Top 10 ​Tracking Software

​“​​Every marketer has to track any campaign'sperformance online in a better way to improve his conversions easily and efficiently.​”
― ​​

Spending so much on advertising your website, products, or services without using a tracking tool will be a waste of time and loss of money as well.

Tracking software plays a significant role in maximizing your ROI, helps you discover your link visitor's country, the device used (tablet, phone, or laptop, visits' time, monitoring new sales and sign-up, and so on.

That's why you needan excellent tracker toolto automate your business' process properly.

So, which tracking software/ platform is best for an affiliate marketer?
It's not that easy to make yourdecision from various tracking solutions available on the market.

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These platforms are either the most popular & trusted services, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

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Here's a quick overview of the most popular affiliate trackers available:

​ClickMeter is a Link Tracking, Affiliate Tracking, and Conversion Tracking

​1. ​ ​ClickMeter: Link Tracking, Affiliate Tracking, and Conversion Tracking

ClickMeter is a web-based professional service that enables big and small businesses to monitor, compare, optimize, and understand their marketing campaigns in one place through a full report that
increases the conversion rate.
It is loved by over 100,000 agencies, affiliates, advertisers, webmasters, bloggers, and publishers worldwide.

ClickMeter overview

Easy Set-Up & Use, Campaign Monitoring to choose what's working better, click fraud protection, real-time data sharing, and API integration.

ClickMete help you redirect, track, analyze, collaborate, integrate, and develop all your Social media, pay per click, banner ads, email marketing, affiliation, blog posting, mobile ads, and press releases' links related to more than 100 Features.

ClickMeter offers four pricing plans. All plans provide more than 100 features and are based on the number of events/ month, data points, and data storage. Give the details a look
   - Medium plan: 29$/ Month
   - Large plan: 99$/ Month
   - X-Large plan: 349$/ Month
   - Custom plan: Contact their

ClickMeter pricing plans
Voluum​ Real-Time Marketing Tracking Solutio

​​2. ​ Voluum: ​​The ​​Real-Time Marketing Tracking Solutio

Voluum is a Cloud-based and real-time marketing tracking solution designed by Codewise for marketers and agencies to track, manage, and optimize their ad campaigns in one analytics platform.

It helps you understand how successful your campaign has been and monitor & achieve your advertising activity's progress and profitability.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing Toolbox PDF)

Voluum The Real-Time Marketing Tracking Solution

- Real-Time Data Processing: Voluum provides instantaneous information about visits, clicks, conversions, revenue, cost, profit, ROI, campaigns, countries, traffic sources, and more.
- Robust Security: The platform is protected by high-grade encryption and strong authentication methods.
- Scalable Traffic: Voluum process data regardless of the volume of traffic. No data limits.
- Reporting API: You can use the API to connect reporting systems to your tracking application.
- Mobile Tracking: No matter where you are, keep yourselves up-to- date regarding your tracking efforts.

Voluum is a full-stack marketing platform for all your performance analytics, tracking, optimization, and media buying.
    ✓ Track: Direct tracking pixel, all traffic source & affiliate network templates, tracking domains with SSL, manual conversion upload, lander Protection Script, impression tracking, custom conversion tracking, multiple cost models, and manual cost update.
    ✓ Analyze: Extensive reporting, traffic Log (raw visit data), dashboard, multicurrency, data grouping & drilldown, mobile App, and reporting API.
    ✓ Optimize: Traffic distribution AI, A/B testing for flows, IP/UA filtering, real-time routing API, rule-based targeting, mobile and desktop notifications, and conversion cap.

    ✓ Scale: Anti-Fraud Kit, workspaces, listicle tracking, shared reports, and multi-user.


Voluum offers four SMB and enterprise pricing options for users to choose from. All plans have cloud-based tracking and automatic campaign migration from your old tracker:
- Discover plan: $69/mo. 3 Months of Data Retention, 20 active campaigns, and 1 Custom Domain.
- Profit plan: $149/mo. 6 Months of Data Retention, Unlimited Active Campaigns, and 3 Custom Domains/ SSL.
- Grow plan: $449/mo. 12 Months of Data Retention, Unlimited Active Campaigns, and 5 Custom Domains/SSL.
- Custom plan: Starting from $999/mo. Unlimited traffic tracking, fully customizable features & usage parameters. Before you sign up with this plan, contact sales via email or web form.

voluum pricing plans
ClickMagic The Online Tracking Tool

​​​3. ClickMagic: ​​​The Online Tracking Tool

​ClickMagick is a web-based click-tracking, rotator, and link manager technology that helps you track and optimize all your affiliate marketing and lead generation campaigns like a pro everywhere you advertise online, all in one place.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Resources)

ClickMagic​: ​​​​The Online Tracking Tool​

According to the ClickMagick website, there are over 120 different features, but I want to highlight the 10 most important features that the average internet marketer will want to use most often.
   ✓ Link Cloaking.
   ✓ 24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring.
   ✓ Automatic Bot Filtering.

   ✓ Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis.
   ✓ Custom Tracking Domains.
   ✓ Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization.
   ✓ Effortless Conversion Tracking.
   ✓ Automated & Intelligent Split Testing.
   ✓ Multi-Mode Link Rotators.
   ✓ Add 4 Types Of Pop-Ups To any Link.
   ✓ Add Content & Notification Bars To any Link.
   ✓ Add A Countdown Timer To any Link Or Page.
   ✓ Add Retargeting Pixels To any Link.
   ✓ Dynamic Affiliate Links.
   ✓ Advanced Postback URL Tracking.
   ✓ Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passing.
   ✓ Facebook Sharing - Custom Title, Description & Image.
   ✓ True Real-Time Stats.
   ✓ Google Analytics Compatible.
   ✓ Lightning-Fast Link Redirects.
   ✓ Easy-To-Navigate Detailed In-Depth Stats.
   ✓ Public Stats Sharing.
   ✓ Import & Export Your Data & Stats.
   ✓ New Features Monthly Based On User Feedback.
   ✓ Growing Tutorial & Training Video Library.
   ✓ Fanatical US-Based Support Team.
   ✓ Superior Speed & Accuracy.
   ✓ Fanatical 1-Hour Support.

ClickMagick proposes three pricing options. All plans offer a 14-day free trial, and if you decide ClickMagick is right for you, it's easy to select a plan to start optimizing your marketing.
   - Starter Plan: $27 per month.
   - Standard Plan: The most popular plan/ $67 per month.
   - Pro Plan: $97 per month.

ClickMagick pricing plans

You can use all of ClickMagick's profit-boosting features for a full 14 days to witness it yourself and see why marketers are switching to this platform to increase the conversion and the revenue.
Try ClickMagick for 14 Days FREE to know what’s working and what’s not.

Adsbridge The Global Tracking Affiliate Platform

​​4. Adsbridge: ​​The Global Tracking Affiliate Platform

​Founded in 2013, AdsBridge is one of the most trusted global tracking affiliate platform designed for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and all types of businesses to track, manage, analyze, optimize, and monetize marketing campaigns and activities, with multi-user access, real-time stats, landing pages, conversion tracking and more, in one single platform across 160 countries on six continents.

Track technology: Launch winning ad campaigns and monetize your traffic effectively.
Manage: Control all your ad campaigns by collecting vast volumes of rich click-forward data.
Analyze: Split-test the performance' reports to know what's work and what needs to be changed based on key performance indicators.
Optimize: Improve the performance of your ad campaigns with a secure SaaS platform.
Monetize: Good mechanism of fraud traffic detection to save your ad budget.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

Adsbridge: ​​​​The Global Tracking Affiliate Platform​

Adsbridge provides a large scope of options and advanced technologies to increase your advertising campaigns' profitability in affiliate marketing.
   ✓ Multi-user mode: When you have too much work to do, you can have a multi-user mode, which allows you to work under several accounts.
   ✓ Targeting tool: Target your audience based on some specific criteria like location, device, traffic source, etc.
   ✓ Real-time statistics: 4 sections statistics: global report, conversion report, edit conversion, and manage reports.
   ✓ Onelink CPA platform: This is a platform that helps to create CPA-network.
   ✓ SSL protected in AdsBridge.
   ✓ Bots Filtering: Track and filter unwanted traffic.
   ✓ Split testing: Evaluate the website performance by determining the profitable ad type, the attracting banners, and what ad text motivates customers to convert.

   ✓ Link tracking: monitor the number of clicks and conversions and determine where the traffic is coming from and where it goes.
   ✓ Landing page builder: Design an attractive LP to boost the advertising process and sell.
   ✓ Ad tracking: Collect traffic statistics, from the traffic source to the offer to manage traffic flows and target it perfectly.
   ✓ Conversion tracking: Determine which ads are beneficial and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of ads spent via S2S postback and Pixel.
   ✓ URL rotator: Add various offers to be advertised in the specified' traffic percentage (not more than 100) to distribute traffic as efficiently as possible.
   ✓ PPC tracking: Monitor and evaluate the productiveness of PPC by obtaining indicators and factors like impressions, visits, conversions, ROI, and more.
   ✓ URL masking functionality: For confidentiality and data security, you can hide the site's actual domain name from the curious managers of affiliate networks and show the domain that you specified as the domain for hiding the link.
   ✓ Pixel tracking: This is the way to track conversions by adding the ready-made tracking pixel code to the offer’s page (iFrame pixel, Image pixel, JS pixel, and S2S postback)
   ✓ Anti-fraud detection' technology: This artificial intelligence allows you to define fraudful visits/clicks/ conversions in real-time. (Frequent events, Data centered, Fake timezone, Misleading language, Unrecognized
devices, Fast clickers, Library robots, Unrecognized user agent, Without referer, and Unsupported OS versions)

AdsBridge proposes four pricing plans that offer a 14-day free trial. 

   - Starter plan: $29.00/month/user/ 100.000 visits limit per month.
   - Professional plan: $89.00/month/user/ 1.000.000 visits limit per month.
   - Advanced plan: $199.00/month/user/ 4.000.000 visits limit per month.
   - Bisiness plan: $379.00/month/user/ 10.000.000 visits limit per month.

Adsbridge pricing plans
RedTrack The Ad Tracking Platform

​​​5. RedTrack:​ The Ad Tracking Platform

​Founded in 2015, RedTrack is a cloud-hosted ad tracking platform and digital advertising data solutions that provides data analytics and campaign optimization solutions for affiliates, Ad agencies, media- buyers, and advertisers.

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RedTrack:​ The Ad Tracking Platform

   ✓ Ad Tracking for impressions, clicks, and conversions.
   ✓ Affiliate/ Publisher tracking: Tracking, reporting, and white-label.
   ✓ Tracking automation: Automated cost updates, steam optimization, and rules and notifications.
   ✓ Impression tracking: Precise data, robust performance, and flexible application.
   ✓ Click tracking: Track & monitor, redirect and Test, analyze & report.
   ✓ Conversion tracking: Flexible tracking, robust reporting, and versatile postbacks.
   ✓ Custom solutions: Scale, integrations, and features.
   ✓ Fraud-report: Click checker, advanced report, and anti-fraud protect.

RedTrack offers users to choose from four affordable pricing plans: 

Basic, Pro, Team, and Agency.

RedTrack pricing plans

Join hundreds of industry professionals who rely on Try RedTrack for 14 Days FREE.

improvely The Web-Based Tracking Platform

​​​​6. Improvely:​ The Web-Based Tracking Platform

​Improvely is a web-based tracking platform to track, test, and improve your online advertisements & campaign results, protect your advertising budget, and boost your revenue. It is loved by thousands of companies, freelancers, startups, SMEs, and large agencies worldwide.

Improvely is the best tool for paid advertising campaigns and clicks fraud monitoring. It works everywhere you advertise online: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Taboola, Twitter Ads, Adroll, and more.

​Improvely:​ ​The Web-Based Tracking Platform​

   ✓ Advanced conversion tracking, conversion attribution, and traffic report from all your online marketing in one place.
   ✓ Optimize Your Marketing: Identifies the source of every signup and sale.
​  ✓ Built-In Click Fraud Monitoring: Detect suspicious activity and get alerted to protect your advertising budget.17-29% of clicks on paid ads are fraudulent. Block and stop paying for fraudulent clicks (17-29% of ads are fraudulent).

   ✓ Professional Conversion Tracking for Super Affiliates: Track commission sources, protect your Ads & keyword lists, cloak your affiliate links, and Integrate with dozens of affiliate networks & programs.
   ✓ Meet your best customers: Improvely shows you the real users' activity profile to know your most valuable customers and find more.
   ✓ Work with your team & your clients: Improvely allows you to work individually, with a team, or with your clients.
   ✓ Always be up-to-date as visitors interact with your site.

Improvely offers four reasonably priced plans for online marketers. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.
   - Freelancer plan: $29/mo/ 10,000 visits tracked per month + 1 Team member
   - Startup plan: The most popular plan. $79/mo/ 50,000 visits tracked per month + 3 Team members.
   - Small Agency: $149/mo + 100,000 visits tracked per month + Unlimited team members.
   - Large Agency: $299+/mo + 250,000+ Visits tracked per month + Unlimited team members.

improvely pricing plans
BeMob Traffic Tracking Solution

​​​​​7. ​BeMob:​ The Traffic Tracking Solution

BeMob is cloud-based traffic tracking for ad campaigns' management that helps manage ad campaigns, identify the most profitable traffic sources, measure landing page performance, and provide detailed real-time reports.

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BeMob:​ The Traffic Tracking Solution​

   ✓ Sixth sense technology: Analyze your advertising campaigns automatically for audience optimization & scaling and revenue increasing. BeMo tracker analyzes more than 2000 combinations of parameters and selects the most effective and profitable by revenue, CTR, and ROI.
   ✓ Real-time statistics and data reporting.
   ✓ Landing pages testing.
   ✓ Secure Cloud - Hosted Tracker.
   ✓ Cloud-based technologies.
   ✓ Traffic tracking & optimization and distribution system: Apply over 15 parameters to manage your traffic.
   ✓ Mobile tracking.
   ✓ Mobile traffic tracking.
   ✓ Instant redirects.

   ✓ Custom redirect domains.
   ✓ Manual Bot Blacklisting.
   ✓ Timely Updates.
   ✓ High Data Quality and Actuality.
   ✓ Professional technical support service.
   ✓ Email notifications.


Bemob pricing plans

BeMob offers 1 000 000 free lifetime promo events to use when the plan’s included events limit is exceeded! Start your 30 - day trial now.

Binom Affiliate Tracking Platform

​8. ​​Binom:​ The ​Affiliate Tracking Platform

Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform designed for professional affiliate marketers that help you track and manage your affiliate operations without any redirects.

Binom​:​ ​​The ​Affiliate Tracking Platform


   - Eliminate racking errors like slow redirects (Click processing time is 5 ms).

   - Payment doesn't depend on the amount of traffic.
   - Speed of report.
   - Unlimited clicks and domains.
   - Group Campaign Reports.
   - updates every month.
   - Good user interface.
   - Team functionalities: multi-user system.
   - The support' average response time is 2 minutes.

   ✓ A smart rotation: Send users to offers which they haven’t seen yet, and flexibility to send traffic fromone campaign to another and to specific landing pages.
   ✓ Profitable Reports: Instantly High-speed reports, powerful filter system, more than 20 analytical reports & advanced data points, group reports, statistics on paths, rules, and rotations, marking rows, report on uniqueness and bots, bid grouping.
   ✓ Fast and comfortable campaign optimization with the help of smart filters and quick access to all reports.
   ✓ Learn everything about your traffic: Tracking of 20 click metrics, LP Pixel, Unlimited Domains, Landing Page Metrics, Integrated Landings, and Event system.
   ✓ Organization: The best choice for teams.
   ✓ Fully control the tracker through API.
   ✓ Tracking: 30 click parameters, work without redirects, improved postback, transfer conversions to the source, import click cost from the traffic source, updating costs, unlimited Additional Domains, and conversion statuses and upsell.
   ✓ Superior support service who also install manages your server.


Binom pricing plans
CPVLab Pro The Self-Hosted Tracking Platform

​​9. ​CPVLab Pro:​ The Self-Hosted Tracking Platform

​CPVLab Pro 5.0 is the new updated and improved version of the secured web-based self-hosted tracking platform, designed for merchants, affiliates, advertisers, and agencies. It can track, test, and optimize all of your marketing campaigns across multiple traffic sources with an all-in-one Central Platform to improve your Revenue and ROI.

CPVLab Pro​​:​ ​​​The Self-Hosted Tracking Platform​


   - Easy to Use & Integrate.
   - Self-Hosted & Secure.
   - Track & Optimize Everything.
   - Heavy Traffic Rea.
   - Enterprise-Class Mobile Data.
   - Live Switch Technology.

   ✓ Detailed “Lab Stats” & Reports.
   ✓ Bot Detection.
   ✓ Trends with Heatmaps.
   ✓ GEO-Stats and Details.
   ✓ Useful API.
   ✓ Complete Pixel and Postback Management.
   ✓ Unlimited Ads & Creatives.
   ✓ Custom Tokens.
   ✓ Mobile Audience Overview.
   ✓ Mobile Device Usage Data.
   ✓ Controlled Internal Linking.
   ✓ Integration with all major traffic sources and offer sources.
   ✓ Support for Parallel Tracking from Google Ads.
   ✓ Unlimited Page & Offer Rotation.
   ✓ Bot Traffic Tracking and Blocking.
   ✓ MV Lab: the new multivariate testing tool.
   ✓ Update Exact CPC/CPV Per Keyword/Target or Ad.
   ✓ Cloaking Options.
   ✓ Redirect Methods & Hiding/Blanking/Faking referrers.
   ✓ Engagement Metrics.


Clixtrac​​:​ ​​​The ​Tracking Service and URL Redirection​

​​​10. ​Clixtrac:​ The ​Tracking Service and URL Redirection

​Clixtrac is a useful free tracking service and URL redirection in one place that allows you to track, in real-time, URL links, Banner Ads, and Text Ads to see which ads to keep and which ads to discontinue.

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