​Exploring the Top Seller Ratings and Product Reviews Platforms

​“​​The buyer needs a hundred eyes, the seller not one.”
― ​​George Herbert

​Consumers are looking for product & services' quality and also want to feel confident about the seller.

Google seller ratings and product reviews are based on 5 stars that appear under product listings in Google Shopping and Google Search based on customer reviews, including your site reviews and third-party review aggregators.

While seller ratings focus on your brand feedback, product ratings are all about the items you sell.

Product ratings help people find businesses that offer quality services. Seller ratings help them choose reputable retailers to buy from. On the other hand, it allows businesses to get more qualified leads.

The benefits of reviews:
   - Improve your brand's awareness and show your brand's number of stars and reviews on organic search listings, Google shopping listings, as well as Google search.
   - Make your goods stand out among your competitors.
   - Increase CTRs.
   - Build trust in products and services asmuch as personal recommendations.
   - Increase conversions.
   - Provide social credibility to interested customers.

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​Therefore, we have selected the best available seller ratings and product reviews sources in the market that let you build an excellent reputation and earn more qualified leads from reputable sources like:

  • Brand24: Social Media Monitoring Tool.
  • Nicejob: Reputation Marketing Platform.
  • Boast: Video Testimonial Management Solution.
  • Outgrow: Custom Interactive Quizzes Platform.
Brand24 Social Media Monitoring Tool

​1. ​ ​Brand 24: ​The ​​Social Media Monitoring Tool

Brand24 is a cloud-based social media monitoring tool that allows small & medium businesses to identify, track, and analyze online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors through mentions across social media platforms, news sites, blogs, videos, forums, reviews, and more.

Brands 24 was founded in 2011 to get customers' insights & alerts, improve their satisfaction, respond to dissatisfied customers, and grow sales.

Brand 24: ​​The ​​Social Media Monitoring Tool


​   Mentions Feed.
​   Discussion Volume Chart.
​   Marketing Analytics.
​   Influence Score.
​   Sentiment Analysis.
​   Alerts.
​   Data Exporting.
​   Filtering.
​   Automated reports.
​   Hashtag tracking.
​   Mobile App.
​   Slack Integration.
​   Social Media Reach.
​   Connect Facebook and Instagram to Brand24 account.
​   Live chat customer support.

​Brand 24 provides ​4 subscriptions
. ​It offers ​14 day free trial.
​   - Individual plan plan: $99/ mo/ ​For tracking a small brand.
​   - ​Team plan: $179/ mo/ ​Ideal for startups and small businesses.
​   - Pro​ plan/ Max plan: $249/ ​Ideal for growing businesses and small agencies.
​   - ​Enterprise plan: $499/ ​Ideal for enterprise businesses and large agencies.

Get customer insights, track your competitors, protect your reputation and more. Join over 100.000 brands from 110 countries that use Brand24 to monitor the web.

Get started with a ​14-day free trial.

NiceJob Reputation Marketing Platform

​​2. ​NiceJob: ​​​Reputation Marketing Platform

​Founded in 2013, NiceJob is a reputation management tool that helps businesses get more reviews, referrals & sales online and build an excellent reputation across social platforms.

NiceJob also offers other products like Engage (Social Proof), Convert (Increase conversion rate), and Add-ons.

Automate your online marketing by connecting NiceJob to 1,000 apps like FieldPulse, Housecall Pro, Intercom, Jobber, Markate, Quickbooks, ResponsiBid, SendJim, ServiceMonster, Zapier, and Zendesk.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing Toolbox PDF)

NiceJob: ​​​​Reputation Marketing Platform

   ✓ Lead generation microsite.
   ✓ Reputation management.
   ✓ Review monitoring.
   ✓ Get Google & Facebook reviews.
   ✓ Connect 10 review channels.
   ✓ Send review invites.
   ✓ Use your reviews to win sales.
   ✓ Website publishing.
   ✓ SMS review invites.
   ✓ Win 3x more reviews.
   ✓ Automate your review invites.
   ✓ Facebook marketing.
   ✓ Smart review distribution.
   ✓ Custom campaign templates.
   ✓ Fan journey insights.
   ✓ Photo SMS messages.
   ✓ Premium integrations.
   ✓ Custom reviews using photos, comments, and tags.
   ✓ Email, phone, and live chat support.


​NiceJob offers two pricing plans based on the number of customers: 1-2500/ 2501-5000/ 5001-10000/10001+.
Example for 1-2500:
   - Lite plan: $ 45/m.
   - Standard plan: $ 75/m.

NiceJob pricing plans

​Join over 4,500 companies that trust NiceJob. Try it free for 14 days​.

Boast the Video Testimonial Management Solution

​​​3. ​ ​Boast:​ Video Testimonial Management Solution

​Founded in 2013, Boast​ is an all-in-one online video testimonial management solution that helps you request, collect, manage, review, approve, and display video testimonials, surveys, online reviews, employee feedback and more, from your customers' iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Boast allows you to improve your reputation, increase engagements, and also provide SEO value & drive more traffic to your site.

Don't miss this critical factor to influence a buying decision. Utilize a video testimonial service to capture and show customers' praise from your website or mobile device.

Boast works with platforms like Google Analytics and MailChimp, and allows you to collect and display testimonials on your existing marketing channels like Youtube, WordPress plugin, and Facebook.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Resources)

Boast Video Testimonial Management Solution

​​   ✓ Boast Mobile Apps.
​​   ✓ Feedback kiosk apps.
​​   ✓ Testimonial Collection Form & Star ratings.
​​   ✓ Edit & organize testimonials.
​​   ✓ Testimonial Display Widget.
​​   ✓ Boast Kiosk Mode.
​​   ✓ Stats for Submissions & Views.
​​   ✓ Video, audio & text testimonials.
​​   ✓ HD video collection.
​​   ✓ Conditional thank you messages.
​​   ✓ Weekly request reminders.
​​   ✓ Testimonial ratings.
​​   ✓ Download testimonials.
​​   ✓ Testimonial statistics.
​​   ✓ Integrations.
​​   ✓ Multiple users through the professional and premium plans.
​​   ✓ Phone, chat, and email support.

​Boast offers four determined features & pricing subscriptions and two customizable pricing plans after contacting Boast customer service.

Outgrow Custom Interactive Quizzes and Calculators

​​4. ​ ​Outgrow: ​​​Custom Interactive Quizzes and Calculators

​Founded in 2015, Outgrow is a cloud-based interactive content marketing platform that enables digital marketers to create high-converting interactive calculators & quizzes to acquire qualified leads & revenue and generate referral traffic.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

​Outgrow: ​​​​Custom Interactive Quizzes and Calculators

​Outgrow's interactive content lets you get new customers using Calculators, Quizzes, Chatbots, Surveys, and Forms.
​   ✓ Over 1000 Integrations with sales & marketing tools.
  ✓ Variety Of Tools: Calculators, Quizzes, Assessments, Recommendations, Polls, Chatbots, Giveaways, and Forms/Surveys.

  ✓ Layouts optimized for conversion, engagement, multiple screen sizes, different browsers, and share rates.
  ✓ Custom Branding: Your logo, colors, images, icons, fonts, and style.
  ✓ Conditional Messaging
  ✓ Create complex formulas
  ✓ Custom graphs and charts
  ✓ Embed formes: Full Screen, Iframe Embed, Popup, and Embed as a Chatbot.
  ✓ Teams collaboration.
  ✓ Agency Accounts.
  ✓ Analytics & Tracking.
  ✓ SSL Secure.
  ✓ 24/7 expert support team.
  ✓ Live chat support.

​Outgrow has 5 different pricing plans:
   - Freelancer plan: $14/ mo for quiz only, 12,000 leads per year, 1 member, 3 templates & Layout, and more features.
   - Freelancer plan: $25/ mo for Quiz, Calc, and Ecom, 12,000 leads per year, 1 member, 4 templates & Layout, and more features.
   - Essentials plan: $95/ mo for all types of content, 90,000 leads per year, 3 team members, all templates & layouts, and more features.
   - Business plan: $600/ mo for all types of content, 600,000 leads per year, 10 team members, all templates & layouts, full access to charts, tables & graphs, and more advanced features.
   - Enterprise & agency plans: Contact Outgrow for grade features.


​Boost your marketing with highly converting interactive calculators, quizzes, polls, and chatbots. Start your 7-day free trial.


The importance of seller ratings and product reviews in the online marketplace is summarized in-depth in this article. It emphasizes how crucial these components are in assisting customers in making knowledgeable decisions regarding both products and vendors. The advantages of reviews are underlined, including improved brand recognition, the development of trust, and higher conversion rates.

The systems listed in the post cover a wide range of reputation management needs, from social media monitoring to creating interactive content and video testimonials. Each platform's main attributes, pricing options, and description are all given in brief.

Overall, this article is a great resource for companies looking to manage seller ratings and product reviews effectively in order to improve their online visibility, reputation, and consumer engagement. It provides readers with actionable insights and recommendations for selecting the right platforms to achieve their goals in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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