Best Freelance Service ​Marketplace For Businesses (With 10 Examples)

''​​Google's workforce has more freelancers than permanent employees. Fiverr has more than 7 million users, Upwork has 17M+ users, and has 31M+ users.'' 

 — ​www. ​​

Freelance Services Marketplace offers access to thousands of top-rated and skilled freelancers worldwide who are experts in hundreds of different categories to connect, collaborate, and get projects
realized professionally online.

The freelancer is an online writer, translator, programmer, video artist, SEO expert, graphic designer, digital marketer, or service provider, priced from $5 to more than $1000 per gig.

The freelancing community reviews system forces freelancers to post quality gigs, affordable prices, and deliver quality work to be highlighted and attract more new sales.

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These ​Freelance Services Marketplace are either the most popular & trusted services, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

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​​Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Peopleperhour, Odeskwork, and Guru are the most popular ​Freelance Services Marketplace. However, there are other best opportunities and resources for outsourcing online work with affordable pricing and great features to help you find, hire, and manage freelancers, like Toptal, TruelancerSeoclerk, Gunio, Bark, HireWriters, Tongal, and Freeeup.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Fiverr: ​The ​​Customer Experience Automation Platform

​1. ​​Fiverr: The ​​Customer Experience Automation Platform

Fiverr is the world's largest online freelance services marketplace. Founded in 2010, the company provides a platform for talented freelancers to offer digital freelance services in 250 categories to help entrepreneurs grow successful businesses at affordable prices, starting at $5.

This great platform allows employers to find talent for their projects from various fields of expertise, such as logo design, social media, SEO, translation, digital marketing, writing & translation, content creation, animation & more.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Fiverr Multi-Category Jobs

Multi-Category Jobs:
   ✓ Graphics and Design.
   ✓ Digital Marketing.
   ✓ Writing & Translation.
   ✓ Video & Animation.
   ✓ Music & Audio.
   ✓ Programming & Tech.
   ✓ Business.
   ✓ Lifestyle.
   ✓ Gaming.


   ✓ Buyers can get small tasks done quickly, cheaply, and safely.
   ✓ The easy legit user interface to use.
   ✓ Transparent and filtered seller search according to ratings and feedback of every freelancer.
   ✓ Private and effective communication between seller and buyer.
   ✓ Product categories/ searches.
   ✓ Freelance marketplace.
   ✓ Live chat with freelancers.
   ✓ Custom Offers.
   ✓ Multi-Category Jobs.
   ✓ Secure Payment Gateways.
   ✓ Secure Personal Details.
   ✓ Multi-Currency Support.

Get offers from professional freelancers through the Fiverr marketplace for your project in most industries, from copywriting to logo design, some for as little as $5. Visit

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Freelancer: ​​The Biggest Freelance Marketplace

​​2. ​​​​Freelancer: The Biggest Freelance Marketplace

​ was launched in 2009 by founder Matt Barrie. It is one of the biggest and popular freelance platforms and crowdsourcing marketplace of mobile app development, writing, web design, virtual assistance, and other business services.

Millions of independent professionals and competent specialists have completed more than 16 million projects through this platform.

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Freelance Services Marketplace/ Freelancer Over 1350 different categories

Many businesses worldwide post job ads for free at this crowdsourcing job marketplace and receive competitive bids from freelancers for free.

​Both the employer and freelancer pay an hourly or project fee, with the commission varying depending on the kind of projects and the parties' membership level.

Over 1350 different categories:
Here are some of the most popular projects to get to work done: PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, Mobile Apps, Photoshop, Logo Design, Article Writing, Data Entry, Internet Marketing, SEO, 3D Modelling, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Banner Design, Software Development, Accounting, Finance, Legal, Manufacturing, and Logistics.


   ✓ Ease of use.
   ✓ Millions of employers and freelancers.
   ✓ Over 1350 different categories.
   ✓ Browse professionals' portfolios and their profile reviews.
   ✓ Receive free bids from freelancers.
   ✓ Live chat with freelancers.
   ✓ Secure platform.
   ✓ 24/7 support. connects millions of employers and freelancers from over 247 countries. Join this giant of the freelance world:

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Toptal: ​​​The High-Skilled Marketplace

​​​3. ​​​​​Toptal: The High-Skilled Marketplace

​Toptal is a global remote freelancing platform that enables startups & enterprises to hire top talented freelancers, designers, software developers, finance experts, project managers, and product managers worldwide.

Toptal claims only to recruit the top 3% of all freelance talent to hire only elite independent contractors from all over the world and build an expert team for startups and leading companies in Silicon Valley, New York City, London, Germany, Japan, and more.

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Freelance Services Marketplace/ TOPTAL BENEFITS AND FEATURES

How Toptal Works
- Talk to one of the Toptal industry experts
- Work with the selected freelance talent for a trial period
- Start your engagement to realize your project.

Most In-Demand Talent

iOS Developers
Front-End Developers
UX Designers
UI Designers
Financial Modeling Consultants
Interim CFOs
Digital Project Managers
And many more.


Talented developers accepted after an interview.
List of professional teams.
Live chat with freelancers.
No-Risk Trial.
Toptal tech-blog/ Community.
Experts support.

Toptal is trusted by companies like Airbnb, Google, Disney, HP, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, and Zendesk.
Schedule a Call with a Toptal expert to connect with the top 3% of software engineers and designers.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Truelancer: ​​​The ​Great Freelance Platform

​4. ​​​​​​​Truelancer: The ​Great Freelance Platform

​Truelancer​ is an online global OnDemand freelance community that allows thousands of small businesses & entrepreneurs to hire for work freelance professionals across the globe in various categories like IT & programming, graphic design, content writing, marketing, sales, and many more.

Since launching in 2014, Truelancer recruits thousands of freelancers like developers, designers and creatives, bloggers and writers, SEO experts, sales and marketing, mobile apps developer, virtual assistants, and many other professionals.

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Freelance Services Marketplace/ truelancer features

- Browse freelancers’ pre-defined gigs, or post a project about your work.
- Find & hire the chosen candidate.
- Award & pay the finalized freelancer.
- Get your work and approve.

Truelance also has a contest-based crowdsourcing option similar to
DesignCrowd or 99designs services for mobile app design, logo design, web design, and more.

Truelancer providing all the necessary functionalities that assure offering high-quality services by their freelancers:
   ✓ Wide variety of jobs.
   ✓ Free quotes.
   ✓ Tools to finalize the candidate: Proposals, profiles of freelancers, reviews, and interviews.
   ✓ Your payment is on hold until the work is completed & approved by you.
   ✓ 100% money-back guarantee.
Customer Support.

Creating an account as a customer or freelancer is free of cost on
Join over 1 million freelancers.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Seoclercks: ​​​​SEO Services Marketplace

​​5. ​​​​​​Seoclercks: SEO Services Marketplace

​SeoClerks is an online SEO Marketplace that includes a community of experts, freelancers, and professionals committed to offering professional services and products like link building, art & design, social networks, graphics & logos, content & writing, and so much more for a small price.

Since  launching in 2011, the community's suggestions pushed SeoClercks to expand its services beyond SEO, offering a ''want to buy and want to trade'' section, where users can ask for anything.

The platform Seoclercks is owned by Ionicware inc that includes a group of freelancing companies in different categories.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Ionicware network stats

​​Ionicware network
   SEOClerks: SEO Marketplace.
   CodeClerks: Buy and sell any script.
   ListingDock: Buy and sell listing.
   PixelClerks: Expert graphic freelancers.
   WordClerks: Content writing services.

Ionicware network stats
   - Total users on Ionicware websites: 520,000 users
   - Total services listed on Ionicware marketplaces: 370,475 services.

   - Search bar based on various metrics like pricing from high to low, likes, views, rating, updated & new, completion time, and recommendations.
   - Pick from a category.
   - When you don't find your service, you can request what you need.
   - Instant messenger styled inbox to contact the seller.
   - Management panel to manage orders.
   - Secure and fast payment methods.
   - When your order is ready, you can accept it or decline it.
   - Leave feedback and rating.

With  more than 700,000 members, SeoClerks is featured on, GoDaddy UK, InvestorPlace, and many others.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ ​​​​​The Freelance Technical Platform

​6. ​​​​​​​ The Freelance Technical Platform

​Founded in 2011, is a freelance technical platform that allows hundreds of teams to engage talented freelancers from a community of developers to deliver technical projects.

Some freelance services include:
- Web applications.
- SAAS products.
- iOS apps.
- Android apps.
- MVP development.
- Project management.
- Desktop programs.
- UX strategy.
- Scripting.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Bark: ​​​​​The ​Professional Services Marketplace

​​7. ​​​​​​​​Bark: The ​Professional Services Marketplace

Bark is  a web-based services marketplace, launched in 2015, that matches customers with professional services like home & garden, health & wellbeing, weddings, & events, business services, lessons & training, and other services.

Bark aims to be the Amazon of services and rated as the top 10% of freelance platforms, according to the G2 Crowd review site.

Business Services: Web Design, Accounting, and Social Media Marketing.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ HireWriters: ​​​​​The Content Creation Service

​8. ​​​​​​​​​HireWriters: The Content Creation Service

Launched in 2012, HireWriters is an on-demand content creation service where you can find thousands of freelance writers that write articles and offer other services for your website at an affordable rate such as transcription, managed services, eBook creation, poetry and lyrics, data entry, and Facebook posts, and more writing tasks.

This freelance writing platform also connects freelance writers with clients that need services like rewriting/Proofreading articles, blog posting, ghost writing, product listings/descriptions, copywriting, and email swipe / Auto-responder series creation.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ Tongal: ​​​​​The ​​Online Creative Technology

​​9. ​​​​​​​​​​​Tongal: The ​​Online Creative Technology

Founded in 2009, Tongal is an online creative technology for content creation used by studios, brands, and talent worldwide.

It connects businesses with an online community of 160,000+ global independent creators, writers, animators, directors, and production companies.

Tongal's creative community creates digital advertising, original content, instructional videos, film, and other production projects.

Freelance Services Marketplace/ FreeUp: ​​​​​​The Online Freelance Marketplace

​​​10. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​FreeUp: The Online Freelance Marketplace

Established in 2015, FreeUp is an online freelance marketplace for content creators that allow you to request and hire pre-qualified freelancers at hourly prices or affordable fixed rates.

FreeUp aims to offer freelancing services from the Top 1% of thousands of online pre-vetted and skilled talents from web developers, customer support agents, customer service representatives to digital marketers, sales and marketing professionals, and much more.

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