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​“​Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price.”
― ​Lauren Freedman

Even in today's digital world and the expansion of live chat software and chatbots, customers often prefer the human' immediacy and familiarity of phone support when contacting customer service.

While it's often a great way to builds trust between a customer and customer service agent, managing phone support can become an increasing challenge for growing businesses with a large customer base
and sales team.

Therefore, it may become necessary to employ great phone support for customers; you'll need the best call center software depending on your service team's specific needs and how you plan to use it.

These days the center phone systems provide email support, live chat facilities, and social media integrations to make you and your team more connected, focused, and productive.

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​To choose the right tool that will fit your particular business needs, check out this variety of the best call center software providers:

Grasshopper Virtual Phone System

​1. ​ Grasshopper: ​The ​Virtual Phone System

Acquired LogMeIn in 2018, Grasshopper is a virtual business phone system that can help entrepreneurs and small to midsize businesses organize & manage their calls online remotely using an app available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

Best for: Healthcare Providers, Franchise Owners, Real Estate Agents, Consulting Professionals, and Service Providers.

Types of memorable & professional numbers for your business: Get a toll-free number, a vanity number, a local number, or port your current phone number for free.

Grasshopper the Virtual Phone System

With the great features offered by Grasshopper's virtual phone system, you will be able to provide extensions for each employee on your team.
    Phone Calls.
    Business Texting, custom greetings, on-hold music, and more.
    Auto-texting for missed calls.
  Video & audio conferencing and screen sharing with

  Call history to follow-up on missed calls.
  Read voicemail transcriptions.
  Call forwarding.
  VoIP and wifi calling.
  Voicemails transcription.
  24/7 US-based support.
  Live chat support.

Grasshopper System is available in three service plans and Grasshopper Connect System in an individual plan.
   - Grasshopper package:
      . Solo plan: $26/mo/ 1 Number & 3 extensions.
      . Partner plan: $44/mo/ 3 Number & 6 extensions.
      . Small Business plan: $80/mo/ 5 Number & unlimited extensions.
   - Grasshopper connect plan: $35/mo/ 1 Number, email, text, and phone integration.

Nextiva Business Phone System Provider

​​2. ​Nextiva: ​​The ​Business Phone System Provider

Founded in 2006, Nextiva is a cloud-based VoIP phone system provider that enables businesses to work remotely with voice, text messaging, video conferencing, CRM, live chat, and online surveys in one platform on iOS, Android, or desktop.

Nextiva business phone system solutions are offered to small & medium businesses and enterprise businesses with exclusive features & functionality.

As a connected communications leader, Nextiva was awarded by G2 Crowd as the 'Easiest to Use' VoIP app in the industry.

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Nextiva review Business Phone System Provider

Nextiva offers an extensive suite of products, including:
​   - Business Phone Service.

   - Small Business Phone Service.
   - Small Business VoIP.
   - VoIP Call Center.
   - VoIP Phones.
   - Sales Pipeline CRM.
   - Customer Service CRM.
   - Customer Surveys Software.
   - Live Chat Software.

VoIP Features
With robust features, Nextiva is an excellent choice for companies focused on growing their customer experience:
   ✓ HD VoIP Phone Service.
   ✓ Nextiva App for iOS and Android.
   ✓ Unlimited Calling in North America.
   ✓ Unlimited Business Text Messaging.
   ✓ Unlimited Online Faxing.
   ✓ Unlimited Web Conferencing.
   ✓ Instant Messaging.
   ✓ Keep Your Existing Number with Number Porting.
   ✓ Free Local Phone Number.
   ✓ Free Toll-Free Number.
   ✓ Extension Dialing Number Change.
   ✓ Auto Attendant.
   ✓ Advanced Call Management.
   ✓ Advanced Call Routing.
   ✓ Call Analytics.
   ✓ Do Not Disturb Mode.
   ✓ Voicemail.
   ✓ Voicemail Greetings.
   ✓ Voicemail Forwarding.
   ✓ Voicemail to Email.
   ✓ Voicemail to Text.
   ✓ VoIP Caller ID.
   ✓ Call Screening.
   ✓ Call Recording & Rating.
   ✓ Call Park.
   ✓ Call Forwarding.
   ✓ Three-Way Calling.
   ✓ Conference Bridge.
   ✓ Call Queuing.
   ✓ Call Presence.
   ✓ Call Pulling.
   ✓ Call Transfer.
   ✓ Call Notify.
   ✓ Anonymous Call Rejection.
   ✓ Push to Talk.
   ✓ Priority Alerts.
   ✓ Custom Ringback.
   ✓ Custom Music on Hold.
   ✓ VoIP Switchboard.

   ✓ Hosted PBX Phone System.
   ✓ SIP Trunking.
   ✓ VoIP Desk Phones.
   ✓ Nextiva Softphone.
   ✓ Conversational AI.
   ✓ Email and live chat support.


Nextiva offers three pricing packages related to Business Phone Service, Sales & Service CRM, and Collaboration & Video that differ in price and features. Nextiva offers a free trial. There is no free version.

Nextiva pricing plans

Join more than 150,000 businesses currently using Nextiva's telephone and other technology services, including top customers: Taco Bell, Shelby American, Buffalo Bills, Conan O’Brien, Barstool Sports, and DirectBuy. Start your free trial today.

RingCentral The Cloud Communications Solution

​​​3. ​ RingCentral: ​​The Cloud Communications Solution

Ringcentral's cloud communications solution is an advanced global phone system created in 2003 for all types of businesses that allows users to make and receive calls through the internet with integrated video conferencing, team messaging, contact center, and more.

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Ringcentral The Cloud Communications Solution

Communicate, collaborate, and connect the most popular apps and integrations related to Al, analytics, Automation, Bots & notifications, calendaring, collaboration, CRM, customer support, developer tools, education, ERP, Fax, financial services, healthcare, marketing automation, productivity, retail, SMS, speech, storage and more.

   ✓ Cloud phone system: Choose a phone number, install Ringcentral apps on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, and improve communications with local numbers, call forwarding, Call Flip, and more.
   ✓ Audio and video meetings: Hight HD-quality web, audio, and video. Video conferencing, Audion conferencing, Cloud telepresence, and Webinar.
   ✓ Messaging: Work better together with team messaging, file sharing, Business SMS and MMS, tasks, and more.
   ✓ Security: Secure VolP service, Single Sign-on, Datacenter overview, and Roles and permissions.
   ✓ Analytics portal and reporting tools: Advanced call management system and analytics. Analytics portal, Performance reports, QoS reports, and Live reports.
   ✓ RingCentral app for mobile and desktop makes the transition between phone calls, video meetings, and team chats.

The RingCentral pricing scheme is based on the number of users, phone calls, audio meetings, video conferencing, a toll-free or local number, Voicemail-to-text, internet fax, and automatic call recording.

It offers four plans: Essentials (From $19.99 monthly per user), Standard (From $24.99 monthly per user), Premium (From $34.99 monthly per user), and Ultimate (From $49.99 monthly per user).

Ringcentral pricing plans
Freshcaller Phone System & Call Center Software

​​4. ​ Freshcaller: ​​The ​Phone System & Call Center Software

Freshcaller is a cloud-based modern phone system & call center software founded by Freshworks in 2011 to help businesses of all sizes set up IVR, inbound caller ID, desktop notifications, call notes, Voicebots, custom greetings, customizable performance reporting, call metrics, and more. 

Freshcaller is easy to set up and offers local and international phone numbers in 90+ countries.

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freshcaller overview Phone System & Call Center Software

Freshcaller has a phone system for businesses that enable their phone teams to work from home or remotely using a wide range of call center features:

   1. Phone numbers:

       - Buy local phone numbers.
       - Buy toll-free phone numbers.
       - Mask your calls.
       - Find vanity phone numbers.
       - Keep your existing numbers.
       - Buy international phone numbers.

   2. Call center set-up:
       - Route calls to voicemail.
       - Set up split business hours.
       - Segment calls with multi-level IVR.
       - Scale-up with shared lines.
       - Go mobile with FreshCaller mobile app.
       - Create holiday routing rules.
       - Set up custom greetings.
       - Maximize responses with wait queues.
       - Block spam calls.
       - Answer calls on SIP phones.
       - Upload your holiday calendar.
       - Deflect calls with voice bots.
​       - Automate your call distribution.
       - Import your contacts.
       - Effective call queue management.
       - Automate your call routing.

   3. Call center management:
       - Supervise with a real-time dashboard.
       - Monitor live calls.
       - Barge into calls.
       - Track and report your performance.
       - Record your calls.
       - Monitor service levels.
       - View call metrics and summary.
       - Understand abandoned metrics.
       - Fall back on smart escalations.

    4. Call center performance:
       - Get context with caller ID.
       - Resolve faster with interaction history.
       - Collaborate over conference calls.
       - Improve productivity with ACW.
       - Share context with the warm transfer.
       - Communicate through call notes.
       - Receive notifications.
       - Offer a callback with a virtual hold.
       - Agent Extensions.

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freshcaller pricing plans
PhoneBurner The Outbound Call Center Solution

​​​5.  PhoneBurner:​ The Outbound Call Center Solution

PhoneBurner is an outbound call center solution founded in 2009 to increase sales teams of all sizes. It simplifies contact management by accelerating calls, callbacks, and live conversations, power millions of calls for thousands of clients every month, email tracking, smart lead distribution, and reporting.

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PhoneBurner The Outbound Call Center Solution

   ✓ CRM integration.
   ✓ Local ID.
   ✓ Workflow automation.
   ✓ Automated lead distribution.
   ✓ SMS text marketing.
   ✓ Blended Call Center.
   ✓ Call recording.
   ✓ Campaign Management.
   ✓ Escalation Management.

   ✓ Inbound Call Center.
   ✓ Interactive Voice Response.
   ✓ Manual Dialer.
   ✓ Outbound Call Center.
   ✓ Predictive and Progressive Dialer.
   ✓ Queue Management.
   ✓ Real-time Chat.
   ✓ Reporting and analytics.


PhoneBurner integrates with over 100 popular apps and CRMs — and growing, like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, virtually any leading CRM applications available, and more.

The solution is available on a monthly or a yearly subscription basis: 

Unlimited Dialing plan at $126 per user per month with premium features: CRM integrations, Voicemail Drop, Email Sending, Email, Link & Attachment Tracking, Custom Dispositions, Text Messaging (optional add-on), Local ID (optional add-on), Call Tracking & Analytics, Call Recording, Call Transfer, and Phone and Email Support.

In 2019, PhoneBurner powered over 100 million minutes of live conversations. You can use their full product for FREE. Start your free trial now.

JustCall The Call Tracking Software

​​​​6.  JustCall:​ The Call Tracking Software

​​JustCall is a Cloud-based call tracking software that integrates with your CRM or Helpdesk to collect phone numbers from 58 countries, make, record, monitor, and receive calls. It's designed for your sales team, remote team, support teams, Contact Centers, Deskless Workforce, Freelancers, SaaS Companies, International Call Centers, and multi-location operations.

 JustCall The Call Tracking Software

​✓ Get phone numbers in 58 countries instantly: Local Numbers, Record Calls, Toll-Free Numbers, Keep Existing Numbers, Send & Receive SMS, and Custom Numbers.
    ​✓ Call Forwarding and Distribution by each team member. Painless Team Collaboration, Send Calls to Team Members, and Schedule Calls & Tag your team member.
    ​✓ Every team member gets to own a beautiful appointment scheduler.
    ​✓ Start Making & Receiving Calls coming directly on your mobile phone or any of our apps - Web, Mac, or Windows. Use multiple numbers, and send & receive SMS.
   ​✓ Analyze all of your incoming and outgoing calls: Track calls details, records all the calling activities automatically, and receive Voicemail by Email when missed a call.
   ​✓ Integrates with popular CRM & Helpdesk systems.


Salesforce, Pipedrive, Front, Infusionsoft, Zendesk, Slack, intercom, Freshdesk, Zoho, Freshsales, Groove, HubSpot,, Agilecrm, HelpScout, Zapier, OnePageCRM, Kustomer, SynchroTeam, Nimble, Close CRM, Less Annoying CRM, Reamaze, and ActiveCampaign.

JustCall' Phone System has two paid pricing plans for Every Business:
​   - Standard plan: $ 20/ monthly per 1 Phone Number and 1 Team Member with features like Call Tracking, Call Recording, Call Forwarding, Call & SMS Analytics, Call Notes & Ratings, SMS & MMS Inbox, Voicemail Drop, IVR (Phone Tree/Call Menu), Business Hours, Appointment Scheduler, Unlimited Integrations, Email & Chat Support, and more.
​   - Premium plan: $ 40 per user/ monthly. It offers all features of Standard Plan + Auto Dialer, SMS Bots, Salesforce Integration, API & Webhook Access, Call Monitoring, Call Barging, Call Whispering, Bulk SMS Campaigns, SMS Automation & Triggers, Advanced Integrations, Custom Workflows, Post Call Surveys, Training & Onboarding, Priority Support, and more.

Cloudtalk logo

​​​​​7. ​CloudTalk:​ The Virtual Phone System

​Founded in 2016, CloudTalk is a virtual phone system manager created for sales and customer service teams' small and medium-sized businesses from all around the world to build better customer relationships.

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CloudTalk The Virtual Phone System

CloudTalk integrates with over 25 business tools, including most popular CRMs, Helpdesks, and Business tools like:
   • CRM: Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM.
   • Helpdesk: Intercom, LiveAgent, Help Scout, Freshdesk, and Zendesk.
   • E-commerce: Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.
   • Google contacts, Contact import, Zapier, and more.

CloudTalk helps you simplify your sales and customer support teams' lives with more than 40 advanced calling features.
   ✓ Voice features: Call queuing, Call recording, Internal calls / Extensions, Voicemail, Number porting, International numbers, Toll-free numbers, Short numbers, Fax to email, Business hours, SMS / Text messages, Personalized greetings & music, Internal phone number tags, and Conference calls.

   ✓ Intelligent call routing:
      • Automated Call Distribution (ACD).
      • Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
      • Skills-based routing.
      • Advanced dial plan.
      • Preferred agent.
      • Automatic outbound caller ID.
      • Ring groups.
      • Automated call redirection.
      • Caller-based routing.

    Productivity: Click to Call, Call tagging, Call notes, Callback, Transfer, Ring on speakers, Real-time customer card, Custom fields, After call work, Predictive dialer, Speech to text, Desktop notifications, Campaigns, Blacklist, Contact Tags, and Smart dialer.
    Statistics and monitoring: Call statistics, Call monitoring, Agent reporting, Real-time dashboard, Wallboard, Sentiment & CSAT Score, Sentiment Analytics, and Custom reporting.
      Utilities: Security, Online user management; Unlimited concurrent calls, and Responsive web admin.

CloudTalk offers basic and enterprise pricing packages. A 14-day free trial is also available for you to get started.
   - Starter plan: $20 per user/month.
   - Essential plan: $25 per user/month.
   - Expert plan: $40 per user/month.
   - Custom plan: Contact CloudTalk for tailor-made offer.

Over 1,000+ call centers and phone systems are powered by CloudTalk. Try it for free for 14 days.

UnitelVoice The Internet-Based Telephone Service

​8. UnitelVoice:​ The Internet-Based Telephone Service

Founded in 2011, UnitelVoice is an internet-based telephone service which provides a virtual phone system & toll-free number service provider that empowers entrepreneurs to start, run & grow their business and look more professional.

Unitelvoice The Internet-Based Telephone Service

   ✓ Add a business phone number to any phone.
   ✓ Impress customers with a professional greeting and voice menu options.
   ✓ Know who is calling & never miss a call.
   ✓ Take business calls on any phone using extensions by everyone on your team.
   ✓ Receive voicemail & faxes via email or app.
   ✓ No phone system equipment needed.
   ✓ Setting up your phone system is simple: Choose Your Number, record your Greeting, add your extensions, and receive calls & faxes.
   ✓ Toll-Free Numbers, Local Area Numbers, Virtual Auto Attendant, Call Announcement, On-Hold Music, Unlimited Call Handling, Department and Employee Extensions, Follow-Me Find-Me, Call Forwarding, Call Scheduling, Voice Talent Studio, manage Everything Online, Make Outbound Calls, Send & Receive Faxes, Voicemail to Email & App, Dial-by-Name Directory, Call Tracking & Call Logs, Call Blocking, Caller ID Display, IOS & Android App, Call Transferring, Conference Call 3-Way, Miss Call Notifications, Do- not-disturb, Wifi Calling, Custom Greetings, Custom Greetings, After Hours Greeting, and more.

UniTel Voice pricing is divided into four simple plans: Start-up, Unlimited, Office, and Custom.

Unitelvoice pricing
CrazyCall/ Channels The Web-Based Phone Solution

​​9. ​ CrazyCall/ Channels:​ The ​Web-Based Phone Solution

CrazyCall is a Web-based phone solution designed to empowers call centers, e-commerce, sales teams,
small businesses, and support teams to build a reliable helpline and generate new leads. It was founded in 2014. It is now Channels.

CrazyCall Channels overview The Web-Based Phone Solution

   ​ Cloud Telephony Feature Tour: Inbound and Outbound phone calls & lead capture to answer your customers' incoming phone calls on time directly from the browser. It will help you deal with a whole range of tasks: service support, orders, customer care, and any other client’s query.
   ​ Click to call widget (Click to Call browser extension for Chrome) to automatically detects phone numbers on the web and work correctly with your CRM.
   ​ International Phone Numbers: Pick cheap local, toll-free, and mobile phone numbers from 75 countries worldwide. Choose your first virtual number for free, take free unlimited inbound calls, and get up to 1250 free minutes on outbound calls.
   ​ Help your international clients using Call Forwarding App.
   ​ Get local numbers from 75 countries worldwide, including the USA, Australia, Brazil, and others.
   ​ Get a cheap mobile phone number.
   ​ Automate your calls using an in-built Auto Dialer solution with smart scripts, call recordings, call monitoring, call transfer, and conference calls.
   ​ Auto-schedule your calls.
   ​ Set time between calls.
   ​ Configure your callback widget as a way to hear back from you.
   ​ CrazyCall’s Lead Generation Software is a great solution to get more website calls and generate qualified B2B leads.
   ​ Improve customer's experience with IVR.

UniTel Voice pricing is divided into four simple plans: Start-up, Unlimited, Office, and Custom.

CrazyCall Channels pricing

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