship hosting offers four pricing options that start at $48 per year and include free SSL.

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ ​​​​Alidropship pricing plans: ​​AliExpress Drop-shipping

Join over 50,000 AliDropship users worldwide and learn "How to start your successful dropshipping business with AliExpress/ Step-by-step instructions for newbies, expert advice, and best tools for AliExpress dropshipping +Bonus 25 hottest dropshipping niches for 2021. " 

Download AliDropship FREE step-by-step Guide.

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​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Dropified logo: ​​​The Dropshipping Business Automation

​2. Dropified: ​The Dropshipping Business Automation

​Launched in 2015, Dropified is a drop-shipping platform that helps sellers research products, connect with suppliers, load products into their stores, process orders, and many options to automate their online store.

How does it work? 
Just pick a hot selling product, drive traffic to your store, then let Dropified automate the rest.
    - Your customer places their order.
    - Dropified will place the order with your supplier and fulfill orders.
    - Your supplier will ship the product out.
    - Your customer’s receipt and tracking is emailed to them.

Dropified integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ, and GrooveKart.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing Toolbox PDF)

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Dropified review: ​​​The Dropshipping Business Automation

   - Automate every piece of your dropship business—from sourcing tofulfillment.
   - Search and add products to your store through about 100 stores.
   - Your customer orders are fulfilled at Aliexpress and eBay.
   - Easy Add and Ship Products.
   - Time Savings.
   - Earn More Money.
   - Automatically Update your product price' change.
   - Automatically update your inventory levels.
   - Shipping tracking.
   - Up to 25 sub-users.
   - Connect existing products.
   - Create product wish boards.
   - Manage your stores in one place.
   - Easy variant setup.
   - Create product bundles.
   - Expanding product offering.
   - Easily follow the training.

    ✓ Quickly add products to your online store from AliExpress and eBay.
    ✓ Automatically fulfill orders made from your store.
    ✓ Product Availability Updates.
    ✓ Dynamic Facebook Feeds.
    ✓ Easy Product Variant Setup.
    ✓ Filter tracking with e-pack.
    ✓ Product and Inventory Sync.
    ✓ 1-Click Add to Your Store.
    ✓ Edit Products on Upload.
    ✓ Product Customization.
    ✓ Save Original Product Information.
    ✓ 1-Click Save for Later.
    ✓ Import Product Reviews from Vendor.
    ✓ Bulk Editing of Products.
    ✓ Easy Vendor Change.

    ✓ Easy Multi-Vendor Per Product.
    ✓ Check for Product Videos.
    ✓ US Product Database.

    ✓ 1-Click Auto Fulfillment.
    ✓ Order Fulfillment Monitoring.
    ✓ View and Manage Store Orders.
    ✓ Easy Order Filtering.
    ✓ Save Shipping Options.
    ✓ AliExpress Captcha Solver.
    ✓ Easy Customer Updates.
    ✓ See Exact Dates on Orders Page.

    ✓ Download Product Images.
    ✓ Upload Custom Product Images.
    ✓ Easy Product Images.
    ✓ In-App Photo Editing.


    ✓ Free Support.
    ✓ Free Chrome Extension.
    ✓ Quick Default Settings;
    ✓ AliExtractor – AliExpress Research.
    ✓ Set Easy Automatic Margins.
    ✓ Advanced Training.

    ✓ TubeHunt: Find videos that relate to your market.
    ✓ Create a Toll-Free number to help grow your business.
    ✓ Quickly see net profit stats using Profit Dashboard.
    ✓ Google Product Feed.
    ✓ Manage Multiple Stores.

Dropified has an interesting pricing plan based on two packages. You can change your plan at any time directly in the Dropified dashboard as follow:

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Dropified pricing plans: ​​​The Dropshipping Business Automation

If you want to take a break, Dropified allows the option to pause your account for just $12 a month and they will keep all of your data.
Join over 45,000 Dorpified users. 
Start your free 14-day trial.

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​Drop-shipping Platforms/  Wholesale2B logo: ​​​The ​​Automated Drop-shipping Solution

​​3. Wholesale2B: ​The ​Automated Drop-shipping Solution

​​Wholesale2b is an automated drop-shipping service created in 2005 to offer entrepreneurs all their wholesale drop-shipping needs, inventory, order automation, store design, and hosting services to find great products at great prices and start their Dropship business.

Wholesale2b provides you the option to load products to your existing stores like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Weebly, and Ecwid, or to create a new store for you, including hosting, domain name, and more features.

Wholesale2b also offers dropship Apps that integrate dropshippers with your webstore, multiple marketplaces, and the largest e-commerce platforms.

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Wholesale2B review: ​​​The ​​Automated Drop-shipping Solution

This drop-ship service offers multiple plans and many automated solutions to help you sell drop-shipping products:
    ✓ Create a professional store.
    ✓ 240 auction design templates.
   ✓ Review over 1 million dropship products.
   ✓ Dropship Directory of 106 reputable wholesale suppliers.
    ✓ 100+ Drop-ship categories.
   ✓ Drop-ship with eBay, Amazon, Website, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and Weebly.

    ✓ Sync inventory, orders, and tracking.
    ✓ Unlimited order processing.
    ✓ Live chat support.
    ✓ And more.

Wholesale2b offers a lifetime free account limited to review the dropship suppliers and four customizable monthly or yearly pricing options with an unlimited number of orders:
   - eBay plan: $37.00.
   - Amazon plan: $37.00.
   - Website plan: $39.00.
   - Dropship CSV files plan: $49.00.
   - Dropship Analytics plan: $10.00.
   - Shopify App plan: $29.00.
   - BigCommerce App: $29.00.
   - WooCommerce App: $29.00.
   - Ecwid App: $29.00.
   - Weebly App: $29.00.

Signup for a free account  to join over 188,000 online entrepreneurs, review all Wholesale2b drop-ship products & pricing with no time limit.

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​Drop-shipping Platforms/ ​​Inventory Source logo: ​​​The ​​​Dropship Automation Solution

​​​4. ​Inventory Source: ​The ​​Dropship Automation Solution

Inventory Source is an inventory & order management system and a Dropship automation solution created in 2003 to help e-commerce retailers automatically browse the directory of dropship suppliers, upload products directly, sync supplier inventory, orders & shipment tracking using an online store, marketplace, or e-commerce platform.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Resources)

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ ​​Inventory Source review: ​​​The ​​​Dropship Automation Solution

Inventory Source offers the features that let you create a directory account, browse supplier product feeds, integrations, and automation tools:
    ✓ Free Dropship supplier directory.
    ✓ 230 pre-integrated suppliers.
   ✓ 25 E-commerce platforms integrations.
    ✓ Full product data upload.
   ✓ Integrated US Direct’s product catalog: over 200,000 trusted US dropship products.
    ✓ Sync dropship suppliers.
    ✓ Optimized inventory sync.
    ✓ Automatic order processing.
    ✓ Bulk feed management tools.
    ✓ 24/7 Support.
    ✓ And more.

Inventory Source offers a free drop shipper directory account and two paid options:
    - Inventory automation plan: $99/ per month.
    - Full automation plan: $150/ per month.

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ ​​Inventory Source pricing plan: ​​​The ​​​Dropship Automation Solution

Join thousands of resellers to get instant access to over 230+ dropship supplier directory.

Start your free 14-day trial.

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​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Salehoo logo: The Ultime Dropshipping Market Research Tool

​​​​5. Salehoo: The Ultime Dropshipping Market Research Tool

​Founded by Simon Slade and Mark Ling in 2005, SaleHoo is one of the largest wholesale directories & dropshipping services specially designed for eBay, Amazon & store owners that offer international contracts and global trading platforms between wholesalers and retailers.

SaleHoo is a powerful research tool and an online community for dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores that help them start and grow their online businesses by finding profitable, affordable, trending, and low competition products.

Salehoo review: The Ultime Dropshipping Market Research Tool

SaleHoo market research labs help dropshippers to find profitable products from verified suppliers who stock your chosen products:
    ✓ 8,000+ trusted wholesale suppliers.
    ✓ 1,000+ trusted dropship suppliers.
    ✓ 2,5 million products.
    ✓ Find hot-selling trends and in-demand products.
    ✓ Dozens of niche categories.
   ✓ Communicate with suppliers from your dashboard.
    ✓ Unlimited training.
  ✓ A community of 137,000 helpful members.
    ✓ 24/7 support: Unlimited phone, email, live chat, and Facebook support.
    ✓ And more.

SaleHoo offers annual and lifetime pricing options. Both of the plans below give you access to all directories and products:
    - Annual plan: $67.
    - Lifetime plan: $127

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Salehoo pricing plans: The Ultime Dropshipping Market Research Tool

Find your perfect product and supplier among 8,000 trusted wholesale suppliers and dropship companies.

Get instant access now.

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​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Worldwide Brands logo: ​The Oldest Wholesale Suppliers Directory

​​​​​6. ​Worldwide Brands: The Oldest Wholesale Suppliers Directory

Worldwide Brands is a Florida company founded by Chris Malta in 1999 for anyone looking to start a business in dropshipping and wholesale. It's the worldwide trusted wholesale product directory for online sellers of products on Amazon, eBay, an online store, to work directly with certified wholesalers.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing Toolbox PDF)

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Worldwide Brands review: ​The Oldest Wholesale Suppliers Directory

Worldwide Brands allow online sellers to search for top-level wholesale to find suppliers' products to sell on eBay or other online stores.
    ✓ Directory certified exclusively by eBay.
    ✓ Directory of wholesale distributors in every major category.
    ✓ 16+ Million Certified Wholesale Products.
    ✓ Certified Dropshippers.
    ✓ Lifetime access.
    ✓ Safe from retail scams: 100% certified wholesalers.
    ✓ Directory updated every week with new wholesalers.
    ✓ No hidden fees.
    ✓ Open to international sellers.
    ✓ Free dropshipping eBooks and videos.
    ✓ Support team.
    ✓ And more.

Worldwide Brands provides lifetime access to the largest wholesale directory for a one-time payment of $299 or immediate access to the full product by a recurring payment plan as follow:
    - 1st Payment Today: $99.00.
    - 2nd Payment: 30 days after purchase: $110.
    - 3rd Payment: 60 days after purchase: $110.

​Drop-shipping Platforms/ Worldwide Brands pricing plans: ​The Oldest Wholesale Suppliers Directory

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​Drop-shipping Platforms/ GrooveKart logo: ​The ​E-commerce Platform and Dropshipping

​​​​​​7. GrooveKart: The ​E-commerce Platform and Dropshipping

​GrooveKart is a simple and affordable e-commerce shopping cart and dropshipping solution that provides all the standard features online sellers need to sell products online.

GrooveKart offers a drag and drop builder, custom domains, reporting & analytics, a converting check-out template, customer lookup, shipping features, native apps, scarcity, social proof, reviews, coupon & discount, funnels, upsells, downsells, bumps, retargeting, analytics, and so much more.

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​Drop-shipping Platforms/ logo: ​The ​​WordPress Plugin for AliExpress Dropshipping

​​​​​​8. The ​WordPress Plugin for AliExpress Dropshipping

DropshipMe is a dropshipping store & free WordPress plugin that lets online sellers import 50,000 best-selling & and trusted AliExpress dropshipping products to their online WordPress store with optimized descriptions, titles, and images.

DropshipMe helps you to save time on product searching & editing and enjoy fewer refunds with selected suppliers by experts. You have to focus on your marketing strategies and tips.

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​Drop-shipping Platforms/ DropshippingStore logo: ​The ​​WordPress Plugin for AliExpress Dropshipping

​​​​​​​9. DropshippingStore: The ​WordPress Plugin for AliExpress Dropshipping is a dropshipping invoice solution for orders placed by online sellers on AliExpress and not shipped to the customer’s address directly.

This dropshipping tool is created by developers, designers, and marketers for your bookkeeping, administration, or any other purposes.

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