​Top 13 Affiliate & Referral Programs

​“​​Affiliate Marketing Has Made Businesses Millions And Ordinary People Millionaires. Affiliate Marketing Maybe Your Next Best Career Move.”
― ​​Larry Bussey

Affiliate and referral programs are the tracking solutions that enable marketers and companies to set up, customize, and expand their personalized affiliate or referral programs. It provides merchants with
the necessary tools to manage their partners, recruit affiliates & referrals, and track rewards & commissions to generate more engagement and grow marketing their products and services to their audiences.

Referral programs give their currents customers many incentives for their successfully referred colleague, friend, or family member, by a discount, gift card, or an upgrade of service, etc.

Customer referral programs allow you to give both the referrer and the friend a reward, so you provide them with the reason to share your offers and services.

Because referral program recommendations are based on relationships, they generate low visitor volume but highly qualified leads. They are at a lower cost than affiliate marketing.

According to Nielsen, "92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising" and" 65% of new business comes from referrals".

On the other hand, an affiliate program reaches a large audience. It gives compensations in cash, a percentage of the overall sale, or a lifetime commission, to actual partners (marketers,bloggers, influencers, podcasters, industry-leaders: affiliates) for their generated conversions. 

So affiliates don't have to be imperative customers.

Although both forms of marketing have a similar structure that encourages customers and affiliates to spread the word, become active brand ambassadors, accomplish the same goals, get more traffic, improve your conversions, drive new customer revenue, and grow your business.

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These platforms are either the most popular & trusted services, or the highest-rated through the best reviews platforms, or recommended by online forums, influencers marketing, digital marketing courses, and certifications.

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"According to the New York Times, 65%, i.e., two-thirds of consumers make purchases because someone they know recommended a particular service or product to them" AdPlexity.

Due to the explosion of social media connections, your clients have more power and an incredible marketing opportunity for your business. 

Referral and affiliate programs are powerful & influence buying decisions because customers trust referrals. So why not reward your customers for making a referral?

Sure, affiliate marketing is a strong component of most promotional strategies. Don't acquire traffic. Acquire better customers. We trust people more than brands. Referred customers have higher conversion rates and are more loyal.

Therefore, we have selected the best and most rated available affiliate programs in the market that let you launch your affiliate program, acquire new customers & increase your sales:

GetAmbassador Referral Marketing Technology

​1. ​GetAmbassador: ​The ​Referral Marketing Technology

GetAmbassador is an all-in-one referral marketing software founded in 2010 to help businesses build, automate, and scale their referral, affiliate, influencer, or partner programs to increase customers & revenue and grow their business.

Nowadays, this referral marketing automation platform runs the most popular referral programs and delivers the best relationship marketing experience during the automation of enrolling, tracking, rewarding, and managing customers, affiliates, influencers, and partners.

Ambassador is trusted by hundreds of the world's most recognized brands, including CIBC, RIA, Panasonic, DiscoverOrg, Hewlett-Packard, HubSpot, and Infusionsoft. It's one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US.

Getambassador THE Referral Marketing Technology

Ambassador growth: 10M brand ambassadors registered and 38M referral touchpoints created.

Ambassador offers three pricing plans to choose from the best one that fits your needs:
   - Starter plan for startups and small businesses.
   - Professional plan for mid-to-large size companies.
   - Enterprise plan to custom.

Build and scale your referrals, affiliates, influencers, and partners program using Ambassador software and great resources like Webinar, e-Book, Report, and Formula. Get a free demo.

PayKickStart Shopping Cart and Affiliate Management

​​2. ​ PayKickStart: ​​The ​​Shopping Cart and Affiliate Management

PayKickStart is a customizable all-in-one affiliate management platform and shopping cart solution designed in 2016 for online vendors and subscription-based businesses to recruit and manage affiliate partners to promote their products or services.

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PayKickStart Shopping Cart and Affiliate Management

PayKickStart provides a wide range of tools to manage an online business and manage their affiliate PayKickStart provides a wide range of tools to manage an online business and manage their affiliate systems, such as shopping cart, payment options, subscriptions & recurring payments, reports & analytics, membership program, affiliate program, etc.

   ✓ Templates.
   ✓ 60+ integrations.
   ✓ Instant & delayed commissions.
   ✓ Custom commission % per affiliate.
   ✓ 2nd tier affiliate program.
   ✓ Campaign / sub-ID tracking.
   ✓ Single sign-in affiliate account.
   ✓ Manual & auto-approval options.
   ✓ Promotional material area.
   ✓ Affiliate contest management.
   ✓ Instant bonus fulfillment.
   ✓ Marketplace of 40,000+ affiliates.
   ✓ Lead & sales tracking.
   ✓ Customer support.
   ✓ And more.


PayKickStart offers three pricing options. The affiliate center is available only through the professional and the premium plan:
   - Basic plan: $29/mo for 5 products.
   - Professional plan: $29/mo for unlimited products, and more features.
   - Premium plan: $29/mo for unlimited products, and more features.

paykickstart pricing plans
Tapfiliate The Affiliate Tracking Software

​​​3. ​Tapfiliate: The Affiliate Tracking Software

Founded in 2014, Tapfiliate is a customizable cloud-based affiliate tracking software designed fore-commerce and software-as-service (SaaS) providers to create personalized referral & affiliate programs, reward, track & incentivize their recruited & selected partners for promoting their products and services to their audiences.

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Tapfiliate The Affiliate Tracking Software

As an affiliate marketing control center, Apfiliate provides a plenty of advantages and the strong features you need to grow your business with affiliates.
   ✓ Easy Set-Up.
   ✓ Go viral: Coupons, banners and other brand materials, and one-click social sharing.
   ✓ White-labeled affiliate pages.
   ✓ Plug & Play: 36 Super easy copy/paste integrations, including Zapier, Stripe, Shopify, Squarespace, PayPal, and Wix.
   ✓ Award one-time commissions, recurring or lifetime. 
 Create tempting bonuses.
​  ✓ Automatable platform: Set up triggered emails, webhooks, and automation using our Zapier app, automate your workflows, and commissions' approbation.
   ✓ All access API.
   ✓ Add team' members to co-manage your program.
   ✓ Affiliate Tracking.
   ✓ Fraud Detection.
   ✓ Multi-Language.

Tapfiliate pricing offers three different subscription options according to the number of banner impressions, clicks, conversions, and affiliates, bonus incentives, custom fields and domains, and customer success
manager, and more.
   - Essential plan: $69/monthly.
   - Pro plan: $149/monthly.
   - Enterprise plan: Contact their support team.

Tapfiliate pricing plans
Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Programs & Networks Tracker

​​4. ​ ​ Post Affiliate Pro: ​​The ​Affiliate Programs & Networks Tracker

​Founded in 2004, Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate tool for online stores and e-commerce websites to track affiliate programs & networks with personalized commission structures and settings.

Post Affiliate Pro integrates with over 170+ CMS & payment processors and is continuously adding new ones.

​(NOTE: Learn more about all those tools in our Digital Marketing Toolbox blog)

Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Programs & Networks Tracker

   ✓ Tracking Methods: Affiliate link styles, custom affiliate tracking code, direct links tracking, forced matrix, fraud protection, multiple currencies, private campaigns, SubID/Ad channels tracking, and tracking methods.
   ✓ Types of commissions: CPA, commission groups, lifetime commissions, MLM, performance rewards, recurring commissions, and Split commission.
   ✓ Promotion materials: Banner Rotator, discount coupons, flash banners, HTML banners, image banners, lightbox banners, peel banners, rebrand PDF, simple PDF banners, smart Links, site replication, text link banners, and ZIP banners.
   ✓ User Interface: Customizable interface, mass payments, multilingual support, multiple merchants/affiliate program administrators, themes, and Web 2.0 (Ajax).
   ✓ Audit Log, campaign, banner, affiliate report, map overlay report, online users report, brief report, top affiliates report, top URLs report, and trends report.
   ✓ Good Customer Service Team.

   − Pro plan: $97 per month. 1,000,000/ Tracking Requests per Month + $1 / per 10k Requests.
   − Ultimate plan: $197 per month. 5,000,000/ Tracking Requests per Month + $.4 / per 10k Requests.
   − Network plan: $477 per month. 20,000,000/ Tracking Requests per Month + $.2 / per 10k Requests.

Post Affiliate Pro pricing PLANS

Post Affiliate Pro is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses to recruit affiliates and grow their sales. Start with a 14-Day Free Trial.

ReferralCandy​​ the The Referral Marketing Platform

​​​5.  ​ ReferralCandy:​ The ​The Referral Marketing Platform

​ReferralCandy is a prominent marketing platform to customize and run a referral program that automatically rewards customers for their unique referral link. It provides customizable rewards like cash, store discounts, or custom gifts to acquire new customers & increase sales.

Connect ReferralCandy easily to your marketing apps related to an e- commerce store, marketing platforms, Email Marketing, Analytics, and Retargeting like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, 3dcart, MailChimp, GoogleAds, Google Analytique, Adroll, etc.

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ReferralCandy The Referral Marketing Platform

   ✓ Automated payouts, easy to set up and easy to use.
   ✓ Customizable Reward Options.
   ✓ Detailed Metrics and Reporting on the Dashboard: Sales and traffic insights, customer insights, and industry benchmark.
   ✓ Multi-channel Promotion Tools:
       • Send email blasts.
       • Invite customers at checkout.
       • Email new customers.
       • Use a landing page.
       • Embed a signup form.
       • Invite in existing newsletters.
   ✓ Automate your entire referral program.
   ✓ Automated Custom Rewards.
   ✓ Fraud Protection.
   ✓ Unlimited email blasts.
   ✓ Good Customer Support and 24/7 Live Chat Support.


PhoneBurner integrates with over 100 popular apps and CRMs — and growing, like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, virtually any leading CRM applications available, and more.

ReferralCandy has two paid subscription options for users to choose from, and the price seems to be expensive for startups, but most users are happy with this tool in general. Here are the details:

   - Premium plan: Billed monthly a$49.
   - Enterprise: Billed annually at $3,999.
   - Custom plan: contact ReferralCandy to set up a custom plan.

ReferralCandy pricing plans

Join 30,000 small and medium online stores and counting. Try ReferralCandy free for 30 days.

Refersion The Affiliate Marketing Network

​​​​6.   Refersion:​ The Affiliate Marketing Network

​Founded in 2014, Refersion is an affiliate marketing strategy to launch, manage, track, and grow your custom affiliate tracking network and online promotions that work perfectly for your business to increase your incomes.

Tools & apps and e-commerce platforms that work with Refersion:
   - Platforms: BigCommerce, Chargebee, LaunchPass, Magento, Refersion API, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Stripe, WooCommerce, and you can successfully integrate Refersion to other not listed platforms and solutions using their API and tracking documentation.
   - Apps: Affluent, Avalara, Bold, CouponCause, Gatsby, Google Analytics, Gorgias, Jumper, Klaviyo, Klickly, Littledata, LittleData, MagicLinks, MailChimp, One-click Upsell, Payment Rails, PayPal Payouts, ReCharge, ReCharge, Rise, Segment, Shoelace, Skimlinks, Upfluence, and UpSellit

REFERSION overview The Affiliate Marketing Network

   ✓ Track any digital sale your affiliate refers.
   ✓ Automate commissions and save time.
   ✓ Improve your affiliate relationships.
   ✓ Awesome support team.
   ✓ User-friendly app.
   ✓ Free integrations setup.
   ✓ Custom Reporting.
   ✓ Dedicated Account Manager.
   ✓ Affiliate Recruitment.
   ✓ Affiliate Segmentation.
   ✓ Unique Commission Structures.
   ✓ Custom Feature Development.

   ✓ Dashboard Customization.
   ✓ White Labeling.
   ✓ Track Multiple Stores.
   ✓ Safe data.

You can post your offers and brands free by category at the Refersion marketplace that boasts over 8000 affiliates.

Refersion offers 2 SMB and enterprise pricing plans. Every plan gets unlimited affiliates & visits.
   • Professional plan: $89/Month for growing businesses. It tracks up to 130 affiliate orders along.
   • Enterprise plan: You have to contact their pricing team to discuss offering a plan with different limits.

Best for large partner channels and referral networks. It comes with unlimited affiliate offers each month.

LeadDyno Affiliate Management & Tracking System

​​​​​7. ​​LeadDyno:​ The ​Affiliate Management & Tracking System

​​LeadDyno is an affiliate management & tracking system that helps businesses of all sizes launch an affiliate program designed to recruit new affiliates, promote their store & products, and drive sales from sharing on social media.

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LeadDyno overview  the Affiliate Management & Tracking System

LeadDyno works with the most popular e-commerce systems, and you can easily integrate it with the most popular ones like Affiliate Shopify, PayPal, Stripe, Bigcommerce, WordPress/WooCommerce, Wix, SquareSpace, Etsy, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, and more.

   ✓ Easy setup.
   ✓ Affiliate Dashboard Mobile App.
   ✓ Social Media Content Sharing.
   ✓ Recruit, control, track, and automate the signup process.
   ✓ Social media sharing plugin to Facebook, Twitter, and Email, and other social media.
   ✓ Automated welcome emails.
   ✓ Google Adwords Conversion Tracking.
   ✓ Facebook Conversion Tracking.
   ✓ Invite your customers to join your affiliate program.
   ✓ Email follow-up system.
   ✓ Affiliate progress and sales reports.
   ✓ Pay affiliate commissions automatically throughout Paypal.
   ✓ Live chat support available 11 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LeadDyno offers three pricing subscriptions. All plans include a 30-day free trial.

Here are the details:
   − Starter plan: 49$ per month for websites with up to 3000 unique visitors per month.
    Biz Builder plan: 59$ per month for websites with up to 4500 unique visitors per month.
    Accelerator plan: 79$ per month for websites with up to 7500 unique visitors per month.

LeadDyno pricing plans
Affiliatly The Affiliate Tracking Software

​8. ​​Affiliatly:​ The ​Internet-Based Telephone Service

Founded in 2014 & located in Bulgaria, Affiliatly is an affiliate tracking software to start your affiliate program for your e-commerce store that you can use to manage & track affiliate' activities and get more
customers & conversions.

Because of their price point and limited features, Affiliatly is an ideal elegant and affordable solution for small enterprises that have started an e-commerce store.

Affiliatly The Affiliate Tracking Software

   ​ Add a business phone number to any phone.
    Impress customers with a professional greeting and voice menu options.
    Know who is calling & never miss a call.
    Take business calls on any phone using extensions by everyone on your team.
    Receive voicemail & faxes via email or app.
    No phone system equipment needed.
   ✓ Setting up your phone system is simple: Choose Your Number, record your Greeting, add your extensions, and receive calls & faxes.
​   Toll-Free Numbers, Local Area Numbers, Virtual Auto Attendant, Call Announcement, On-Hold Music, Unlimited Call Handling, Department and Employee Extensions, Follow-Me Find-Me, Call Forwarding, Call Scheduling, Voice Talent Studio, manage Everything Online, Make Outbound Calls, Send & Receive Faxes, Voicemail to Email & App, Dial-by-Name Directory, Call Tracking & Call Logs, Call Blocking, Caller ID Display, IOS & Android App, Call Transferring, Conference Call 3-Way, Miss Call Notifications, Do- not-disturb, Wifi Calling, Custom Greetings, Custom Greetings, After Hours Greeting, and more.

Affiliatly is officially supporting: Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, 3dcart, CrateJoy, SquareSpace, HikaShop, and Ecwid.

   ✓ Easy to use affiliate tracking software.
   ✓ Extensive settings to control the program.
   ✓ Upload Banners for your affiliates.
   ✓ Manage Affiliates individually.
   ✓ Possible gift card rewards.
   ✓ Track, manage, and control affiliates' activity.
   ✓ Detailed insights.
   ✓ Boost your traffic and generate more sales.
   ✓ Responsive support.

Affiliatly offers 30 days free trial, 6 pricing plans, and you can switch between their paid subscriptions:
   - Starter plan: $16/MO. Up to 50 affiliates billed monthly.
   - Advanced plan: $24/MO. Up to 200 affiliates billed monthly.
   - Professional plan: $39/MO. Up to 500 affiliates billed monthly.
   - Pro 1000 plan: $59/MO. Up to 1000 affiliates billed monthly.
   - Pro 2500 plan: $79/MO. Up to 2500 affiliates billed monthly.
   - Pro unlimited plan: $129/MO. Unlimited affiliates billed monthly.

Affiliatly pricing
OsiAffiliate The Referral Tracking Platform

​​9.​ OsiAffiliate:​ The Referral Tracking Platform

OSI Affiliate Software was founded in 1999 by Omnistar to increase traffic & sales and grow their business. It is a referral tracking platform designed both for referral marketing beginners and experts to recruit customers, Influencers, and affiliates and turn them to top brand advocates & promoters.

Here is a list of some of OSI Affiliate Software’s popular integrations: Shopify, BigCommerce, 3dcart, WooCommerce, Wix, Benchmark Email, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Drip, ActiveCampaign, WordPress,
Paypal, X-Cart, Nexternal, osCommerce, FoxyCart, LiveChat, Slack, HubSpot, and more.

 OsiAffiliate The Referral Tracking Platform

OsiAffiliate provides businesses all they need to create and manage their referral program. It includes promotional tools, social media sharing, partnership automation, and more.
   ✓ Get feedback for your business.
   ✓ Use their free survey tool by sending out a one-question email to find who want to refer their friends and family.
   ✓ Take advantage of their free built-in promotional tools to promote your referral program.
   ✓ Auto signup every customer to be a referral.
   ✓ Reward users with commissions, coupons, discounts, gift cards, or any other method they can use to refer your business.
   ✓ Create a referral marketing contest to drive sales.
   ✓ Use our popups & forms to build your email list.
   ✓ Partnership Automation
   ✓ Discount Codes and Coupons: Assign your affiliates the promo codes to easily promote on social networks.
   ✓ Detailed reports about sales, clicks, impressions, and more.
   ✓ Full social media integration and sharing.
   ✓ Unlimited pre-written email templates to send to friends and family.
   ✓ Set your affiliate links using your domain.
   ✓ Promote your affiliate program through our affiliate/influencer directory.
   ✓ OSI Affiliate allows Multi-Level Marketing.
   ✓ Support service: Daily phone support, live chat, helpdesk support, and knowledgebase.
   ✓ E-commerce resources: ebooks, webinars, videos, and many more!
   ✓ Available languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish.

OSI Affiliate offers a 15-day free trial and three pricing plans. You can change your plan at any time. Here are the details:
   - Basic plan: $47.00 USD/ Month/ 20,000 Tracking Requests, 200 Affiliate Users, and more features.
- Professional plan: $97.00 USD/ Month/ 500,000 Tracking Requests, 1000 Affiliate Users, and more additional features.
- Premium plan: $247.00 USD/ Month/ 1M Tracking Requests, 5000 Affiliate Users, and more additional features.

OSI Affiliate Software is developed for companies of all sizes and has
tracked more than 5 million transactions worth over $1 billion.

OSI Affiliate Pricing plans

Ready to get started with OSI Affiliate Software? Get your 15 days free trial.

ReferralRock The Referral Marketing Automation

​10.​  ReferralRock:​ The Referral Marketing Automation

Founded in 2014 and trusted by 500+ customers, Referral Rock is a referral marketing automation to refer friends and partner programs that help any business make it easy to share their business and get
more customers and sales.

This Referral tracking seamlessly works with yourfavorite tools, platforms, and many of the world’s leading business systems, so all your processes and systems are in sync.

   - Chat: Drift and Intercom
   - CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Zoho, and Infusionsoft.
   - E-commerce: Squarespace, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.
   - Email marketing: Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce Pardot, Marketo; Infusionsoft, and Campaign Monitor.
   - Lead Capture: Hubspot, Unbounce, Leadpages, Zoho, Infusionsoft, Acuity Scheduling, and Typeform.
   - Google Analytics, Zapier, Restful API, and more.

ReferralRock The Referral Marketing Automation

   ✓ Run the type of referral program that fits your audience and goals: Referral marketing, partner programs, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, advanced reward configurations & payment options, and advanced integrations and workflows.
   ✓ Multiple ways to join and share.
   ✓ Better engagement and repeat shares.
   ✓ Higher conversions through personalization.
   ✓ Rewards that drive repeatable growth.
   ✓ Smart analytics and Suggestions.
   ✓ Viral loop with automatic invites.
   ✓ Fraud detection capabilities.
   ✓ Good Customer Service.

ReferralRock is available in three pricing plans. Here are the details:
  - Starter plan: $200/month/ 500 members & 1 program, and standard rewards & branding & integrations.
  - Growth plan: $400/month/ 5000 members & 3 programs, and advanced rewards & branding & integrations.
  - Established business plan: $800/month/ 10,000 Members & 5 programs, advanced rewards, premium branding, and premium 

This program is beneficial for growth marketers, e-commerce, SaaS, SMBs, and Service Providers.

ReferralRock pricing plans

How many referrals have you missed today? Try Referral Rock for free.

Rewardful The Affiliate & Referral Program

​11.​  ​ Rewardful:​ The Affiliate & Referral Program

Rewardful is a simple way for SaaS companies to set up affiliate and referral programs with Stripe to track referrals, discounts, commissions, and more.

Currently, Rewardful is hyper-focused on being the best solution for Stripe rather than being everything to everybody. Rewardful slogan: Turn your biggest fans into your best marketers.

Rewardful The Affiliate & Referral Program

   ✓ Two-way Stripe sync.
   ✓ Flexible, SEO-friendly links.
   ✓ Simple 15-minute setup.
   ✓ SSL encryption.
   ✓ Customer Lifecycle Tracking.
   ✓ Refund Handling.
   ✓ Commission Alerts.
   ✓ Impersonate Affiliates.
   ✓ Merchant Dashboard.
   ✓ Affiliate Dashboard.
   ✓ New Commission Emails.
   ✓ Data Import & Export.
   ✓ Affiliate Search.
   ✓ Manual Commissions.
   ✓ Pre-dated Commissions.
   ✓ Reporting & Analytics.
   ✓ Flexible Commissions.
   ✓ Customizable Cookies.
   ✓ Custom TOS.
   ✓ Email & Chat Support.

Growth plan features
   ✓ Whitelabel.
   ✓ Brand Customization.
   ✓ Multiple Campaigns.
   ✓ Multi-campaign Signup.
   ✓ Affiliate Segments.
   ✓ Multiple Currency.
   ✓ A/B Testing.
   ✓ Mass Payouts.
   ✓ Double-sided Incentives.
   ✓ Teams members.
   ✓ Custom Domains.

Enterprise plan features
   ✓ Custom Agreement.
   ✓ 24/7 Phone Support.

Rewardful offers four pricing plans. Here are the details: 

   - Performance plan: $19/mo/ + 9% Transaction fee.
   - Starter plan: $39/mo/ up to $1000/month from affiliates/ Best for new companies.
  Growth plan: $79/mo/ up to $10,000/month from affiliates/ Best for growing companies.
  Enterprise plan: $299+/mo/ unlimited revenue from affiliates/ Best for large companies.

Rewardful pricing plans
iDevDirect The Affiliate Tracking Software

​1​2.​  iDevDirect:​ The Affiliate Tracking Software

Founded in 1999, iDevDirect is one of the most popular on the market and the leading affiliate tracking software to create an army of affiliate marketers with its built-in templates and integration modules to extend sales, increase traffic, and more search engine ranking.

iDevAffiliate integrates with almost everything thing/ 150+ integrations: e-commerce platforms, CRM, cart/checkout system, mailing list manager, and more like BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Stripe,​ Member Mouse, Paypal, Weedy, Squarespace, OptimizePress, Magento, Volusion, Instapage, Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, GetResponse, VerticalResponse, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, etc.

 iDevDirect The Affiliate Tracking Software

iDevAffiliate is easy to use and includes thousands of functionalities dedicated to all levels of users.
   ✓ Easy to Use and Responsive on Cross-Platforms.
   ✓ Commissioning: Design your payout structure.
   ✓ Marketing: Social Media, Videos, Banners, QR Codes, Page Peels, Lightboxes, Email Templates, HTML Page Templates, and Text Ads.

   ✓ Customize iDevAffiliate: Make it your own with editable content.
   ✓ The comprehensive reporting tools.
   ✓ Fraud prevention and detection tools.

SEO link, Facebook and Twitter marketing, Language packs (28 languages), GEO targeting, QR Codes, Sliding scale commissions, Custom filename, Vanity coupon code, Private signup codes, and Built- In affiliate training videos.

iDevAffiliate offers four SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from.
   - Self-hosted plan: 249$ One-time.
   - Cloud plan: $39 per month. Unlimited affiliates, commissions, and traffic/ Just The Essentials, and much more additional features.
   - Cloud social plan: $49 per month. Unlimited affiliates, commissions, and traffic/ Facebook & Twitter Sharing, and much more other features.
   - Cloud premium plan: $59 per month. Unlimited affiliates, commissions, and traffic/ Custom Domain Parking, and much more additional features.

iDevAffiliate pricing plans
ClickInc The Affiliate Tracking Platform

​1​​3.​ ClickInc:​ T​he Affiliate Tracking Platform

ClickInc is an affiliate tracking platform to launch, manage, track & get detailed reporting about an online affiliate program. 

ClickInc supports the following languages: English, French, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish.

ClickInc integrates with nearly all payment gateways, shopping carts,​ merchant accounts, and membership systems.

CLICKIN The Affiliate Tracking Platform

ClickInc features allow partners to set up and manage their entire affiliate tracking system.
   ✓ Affiliate traffic alerts.
   ✓ TruLink: To tracks everything from your affiliates' registered URL. Improve your SEO ranking.
   ✓ Affiliate management tools: Create Coupons, Performance Affiliates Group, Tier Commission Settings, Email To Affiliates, Cookie-Expire Days for Individual Affiliate, Configurable Emails to Affiliate, WSWYG Editors, Follow Up, Banners/TextLinks/HTML Ads/Promotions in Marketing, Message, Create Manager, Approve/Deny Affiliates, Fraud Detection, Set a Different Commission, Create Groups, Payments,​ Import/Export, and Marketing Tools.

ClickInc offers three pricing plans. All packages include unlimited impressions and affiliates:
   - Starter plan: $25 / month. 

                            500 TruLink Clicks/ month.
                           100000 Clicks/ month.
   - Second plan: $69 / month.
                             100 TruLink Clicks/ month.
                             50000 Clicks/ month.
   - Third plan: $149 / month.
                          Unlimited TruLink Clicks.
                          Unlimited Clicks.

ClickInc pricing plans

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