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Digital Marketing Toolbox Resources

The Ultimate Guide to 600+ Online Marketing Tools and Software in 50 Categories.

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Table of Contents

Why I Wrote This Book
1. Online Learning Platforms
2. Keyword Research Tools
3. CMS Platforms & Website Builders
4. Website Themes, Templates, and Plugins
5. Web Hosting Services
6. Email Marketing Service Providers
7. E-Commerce Platforms
8. Drop-shipping Platforms
9. E-Commerce Shipping Solutions
10. Online Payment Systems
11. Sales Funnel Builders
12. Landing Page Builders
13. Affiliate & Ad Networks for Publishers & Advertisers
14. Marketing Automation Programs
15. Web Analytics Tools
16. Heatmap Software
17. Social Media Management Tools and Services
18. Mobile App Development Tools
19. Online Graphic Design Tools
20. Freelance Graphic Design Websites
21. Freelance Services Marketplace

22. Online Logo Maker Tools
23. Customer-Relationship Management Tools
24. Project Management Software
25. Conversational Marketing Software

      • Live Chat Software
• Chatbot Software
26. Call Center Software/ Web Phone
27. Tracking Software
28. Affiliate Programs & Referral Programs
29. Seller Ratings & Product Reviews Platforms
30. Survey & Feedback Software
31. Social Proof Software Platforms
32. Viral Competitions, Social Giveaway, and Sweepstakes
33. Push Notifications Services & Tools, SMS Text Marketing,
and Messenger Marketing
34. Lead Capture Tools
35. ADS Spy Tools
36. Online Video Editors and Software
37. Live Streaming Prerecorded Videos Solutions
38. YouTube Optimization Tools
Video Publishing & Syndication System
Create Video Ads
39. Podcast Hosting Services
40. Web Conferencing and Webinars Platforms
41. Membership & Subscription Management Tools
42. Scarcity Marketing Solutions and Deadline Funnel
43. Stock Image Providers
44. Web Security Solutions
45. SSL Certificates Providers
46. Virtual Private Networks Services (VPN)

47. Website Translation Services
48. Appointment Scheduling Tools and Booking Systems
49. Custom apparel and Designs E-commerce Platform
50. Event Management and Ticketing Platforms

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